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Went in under fed and low energy. The 1st sets were down in reps to failure, but some 2nd and 3rd sets showed gains.


HS bench 55sx9,9,8

HS seated press 55sx8,7,7

flyes 40sx15,12,10

EZ curl 71x12,10,8

assisted pull ups 85x10,9,9

HS crunch 110x11 100x11,11

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Came in to the gym with only a half an hour until closing. I didn't rest as long between sets as usual.

Didn't write down the reps (to failure)

HS bench 55s, 2 sets

HS press 55s, 2 sets

EZ curls 71# 2 sets

assisted pull ups 85#, 2 sets

flyes 40s, 2 sets

HS crunch 110, 2 sets

A dozen sets of reps in less than 30 minutes

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Snuck in again for the last half hour before the gym closed.


25 mins elliptical, about "2 miles" 20 mins in the mid 140s bpm, 5 cooling down into the 120s. By telling the cardio program I'm 10 years younger it will target 144 rather than 136. I barely warmed up, but it felt good.

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I really need to experiment with the eliptical machine more. From what you post, it sounds like there's much more that it can do than just picking a program and going.
They can do more than I'll ever learn. Mostly though I like that it's easier on my knee than the treadmill and uses the upper body more than the recumbent bike. (obviously) Thanks for reading!
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Seems I'm just doing cardio for the time being, but being pretty regular and moderate.



45 mins. 2.75 miles hr @ >140 for about a half an hr.

I'd never allowed any elevation before on the treadmill but didn't want to try running because of my knee, so I walked at 3.5 mph for almost 15 mins then @ 4 mph for 25 with elevation keeping my hr up.

5 min cool down to 120 bpm.

It took me a while to warm up and I didn't really get a good sweat on.

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Met Robert at The Arnold Classic yesterday! It was great fun. http://i47.tinypic.com/28vd00h.jpg

I'm very grateful for the major hook-up on the Vega Complete Whole Food Optimizer, of which I just had my first, post work out. Yum. Pre workout I had a Sport Performance Optimizer. I had a half of a Sport after lifting and the other half halfway into my cardio. I definitely enjoyed the workout more!


assisted pull ups 70x12,55x6

clean&press 80x15,90x12

ez curl 71x12,76x5

HS bench 50sx11,60sx4

HS crunch 100x15,115x8

treadmill 40 mins @ 140+ bpm hr walking with elevation as needed @ 4-3.6mph 5 min cooldown walk

HS crunch 120x9,125x6

leg stretches

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Man I've seen so many pictures of the Arnold Classic on the internet, everyone from you guys to the UFC, to the WEC event, and Derek Poundstone winning the powerlifting competition. I wish I had gone, I bet it was a great time! Do you go often? Or was this the first time? It's always in Ohio right?

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HS crunch 105x20,15

Treadmill 3 miles in 45 mins. Mostly walked with a little elevation at 4 mph. I jogged at 4.5 mph for a few minutes a few times, which got my hr over 160. Mostly I stayed over 145 bpm. The last 5 minutes were cool down to about 120 HR.


HS crunch again 105x15,15

Still trying the Vega products out. I know the Sport is good for me before during and after gym.

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