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Big Vega Sale coming to Eugene, OR soon!


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Like last time, even if you're not in Eugene but want to take advantage of 20% off Vega + extra goodies, let me know and I can make it happen.


Vega will go on SALE at Market of Choice in Eugene sometime next month.


I'll keep you posted.

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This starts in 3 days! Like last time, I can get the products for you for 20% off, even if you're not in Oregon. Since I'm really pumped about making this sale HUGE, I may even offer FREE shipping, so you'd get the products 20% off an already lower price than usual and then free shipping so you could save $20 per container of Vega and still get bonus packs



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It's all on sale now!


Large Vega is only $51.99


Smoothie infusion is only $19.99


Bars are only $2.39 each, etc.!


Let me know if you want anything picked up for you and you can paypal me the money and I'll ship it to you as I've done many times in the past.


This is a really big sale! $20 off large Vega plus nearly FREE shipping from me

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No prob....Vegan Essentials is a great company to support and I'll still hook you up with bonus stuff (maybe extra since you missed the MOC sale by a day).


It just went on sale yesterday, and I was out for 12 hours+ working so I didn't get around to posting it until now.


But there is still 3 weeks to take advantage of THIS sale.


Thanks! I love to be able to offer bonus packs and sales to our forum members.

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Great, thanks! I also announced this offer on myspace and today I picked up about $500 in Vega for friends and acquaintances.


You save a good 20% off already lower than standard prices, get nearly free shipping and some bonus things I ship along too.


Anyone else who wants to get in on it should email me [email protected] with the heading VEGA ORDER or something along those lines so it jumps out. I'll confirm by replying, give you my paypal or mailing address and I'll get your mailing address and get it on its way to you.

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I have some left over:


Posted this on myspace:


Hey ya'll,


I have some extra Vega. I picked up a whole bunch of Vega when it was $51.99 for a large tub (normally retails for $65-$75 depending on where you shop.





I got a bit of extra knowing some people would change their minds and want some after all. And one or two people changed their minds after I purchased it, but that is OK, no worries at all. Those things happen.





I just have extra stuff, that's all and I'm sure it will move quickly!


Here is what I have. The first people to PM me with what they want will get it. I'll add just $8.01 for shipping to make it an event $60, when shipping is normally $10-$12.95 for the size of the box I use.




Just updated this:



I have (remaining as of Tuesday July 15th):


1 Large Chocolate Vega = $60 (shipping included) (item added) (one still reserved for hsorlando)


2 Bags Smoothie Infusion = $25 each (shipping included)


1 box Natural bars = $30 shipping included


1 box Chocolate bars = $30 shipping included


Let me know via myspace message or [email protected] if you want any of the left over Vega stuff at the Sale Price.











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