Vegan and Bodybuilder? Is it possible?(Help a vegan wannabe)

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Vegan and Bodybuilder? Is it possible?(Help a vegan wannabe)

#1 Postby Buildo » Fri Jan 15, 2016 2:09 pm

Hey guys! New user here, not sure whether I am posting this at the right forum, but if it belongs elsewhere, please do move it. :)

I am still not vegan myself, but after watching a few videos on how animals are being treated (animal cruelty), I decided that I can not calmly eat meat and dairy (+eggs) any longer. So, as I already mentioned, the reason why I want to become a vegan is purely because of moral/ethical views. I am from a poor country (currently living in a small town where they sell no such thing as vegan foods except for tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants etc and a several other veggies), soon going to move to the UK (where I plan on starting my vegan life, because of the rich variety of vegan foods I'd have reach to in contrast to now). Anyways, in the meantime, I'd like to do as much research as possible on the vegan diet when it comes to fitness and bodybuilding. I am a fitness and bodybuilding college graduate and I am pretty passionate about this topic! So, my questions are, as follows:

- Cholesterol. We need cholesterol to produce testosterone. And cholesterol is only found (and produced) in/by saturated fats. When I go vegan, my concern is that my body wouldn't be able to produce the cholesterol I need to keep my T levels at their peak, how do you guys manage this?

- Omega 3's. Yes, there are flaxseeds, but what about the DHA, EPA? Where do you get your Omega 3's from?

- Protein. If I go vegan would I be able to get the protein I need to grow? Plus, isn't soy causing estrogen level increase in our bodies? Plus, in the vegan diet I can only imagine that the macros would be like 70% (carbs), 20% (protein), 10% (fat)? Now, I know that is ABSOLUTELY wrong, but what I mean is- doesn't the vegan diet force you to eat TOO MUCH carbohydrates? And what about the essential amino acids and BCAAs? Are vegan foods good sources of these essentially important to bodybuilding nutrients?

- Post workout shakes? Since this is a vegan bodybuilding forum, I am guessing you guys supplement with some vegan protein powders (pea protein, rice protein etc.), can you recommend me companies that sell GOOD, QUALITY vegan protein powders? Also, are there any BCAA vegan powders?

That's it for now, I would be VERY thankful if you guys take some time to help me out! I hope I can combine both my passion and my compassion! I am sorry if these topics have been discussed already, if so, please do link the thread, I am going to read every single post on it! :). Thank you very much in advance guys!

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Re: Vegan and Bodybuilder? Is it possible?(Help a vegan wann

#2 Postby Storypage » Wed Feb 17, 2016 6:50 pm

Saturated fats are contained in some nuts and in coconut oil. I eat walnuts daily in my smoothies. According to nutrition expert and researcher David L. Katz ( who's not a vegan or vegetarian, BTW, so no axe to grind), saturated fats that come from plants is much better for you than saturated fats that come from animal products.

And omega3 fatty acid comes from plants. Where do you think animals get it? :)

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