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Falling off the Raw wagon!!

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Yeah the winters get cold here too! I also have a hard time finding organic produce. I always buy my kale organic.. And I like to get organic apples too.

There's BC Hothouse that grows stuff without pesticides and whatnot. Tomatoes and cucumbers mostly. I buy that stuff. It's local and yummy.

I'm really big on fruit, I must say.

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ChaserHun wrote-One thing I don't like in raw fooders, that they always say to get ORGANIC stuff, ok it would be cool to get, but how could I get organic oranges and bananas here if they don't ship it here, the only organic I can get is what is in my garden, but that's only summer, what should I do at winter? starve?


Organic is best but you can do fine with a mix of both or even mostly conventional. I eat about 70% conventional and I feel great.


I'm the same way. I would love to eat 100% organic but it gets difficult to afford and find sometimes. So I do the best I can... usually around 70% conventional also, and I'm feeling good. I found someone who can hook me up with organic bulk fruits without the distributor fee... so that may help. Don't stress out about organics, do the best you can and enjoy.

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