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Vegan prom in PDX (Tickets on sale!)

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You can buy them online




or after Tuesday may 27th you'll be able to pick them up at

Herbivore clothing in the vegan mini-mall.


Vegan prom PDX Friday June 13th!


The theme is Purple Rain and tickets are $20.


Remember we are organizing a week of free outreach events and a purchase of a ticket helps us pay for Try Vegan Week. Not to mention the biggest vegan party the northwest has ever seen!


Appetizers donated by Papa g's, Blosoming Louts, proper eats, Black Sheep bakery and more to come...

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I'm still trying to find a date! I asked two people but neither of them live in Portland or even in Oregon or even near by so it was kind of a long shot, but I'll keep trying.


Yeah, I'll spread the word. Should be an awesome time!


How is the rest of TVW PDX coming along?

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The rest of TVW is coming great, we have one person flying in for the week form NY for a mentor. which is crazy awesome.


We have new full color postcards we need to get out everywhere! Working on that. Put up two hundred stickers around town in the last week.

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When I see these posts about all the awesome vegan events in Portland I wish I lived closer! Then the only problem would be finding someone to go with to the prom. Hope everyone that goes has a blast!


You don't have to have a date.


Good news for everyone...at the meeting tonight we went over the books and found we were doing alot better on sponsorships that we expected and we are probably going to cut down the ticket price to $10 advance and $15 at the door.


We also just picked some sponsorships in the last couple days Vita cafe and Integrated medicine center. Cool.


Vita cafe is donating a $50 gift card for the winner of the best dressed contest.

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I'm lazy.......so I didn't read the site....how long do I have to buy tickets? I'm traveling a ton the next 10 days or so...flying back home the day of my talk in PDX.


Let me know, I need to buy two! ...........yeah, I know, I only have one date. Some of you expect me to have a whole entourage of dates...but that is not the case! Just me and my childhood friend so it should be great!

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