Introduction. Asking for information. Etc.

Introduce yourself. Tell us about your training history, how long you've been vegan, share some of your goals and some of your interests.

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Introduction. Asking for information. Etc.

#1 Postby alex11230 » Mon May 30, 2016 11:54 pm

Well, I guess I'll ramble. What's the point of an introduction if I don't make a dubious impression.

First, I'm most of the setup to a walks-into-a-bar joke. I'm vegan. I'm an atheist. I'm gay. It's one-stop shopping for anyone who wants to be outraged. ...

I've been almost-vegan for a very long time. I suspect there are occasional food items that slip past me (example: a few weeks back, I bought soup packets that had clam juice concentrate as one of the ingredients waaaay down the list). But I've been at the 98% level for decades now.

And now I'm in my late-40s, and 15 years of sedentary office toil have become unavoidably ... uh ... unavoidable.

I have no delusions. I don't think I'm going to magically look like I'm 20 again. I have boney girl arms (Simpsons reference), my hair is going gray, and so forth. I'm not expecting--or wanting--to be some sexual dynamo. I just don't want to look like a schlub anymore. I don't want to look like someone's dad.

I joined a gym about two months ago. I am not such a wreck that I can't run for 45 minutes three times a week. I almost enjoy it. I can use the weight machines without ripping myself up to the point where I can't walk or carry something the next day. But I can tell I am out of my depth on this. I went looking online. It was like swimming out to the breakers with an anvil in my arms.

There's a guy named Ryan Henn. Here's a link ( That's about what I look like (on the left). A little thinner than that, but it's a close approximation. Obviously, I would prefer to look like the version of the fellow on the right. But I'm not trying to kid myself. I know that a lot of it is genetics and body type.

Thanks to the Intertubes, there is more information than I could read in my lifetime on how to exercise, what to eat, what not to eat, what to do, what not to do, etc. And most of it contradicts the rest of it: don't touch carbs, carbs are your friends, eat a pine cone every morning, avocados are the key, have you tried hempseed smoothies? And so forth.

Can anyone just provide a simple diet plan and a simple exercise regimen? I have no problem eating the same thing day after day for the next six months. I have no problem going to the gym three, four or five times a week and doing exercises X, Y and Z, but I admit it. I am tired. I work at a job I hate. I eat out of frustration for the job I hate. And I just do not have the patience to pore over reams of information and try to deduce who is telling me the truth and who is trying to sell me a juicer.

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Re: Introduction. Asking for information. Etc.

#2 Postby Rawmatt » Tue May 31, 2016 1:14 pm

I believe you will find that weight training will give you far better results than the 45 min runs 3 times a week as you mentioned. The reason being is that cardio only prevails "as your doing it" for boring calories. When you stop, so do results. Thus weight training works wonders because as your sitting at your job your still burning calories and recovering. I would suggest a 5-6 day workout plan then. Sadly I cannot recommend a same day diet regime every day for 6 months, the body is not designed for that. Everything in nature rotates from season to to season and so should diet for that reason. Basically it works like this, carbs are the best form of calories for the human body. They have the anti-oxidants which protect and can cure the body and protein foods have few in most cases. However, for weight grain, these foods are nearly down the line what always put weight on. Starches are the culrip and grain. Lower those forms and you will find the results you are looking for. Smoothies are great as they fill you up, they are cold which shrinks stomach and kicks on thermogenesis while also giving you plenty of photo nutrients. Try the pea protein because it fills you up for a long time and is a concentrate and has a pleasant taste. I find pea protein goes with Cherries or Mango well. Hemp milk as base works good too or coconut milk. Food wise, watch the phytoestrogens, I know I'm on a vegan website here and most eat soy, but I am not a soy fan. Not for more than 1 meal a day anyway. Foods like cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, etc..) raise Testosterone, but also do not have them daily, they can offset the thyroid. So rotate them in, your exercising will balance hormones as much as it can. So breakfast smoothie, big lunch of Yam, squash, and side of steamed vegetables. dinner of soups are great as well. If I were you I would actually do polyphasic eating, this is No food for 16 hours or 18 depending on work, lifestyle or willpower. Allowing you to eat just from noon - 6 or 8pm. This works wonders for people. And it gives the liver some amazing longevity benefits and boosts Hgh, metabolism and more. So skip the breakfast! You can have a tea, but no insulin spiking sweetener!
Since you are training safe, then you can get away with a program like this day 1-Push, use up all those muscles that require it. Front delt, tricep, chest, abs! Day 2; Legs - Squat, lunge, leg extension, hamstring curl and calf. day 3:Pull day. Lats, bicep, forearm, low back day 4; Shoulder; side delt, rear delt, traps. day 5; arm day, neck, abs, cardio. day 6/7 rest. Tell yourself, the more I eat, the more I snack, the more sets I have to do, simple.
Stretch every day before hitting it and even a 10 min jog to warm up is fine.
I hope I answered the correct way to your questions.
Rawmatt Out! 8) :)

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