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Blender Blunders

#1 Postby HollyEll7 » Tue May 24, 2016 12:35 am

Hi everyone:

I am new to the forum and am looking for some advice on how to make a meal plan that makes sence and will help me lean out a lot. I am currently plateaued at 153 lbs (coming from over 200lbs means I'm not heart broken at the scale but having been at my goal weight of 130 for a few years, it's getting difficult to stay motivated and positive even though my strength gains are impressive) I want to compete next year and am aiming to lose about 8% body fat and 15lbs and am hitting some road blocks.

I was following a competiton prep meal plan - but it didn't give an accurate caloric break down so it was just a guide line, here is the link:

Should I be following something like this the entire time I am training or is there a much better way to stay consistent and well fueled? I am and active person, I walk and work on my feet and generally am in the gym 5 - 7 days a week, plus like to have neergy for hiking and other activities if they come up.

I have been sustaining myself off of Vega protein, SImply protein bars, nut butters, nut milk, juices, greens powders, vegan yogurt, and salad - I am trying to lose weight off of my midsection, and tighten up ( I feel like hydration plays a huge part here) - I am usually unsweetened, have cut back on my junk binges from almost nightly to once or twice a week (staying mostly healthy, or very portion controlled) ... popcorn kind of goes all at once though... what are some better suggestions for weak moments - I wanted to stop cheat foods all together, but am unsure if I will survive.

I am living in a space with no kitchen, I have a small blender and limited fridge space - I have a small bar fridge and it does not work well so produce has a 2 - 3 day life maximum - I have no hot plate and a kettle. Is it possible to live off of protein shakes alone and still get cut or will the protein keep me soft and curvy forever?

My BMR is 1441 - if I burn 3500 calories (according to fitbit) on an average day how much should I eat to lose... I was aiming for a 1000 calorie deficit per day but am not sure if that is sustainable while still training. I am also concerned that because I often fail at meeting my protein needs that if I increase cardio I am going to eat my muscles and still remain without as much definition as I would like. I recently started taking a L-carnitine supplement - I think I am still eating too much fat to see results, I am also taking BCAAs and Creatine which I find really do boost my energy in the gym, but am not sure I am seeing results yet either - should I reduce fat entirely in my diet? I read that if you are active and work on your feet fat is your friend. I am mostly worried about losing energy for long days and being unfocused at work. As a line cook it is important to be focused, alert and aware.

I am looking for any suggestions or tips - protein to carbs, protein rotation, just juices... I'm quite discouraged at this year long plateau and would love to break through.


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