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Greetings from England


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Hi Everyone

Just stumbled accross this excellent site recently, great to know there are like minded people about.

A little background, I'll keep it short n sweet. I've been lifting weight for a quarter of a century, I started lifting before I could walk to tell you the truth. I became Veggie twenty years ago, been vegan a couple of years. I've got a first degree in sport and about to start a Master in strength and conditioning for elite athletes soon. I have never competed but my brother did. I follow a 4 on 1 off routine, which is mainly powerlifting based. My routine is a lot like Svend Karlesens (he stole my ideas) except I dont flip tyres (only because I don't have any) or practice the farmers walk. And of course he's bigger than me too so I'll shut up now!

I'm going to check out everyones input for a while and hopefully contribute where able.

best wishes to everyone.


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Welcome Robb!


With your background I'd LOVE to see:


- PICS!! Man, 25 years of training and a degree ect... you must look great!

- Workout routine. You must have loads of information and you know how it's done.


I don't want to sound demanding but any contribution would be great! Thanks

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Welcom Robb, wow what a background. You could teach us all a thing or two for sure.


Hmm, well you could always play let's rearrange the cars if you live near a street where everyone is parked. You could move all the cars around in the middle of the night and then put them back into their respective spots before the sun rises so no one will even notice. Saves on buying a pull sled and sleep always gets in the way anyhow! lol


Anyways, pleasure to have you here and look forward to seeing your posts. Enjoy the forum...

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