I think I may starve:(

Introduce yourself. Tell us about your training history, how long you've been vegan, share some of your goals and some of your interests.

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I think I may starve:(

#1 Postby Denise1952 » Fri Feb 19, 2016 12:19 pm

I am new, as you can tell by my topic, lol! My name is Denise, and I live in the Pacific NW. I am 63, and have changed a lot of things for the better in my life, learned a lot. But I still have lots to learn, and I am glad. I think I would get too bored if I knew everything;)

So I saw Robert's video, and a few, other photos of vegan/vegetarians that do weight-training/strength training. They look amazing, and of course, many are much younger than I am:) But I've seen my own progress by doing weights, stretch-bands, and walking uphill, so I know there is muscle to build on here. I was 142 lbs, and now am down to 124. I did get down to 118 but then I slacked off about a month ago, when I went back up to 124.

I learned enough to know that I could eat, and lose weight, by building muscle, and being non-sedentary. So that encouraged me to get into real, weight-training at a gym. I will not be actually in the gym until this coming Wed., payday!! I've also been convinced that animal-protein (which I've eaten all my life) is not for me. I read the China Study, and now seek to give it all up for plant-based food. I am excited, but saw one persons food intake here, and about fainted just thinking about it.

With my BMR, and all the activity (walking, weight-training, Zumba) I need 1700 cals, at least. So I need to know how you guys that have succeeded, eat enough calories, and get the macros you need. I have a food diary I've been keeping since about 2009. It's online, so I can switch my foods, and count calories, only until I get the hang of my new "lifestyle" :) Feedback, questions, welcome.

Oh, sorry this is so long, but I have some health issues I would love to see disappear, wouldn't we all. I'll just list them, so definitely want to find folks that had a real change in any of these issues, or others, like cancer etc.

3rd degree AV Node block (had a pacemaker since 97) no 'scripts.
Spasmodic Torticolous
some arthritis/rotater cuff pain (way better since using stretch-bands)
some hearing loss, but not so bad I need hearing-aids

I know some folks don't know what half of those things are, but I'm hoping that getting off animal-protein, and onto plant-based only will change my health, as well as building my bod with weight-training (free-weights or body-weight like pushups etc.). I've also followed Mark Lauren's methods for a couple of years, but not consistently.

Hope to meet some folks to build a support group, as well as support others:)

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Re: I think I may starve:(

#2 Postby VeganBadass_CO » Mon Apr 18, 2016 5:45 pm

Hi Denise!

I'm gonna have to dig up some of my books on some of the issues you listed...lol! Medical not my strong suit. Though the number of friends I have in real life with this issue or that and googling random "issue" vegan plant based diet forks over knives...and getting off animal protein is almost a recurring theme.

If you have netflix, check out some of these documentaries, they'll help and inspire!
-Forks Over Knives (this was follow-on to China Study)
-Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

There are others, once you see one or 2 they'll suggest to you what to watch next.

We all transition for various reasons and at our own pace. Some I know learned something, and flipped a switch to PBWF (Plant-based Whole Foods) lifestyle. Others, vegetarian. Me, Vegetarian for about 10 years, then transitioned to vegan....

Also, check out meetup.com and look for a veg/vegan group local to you for some support, friends and AWESOME potlucks! :-)

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