Can Training Improve Facial Volume Loss?

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Can Training Improve Facial Volume Loss?

#1 Postby Ktm500exc » Thu Jan 14, 2016 11:18 pm

How does long term strength training affect facial volume? Can a commitment to strength training rebuilt a gaunt face? All the Google searches say that once facial volume is lost due to aging or mid life stress, only dermafiller injections from a plastic surgeon will give improvement.

I'm a 45 year old male with sudden facial volume loss from intense stress and almost no sleep for several months. I did not loose any weight, in fact I picked up a bit of fat in my stomach and rear. My cheeks are sunk in, under eye bone protruding, sunken temples and forehead, loose face skin with sudden wrinkles and dimples. My blood work is good and doctors say I just aged a lot from stress. I looked 35 last year, now look 55.

I quit lifting 14 years ago, and probably around 20% body fat now. I fear my face will look worse if I start lifting again and lean out. But I also believe lifting is as important as a whole foods diet and sleep at my age.

Any inspiration here? Can training help? Do bodybuilders generally have healthier or more youthful faces in their 40s compared to the average person?

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