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Guidos... what on earth o_O


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What's with this guido thing? We don't have that many yet in Europe. Can you tell me more of this crazy thing? I think this is one of the most hilarious things ever.




Any guidos around here? I think they look like Oompa Loompas.














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First things first. Found this on youtube to explain what im talking bout concerning where I live



yes these people exist!!!


Duuuuuude. If you want to see guidos then, PLEASE come to my neighborhood. Bensonhurst, Brooklyn is basically the Guido capital of the entire world and I am not exaggerating in the slightest. 15 and greater years ago, it was primarily Italian here but now that isn't the case but there are still a ton of guidos over here. The closer people live to my hood, the more guidoish they are. Many have migrated and spread guidoesque to other places like New Jersey and other boroughs...


It was all around me and I went to a catholic, primarily roman catholic italian all boys school. I swear 98% of us had the spike do back in the day. I didn't have 'guido attitude' but i did sport the look for awhile. I don't really have too many pics as digis weren't popular 10-15 yrs ago but i'll try to dig some up and scan em' and bump this up.

Here are some examples and yes Robert I am dragging you into this.


Pics from the stupid hair thread, which should be revivied somehow!




Me passed out, as I love to fall asleep in random places and get made fun of as people snap shots of me. I just wanted to show the 'Guido Chain'



An old friend and some guido she was partying with



My younger sister's friends...



They still very much so exist all around here. I can guarantee guido overload in many spots which I know of where they roam.

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It get MUCH worse!

And yes, they are all from around my ways, I wasn't joking....


fav parts are at around 3:10 and 7:07 but trust me you'll want to watch the whole thing. It's kinda sad but I still dance somewhat like that, lol. Guess some things don't change!



Warning EXTREME CURSING, please do not click if you are offended by fowl mouths and downtalking women.

Roidhead clubgoer Guido parody

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Somehow I knew that L&G, having Italian roots would have something to say about this but actually he was a proper guido himself


Oh man, that is so great. I really have to come and see all those guidos live some day.


I loved the Guido Fan Club vids. I lol'd hard at the end of the part 1 when the dude was practicing face expressions for photos.

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It's kinda sad but I still dance somewhat like that, lol. Guess some things don't change!



All three videos were great! Why not post a video of your dance moves.




Though you already have seen it as you subscribe to my youtube site, I found this video in my archives today when I was looking for my GC videos. You can kind of make it out although it's a little dark in the club



Tuc, I lost it when the guy starting bugging out with the deodorant can. And remember the credo, 'IF WE'RE NOT WORKING OUT, WE'RE DANCING!!!

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I love that sign! Actually, I'm usually working out if I'm not dancing and the opposite -> I have some of guido spirit, but I was born in a wrong body.


Can you have a guido change operation, a bit like sex change operation?


And one more pic:




What did I say about oompa loompas and guidos?

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TUC!!!! I am SOOOOOOOO not done with this topic


Bumping it up with a video of me dancing like a fool two days ago at a massive Arts and Music festival to some DJ at the end of the night, doing 'The Guido'


If i'm not lifting, I'M DANCING



I don't claim to be anything special, bear in mind, I just like to dance. Plus I was raised in guidoville u.s.a. and was surrounded in the culture so it's in my blood, even though i'm not one!

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MORE!!!! I love the vid by L&G! Also, HCPinGviini's friends really got the lips right.





















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Look at the eyebrows!!!! How plucked are they!!!?



Funny, but with an undercurrent of weirdly scary!


I cannot believe these guys have the balls to go out in public looking like that!


I have just remembered something funny, years ago when I worked in my local bar, there were these Italians who came in, they had just opened a hair dressing shop in town (yes, the stereotype!) They thought they were gods gift, but looked really slimey & very similar to the pics above.Oh dear.One of them tried to start a fight with me for no reason, but when I offered to take all 3 of them outside they quickly became very apologetic.Ever since then they all say hello to me (apart from the guy who originally started on me) & actually seem quite nice.

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