Yes another SOY post, don't poke me with your carrot :)

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Yes another SOY post, don't poke me with your carrot :)

#1 Postby alanwillsurvive » Thu Oct 22, 2015 6:08 am

Hey all,

I noticed that there was another SOY post but did not want to hi jack it because it's main topic was the keto diet.
I'm currently drinking soy milk. I've read the pros and cons and the articles that say I'm going to turn into a female.
That would be a change ha!
Anyway I would love to get info from real world people who have been on soy diets for quite a while.
Any changes, feeling different etc
My main concern was calcium hence why I am drinking Soy milk. I have found it the easiest way to reach 1000mg daily.
So I planned on drinking 250ml in the morning with my shake and same thing at the end the day. 500ml for the day.

Currently cutting:
Age:28, Heights: 182cm, BW: 93kg
Macros: Pro:134.1g, Fat:50.1g, Carbs:204.6g, Cals:1910.5, Calcium:1213mg, Fiber:41.25g.

If I remove 250ml then calcium would drop to 813mg which is still pretty close to target anyway.

Thanks !

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Re: Yes another SOY post, don't poke me with your carrot :)

#2 Postby jmf » Fri Oct 23, 2015 10:18 am

Well, you won't turn into a girl...but you might end up lifting like

I tried low protein for about four years...the last 3-4 months I cranked in a lot of soy, and I didn't really notice any difference over simply running a "low protein" perception was that my body simply didn't use it. During my tenure of running a low protein diet, I eventually lost weight while my body composition degraded to my adult lifetime worst of 178 lbs and 14% BF.

If you read the workout logs of those running low/soy protein and low fat ratios, you'll notice a trend of entries that reflect low energy, tired, weak, slow progression...even from working out only 2-4 times/week. That was exactly me...low protein or soy, same thing to me.

A year after "waking up" and adding protein from a VARIETY of sources (including some soy) to balance my diet, my weight has increased to 192 lbs and sub 6% bodyfat...almost my best. Each month, I continue to add calories, intensify my workouts, and I do not have "bad days" at the gym anymore.

And don't eat to satisfy a particular micronutrient...that doesn't make sense to me, unless you have some sort of medical deficiency that requires it. Eat a balanced, whole food diet (supplement protein if necessary) and the micronutrients will take care of themselves.

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Re: Yes another SOY post, don't poke me with your carrot :)

#3 Postby Eiji » Fri Oct 23, 2015 7:43 pm

I disagree. I like soy and my body seems to like it too. It wasn't until after upping my soy intake that I started to feel that I could thrive as a vegan. Not to say jmf 's experience wasn't reality for him. But for others soy is great. You'll have to figure out if you are good with soy. I think that it works for me because I'm half Japanese and I grew up eating it. I didn't eat beans and lentils growing up so if I eat them it's pretty bad.
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