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Vegan Health?

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 6:34 pm
by tingleman
Hi All,

I have just joined.. So a big hello to everyone firstly.

I have always been an active person all my life during various sports. I am also very interested in human nutrition.

I havent eaten meat for about 3 years now, although I wouldnt call my self vegan becaus eI have occasionally eaten fish and eggs.

I enjoy a predominantly plant based diet and I can definately feeel and see benefits from this.

I would be willing to cut out fish and eggs if I was certain that my health would not be effected but so far I'm not sure. Maybe someone can convince me that 100% vegan diet is healthiest option. There does seem to be lots of different information out there online that conflict. claims that vegan diet is low in zinc, iron and omega three and B12??

I am open to you suggestions as I am toying with the best possible solution for my health...