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support for heavy bag

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you guys are smart so maybe you can help me


I recently purchased a 100lb heavy bag (punching bag) and I'm a little concerned about my beam support. What is the best way to add additional support so my bag will not compromise the beams?


i was thinking of just screwing in some extra beams on the side of the one i want to hang the bag from or having a beam from the floor to the one on the ceiling for support


This is the current beam support I have:




any ideas? i really wanna beat the hell out of this bag, i see it starring at me, mocking me, and i just wanna put it in it's place

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I have a 70 lb bag and mine supports look exactly like that.


What I did was get a electric drill with a circular drill bit that can create a large hole in the middle of the support beam. I looped my chains through there and its held up perfectly so far. (Ill take picture if you need them)


Being a 100# bag, maybe use two support beams, drill the one whole in one and then the other, and loop the chains through there so you have two supportS?

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I dont think its the weight so much I think its more the impact caused by punching it.


The only problem I have come up with is that when Im kicking the bag sometimes 1 out of 4 of the chain hooks come off the bag, and its a quick 5 second fix to place the hook back to the bag. I should get some duct tape and fix it.

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