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Vegan BRANDS of BCAA's

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Hey, a friend just phoned asking about Brands of products that are vegan BCAA products.


I couldn't find mine at home (moved to a new house) and couldn't remember brand names.


Anyone know brand names of for Vegan Branch Chain Amino Acids?





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What the heck are these things and are they really necessary? Sound like a highly manufactured, man made product to me.


Well, a BCAA supplement on it's own is definitely not a "naturally occuring" product. BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine, valine) are found in foods with protein.


BCAA supps can be helpful for someone interested in preserving/gaining muscle mass.

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I feel like reviving this thread.


The BCAAs from TrueProtein are not vegan. Carl emailed me back today to say "the materials are synthetically derived, but are often derived from animal feathers and other animal byproducts".


ALLMAX Nutrition makes a BCAA that's labeled "100% Animal Free".


I just emailed Scivation to double check on XTEND. Update: Derek from Scivation says that "Xtend is 100% animal free."


Anyone know of any other vegan brands currently?

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