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a new start

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115x20 Hammer Strength crunches

leg stretches

treadmill: jogged 2 miles @3.7 mph (32m28s)

3 minute rest

jogged .5 mile @ 3.8 mph then .5 mile @ 3.9 mph (1 ml 15m30s) then walked .16

HR ranged in the 140s going up with time & speed

120x10 HS crunches

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sounds like your building the running back up. awesome!

Yea, I took a month off of lifting to enjoy running again. I had limped for a year. My heart rate is making quick progress averaging about 1 run in 3 days. I'm training at 10 bpm lower HR than last year, running a bit slower but a bit longer.

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I'd had 4 days off, which is more than I needed.

leg stretches

115x28 HS crunch

more stretches

treadmill jog:1.5 miles @ 4 mph, .55 ml @ 4.2 mph

5 min cool down walk 3.5-1.7 mph

3.28 miles total 50m 26s

3 miles 44m 40s

The heart monitor wasn't working, which was an interesting switch for me, as I'd been monitoring hr until today. Probably stayed in the high 150s and maybe hit 160 bpm.

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I'd had 4 days off, which is more than I needed.
more than you needed, but did it feel like you started to detrain?

No, I don't feel I lost any gains. I feel noticeably better each time I run.


Today (after 2 days off)


leg stretches

treadmill: 1mile jog @ 4.1mph, 2nd mile @ 4.2 mph ( 2 mls in 28m16s)

3 minute break

1 mile @ 4.5 mph

.23 mile cool down walk 3.7-1.7 mph


HR in high 130s for 1st mile, 140s for 2nd, 150s for 3rd


Been noticing some sore hams and a touch of sciatic soreness.

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