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High (quality) protein with low carbs

Posted: Wed May 17, 2017 11:00 am
by SutureSelf
Hi all, long time reader, first time poster. I have a question that I'm sure has been asked many times before but I've been unable to find any specific answers to. I've been bulking for a little while now, with some good results. However I've inevitably put on a little pudge around gut. I've been looking into reducing my carbs but keeping my protein intake up, if not increasing a little. But the problem I'm having is all the good quality proteins come laden with carbs (eg, 1/2 cup black beans - 15g protein, 41 carbs. This is the case for most beans and legumes.). Even at lunch, replacing rice and breads by with raw veg (eg. beets, sweet potatoes) and other grains (eg. chia, quinoa) are full of carbs and knocking me way over my target.

What do other on here eat in order to keep the quality proteins high but knock the carbs way down? Am I misunderstanding something when it comes to the carbs? I have some good protein powders from Protein Works and they seem quite good in terms of protein to carb ratio, but i dont want to be getting the bulk of my protein from powders, or is that just what us vegans have to do?

About my gym routine; I usually do a workout in the evening before dinner, doing a split routine and doing supersets with the occasional gymnastics rings session, and since moving onto a cut I've upped my HIIT sessions to around 20mins most days, and added about 10 - 20 mins low intensity treadmill running after most gym sessions (if I have the energy).

A little about me: I'm 5' 8", 73kg (160 lbs), not huge I know but . I have been aiming for approx 1.2 g protein at the high end per pound of body weight (so around 192 g), going for somewhere in the region of 120 - 150 g carbs.

Thanks a lot!