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The Traveling Vegan

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With my new insurance job I am on the road 3-4 nights a week. Most of the places that I am going to be traveling to are tiny towns in rural North Dakota. North Dakota itself isn't a very veggie friendly place. Fargo only has one vegetarian restaurant and it just opened a couple of months ago.


In order to keep myself fed while I am out and about I could really use some ideas on what to take on the road that I can just eat in my hotel room during meal times. I have no problem taking a cooler along to keep food during the 3-4 days a week I am on the road. But what are some good recipes for eating on the run? There will be a microwave in the hotel room so reheating something isn't a problem. I just don't think that I will be finding any restaurants out there in my territory that are vegan friendly.

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Oats with some milk, bread with peanut butter or some other butter, any kind of fruit or vegetable, canned beans, peas and corn, maybe some soy yogurt and if you said that it is not a problem to take a cooler with, you could prepare something at home and put it in plastic/glass containers then in the cooler and then when you get to a room where you stay in a fridge.

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I have a lot of soups from http://www.rightfoods.com/


All of these are vegan and takes about 10 minutes at the most to prepare. All you do is add boiling water and wait 8 minutes. My favorite is http://www.rightfoods.com/pics/products/bigcup_tamale.jpg


I'm sure there are other companies that make the same type of product. You can go online and look for retailers in your area.

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