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Posted: Thu May 26, 2016 10:44 am
by Andrew6666
How many calories should I be having per day?

I train 6 days a week, mainly weights and I am looking to add lean muscle and strength.

I weigh 154lbs as I am more athletic than bulky. I have never really lifted weights before, but recently started and I am enjoying it.

My height is 5 ft 9 inches.

I am currently consuming around 2800 calories in the following:

1 x banana.
1 x apple.
2 x slices of toast with minimal peanut butter.
1 x coffee

Mid morning snack:
Pea protein x 1 scoop of 30g.
3 x scoops of porridge oats (90g).
10g peanut butter.
1 x banana.
Topped up with water in a shaker.
1 x coffee

100g chickpeas.
20g Kale
Quinoa or buckwheat

50g Yoghurt
Frozen fruit
15g Porridge oats

1 x pear

Salad mixed with olives, quinoa, tomatoes, onion, peppers.
1 x apple
1 x pear
1 x banana

1 x quinoa
Vegetable curry
1 x coffee (pre workout)

After workout:
1 x scoop pea protein powder (30g)
2 x Ryvita crackers with peanut butter.

I would basically just like to know if the above is too much or too little. I do seem to be adding weight (in the right areas) but I am feeling bloated and heavy around the stomach.
I have just been looking at 2800 calories as this is an uplift on what I used to eat which was around 1600.

Any advice is much appreciated.

Re: Calories

Posted: Thu May 26, 2016 12:17 pm
by TheRawg
Age, daily activity, etc all play a part in it as well.

Give that a try and see what you come up with. From there, if you follow macros, then you can tweak those numbers if you start to gain unwanted body fat. Keep the carbs high, as it will help with strength.

Hope that helps you out.

Re: Calories

Posted: Fri May 27, 2016 8:51 am
by Andrew6666
Thanks. I will definitely have a look.

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Posted: Tue May 31, 2016 6:18 am
by Rawmatt
Hail ! Good question. I myself in Somatic typed as an ectomorph aka vata body type as well. I notice a few things with your program I would consider switching around and maybe adjust. As far as calories go, we metabolize fast and the more we eat the faster we burn. at the same height as you and lighter, I find it hard to pack weight on, but I am no bodybuilder. To grain size for fights and train 6 days a week including mad cardio, I learned the hard way. Its all about carbohydrates. At 22 years old I would feast on bowls of Sprouted Quinoa and Amaranth and Oat meal. (start off eating them plain, when you get full, add flavor or a tad bit of coconut oil, and celtic sea salt then eat more), I didn't eat no small meals throughout the day, I pounded large ones and had to train often, so small meals were not an option. It worked. I see a lot of good foods, and verity but sorry they are not bulking foods. perhaps get to your goal weight then maintain with the salads and smoothies. But fuck those things right now. Smoothies just make you full so you cannot eat. If you want bonus elements to your diet try herbs like Schizandra berry, Goji, astragalus root, and abhwagandha as herbals and some supplements like NAD to benefit from longevity Sirtuins activation without needed caloric restriction, and maybe L- Carnosine for cellular life boost and fight glycation from cooked foods. Also eat your fruit first, order of digestion is always important. Pea protein is a concentrate, so remember that and it is very filling as well. Bulking almost, so only have that at night or else you slow digestion down and bloat and get gas. Replace it with the nasty gritty lame mixing hemp seed hehehehe. Also, fats make you full feeling, save them for nights, not for morning smoothies or bread or oatmeal. Fats digest through the lymph system so you really feel weighed down and full for too long, skip them till 5pm and then load up for the calories they have. Nut butters are ok, but weak compared to sprouted walnuts and almonds for example. P.s. don't eat broccoli every day, they fuck up the thyroid and can cause goiter's in time. Though cruciferous vegetables boost testosterone a bit, I suggest you rotate them throughout the week, working out boost testosterone enough. 8) :)

Re: Calories

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2016 7:32 am
by Andrew6666
Thanks Rawmatt. Some really good advice in there that I will follow. I did not know much of what you have said in terms of eating specific foods at specific times ie Pea protein only to be used in the evening. I have been feeling bloated since moving from Soy protein to Pea protein in the early afternoon. Thanks for the advice on Broccolli, I have been trying to use it regularly, but will now mix up my leafy greens to get a good mix.

Many thanks.