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Swim with Sunscreen and Kill Coral Reefs?


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Yeah people say that we didnt get it before, & that our ozone disappearing is the reason for it, but how do we know they didnt used to get skin cancer?


It couldve been killing loads of people for all we know.


Also people in the olden days in places like the caribbean would have stayed in shade during the hottest hours & done all of their outside activities in the morning or the evening.They had the sense to avoid sunburn!


Its true that skin tone has an effect, my white girlfriend burns within a few hours, I have literally never burnt & I sit in it with no sunblock around midday for hours sometimes (for the record I am half english, quarter carribean, and quarter venezuelan - long story!)


All arguments being said, in my opinion, humans are not really supposed to live in ares with alot of sunlight, in the same way we shouldnt live in really really cold ares.Humans I think perform best & are healthiest in temperate regions where its a happy medium.It was through competition for land (casued by over poulation) that we moved into the less desirable hot & cold regions (anyone thinking "but we were all supposed to come from africa" bear in mind it was not the temperature it is today back then)


As for sunblock killing coral reef - geez thats really bad


I guess the moral of the subject is dont swim in the coral with your sunblock on!

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During the formative stages of human evolution most of the continents weather systems were completely different to what they are today.Africa's hot weather now is geologically speaking, a fairly recent occurance.


A great example of this is the south pole.Actual excavations (finding elephant bones, trees & dateable pollen) have proven without any doubt that as near as 20,000 years ago it was a subtropical continent which probably laid close to our current equator.


Although noone is sure how such changes have occured it is probably tied in with crust displacement theory which has extreme symptoms such as water level chages & ice ages (correct DV)



Another example is Lake Titicaka in south america.It is a lake that has the remains of large harbours built by a as yet unknown culture of humans dated anywhere between 0BC & 10000BC.It also is salt water & contains many ocean living creatures.Problem is it is now at 20,000ft above sea level.


I could go on but you get the picture

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