Lifting While Raw Vegan & Caloric Needs

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Lifting While Raw Vegan & Caloric Needs

#1 Postby linuxvegan » Sun May 01, 2016 4:33 pm

Does anyone here lift at all on a raw vegan diet? My main goal is to lower my bodyfat percentage, and my high-carb (cooked) vegan diet does not seem to be working any longer (I lost 18 lbs. last year but haven't been able to lose anymore fat). I lift to stay toned; I'm not really interested in building much muscle.

Also does anyone know of any way to accurately estimate caloric needs? I feel weak sometimes and I'm afraid that I'm undereating, but I often don't feel very hungry. I used CRON-O-Meter when I was mostly just dieting (not working out much), but now that I'm exercising a lot more, I don't think it's accurate.

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