FREE CHRISTMAS GIFT for your Spiritual Health

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FREE CHRISTMAS GIFT for your Spiritual Health

#1 Postby Skyoga8 » Tue Dec 13, 2016 2:52 am

When I think about Health and Nutrition, as a Yoga practitioner of over ten years I think about more than just the health of the body

according to the ancient yoga scriptures, a person or living entity is actually a seperate spiritual energy which is residing in the temporary body

just as we feed the body sumptuous plant based food so it can thrive

we also need to feed ourselves as the living entities inside the body spiritual food so that our heart will be content and fulfilled

There is an ancient practice or process involving the singing of sacred sounds which acts as spiritual substance for the living entity

I have over the last year produced a musical album containing some of these sacred sounds

and now i would like to offer it to you as a christmas gift

from me to you

on behalf of all the mothers of the animals lives you are saving by living a plant based diet

if you are interested please message me on my website

and let me know you are plant based and saw this message

and i will ship you a CD at no cost

i will even pay shipping because its my gift to you

the album is not for profit it is for the benefit of all humanity, and im not by any means rich, so you are always welcome to make a donation for the shipping cost if you feel the music has benefited you in some way.

you can find more information about the album on my facebook page

or just get it directly by messaging me

Thanks for your time and living a plant based life and i wish the very best for all of you

your new friend,

Billie Sky Rudd
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