Sever Pain in Ankles, Feet and Knees

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Sever Pain in Ankles, Feet and Knees

#1 Postby shobhituva » Wed May 25, 2016 11:56 pm

From last 3 weeks, I am suffering from sever pain in my ankles, feet and knees. Sometimes I do not able to stand on feet because of this pain.. I have searched online about this pain and found out that the increase in uric acid in my body is the main reason for this pain. I asked one of my doctor friend about the medication for this disease and she just suggested me to increase water intake in a day. But, the problem here is that whenever I intake enough water in a day, I feel less pain. But, whenever I do not drink enough water, I am not able to stand on my feet. Should I take medicines for this or should I rely on just having 3 to 4 liters water in a day. I work in an MNC and sometimes my work does not allow me to even breath, having a glass of water is far away.. Please suggest me any home remedy or something that can remove this pain forever. I cannot bear this pain anymore...
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