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Protein Companies interested in great source of plant-based protein?

Posted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 12:08 pm
by Grain_Pro
@veg bodybuilders--I admire y'all, and am reaching out for help my new start-up, which has the potential to offer a great vegan protein. My start-up is developing the technology to create rich protein from barley and rice that blends well and tastes good. Also 100% sustainable. At this point, we are having a bit of trouble reaching people in the industry that would be interested. Does anyone here know of protein or meal replacement companies that might be interested in utilizing a new, sustainable, plant-based protein ingredient? If you do, I'd greatly appreciate any advice or contacts. To see what we're up to: Thanks a ton and drop us a line h at with advice or feedback--we'd love to hear from you.