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Hi, I'm new here!


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Hi, my name is Brandi and I love weight lifting and just finished my first figure show. I am new to being a vegetarian, yeh, going on 3 weeks now, and hope one day to go all the way and become a vegan. I was eating really clean during my first competition, but the excessive amounts of chicken, tuna, and occasional beef, left my stomach in knots and to the point where I could hardly digest my food. I planned to go on a meat detox after my completion, but now after reading some about animal cruelty and the fact that their are plenty of athletes that are vegan, I thought to myself, hey I can do this too! I am here to discuss my journey and learn as much as I can. I did not really work with a trainer or dietitian during my first show. To make a long story short, I went through three trainers and none of them had the knowledge or time to help me out with what I wanted to achieve. I am looking to develop a new lifestyle by being a vegetarian and want to really transform my body by eating super clean and gaining muscle.

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Welcome Brandi!


I was introduced to plant based dieting in a very similar fashion. I ate extremely clean for a bbing comp as well and then that clean way of eating made me feel good and the vegetable juicing led me into vegetarianism then veganism and then raw roodism.


I am sorry to hear you went into pain from all the meat. That never happened to me. I hope you feel better and that the abstinence of animal in your diet helps with that route, i know it will.


Yes we do have very talented and accomplished women fitness models and bbers here, for sure.


How long ago was your show, are you feeling better?

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