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a new start

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leg stretches


1 1/4 mile @ 5mph, (>150 hr)1/4 @ 4, 3/4 @ 5, (>160 hr)1/4 @ 4, 1/2 @ 5 (>170 hr) 3 miles in 37m 30s

cool down 2 1/2 minutes @ 4 mph, 1 @ 3.5, 1 @ 3, 1 @ 2.5, 1 @ 2

3.35 miles in 44 minutes

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2 WEEKS OFF from gym. I feel like I've returned from the dead.

HS crunch 90x25,19

Leg stretches. My Achilles tendon hurt sharply and I didn't push it.

tread mill

jog 1/2 mile @ 5 mph, 1/2 @ 5.5, HR over 180! Walk 1 mile @ 4 mph HR stayed over 160! 1/5 mile 3 mph 2 min cool down 2.25 miles in 32m2s

I broke a good sweat and drank coconut water during before and after the jog.

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Thanks Mary, I know I will and more.

quick stretches, right Achilles tendon still hurts like a knife wound when over stretched


5 km @ 5 mph, 3.1 miles in 37m13s, HR well into 170s

cool down 1/4 mile @ 3.5 then 1/4 mile @ 3, 3.6 total miles in 46m.30s

coconut water before during and after

newly resolved to drop to long term, never yet achieved goal of 85 kg

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Hadn't lifted in many weeks, but did a chest routine tonight, keeping to under 3 minutes rest

Hammer Strength bench press 45sx14, 50sx7, 55sx3

HS incline bench 45sx7, 50sx5, 55sx4

flat dumb bell flyes 30sx12, 35sx4,6

recumbent bike 5 miles @ 90 rpm 19m.18s, HR peaked in mid 140s

started at level 2, progressed to the last 1/3 at level 10, 5 min cool down @ 80 rpm cooling to 120 bpm

6.22 miles total in 25 min "174 calories"

It's hard to believe my weight jumped to over 200 according to this mornings weigh-in, though I've usually gained when I stop lifting and just run and do cardio.

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EZ barbell curls65x15, 75x7, 80x3

alternating hammer curls 25x15, 30x13, 35x8

false grip reverse barbell curls 60x12,11,7

concentration curls 20x9,8,7

HS crunch 90x25, 95x10

recumbent bike 5 miles in 19m5s hr steady round 140 after 5 min

5.87 miles in 23 min including 3 min cool down at 80 rpm

a bit sore yesterday

trying to up my protein intake

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Yesterday, Sunday, I went in to the gym and switched the rotation of one of the work outs I'd done previously. My bench press was really weak after flyes.


flat bench flyes 30x15, 35x15, 40x12

Hammer Strength incline bench press 45sx10,10,8

HS bench press 45sx5 40sx5, 35sx6

HS crunch 90x20,13,10

treadmill 1 mile @ 5.5 mph, 150s HR, .04 mls cool down

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HS bench 45sx12, 50sx8, 55sx6

HS incline bench 45sx10, 50sx9, 55sx6

dumb bell flies 30sx15, 35sx11, 40sx8

HS crunch 95x20, 100x12, 105x9


1 mile @ 5.3 mph (11m20s) 160HR, 1/4 mile A 3.5 mph, 1/2 mile @ 5.3, (160HR), 1/4 mile @ 3.5 (135 HR)

5 min cool down

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yesterday early eve

stretches, achilles tendonitis still acute on right side, which surprisingly doesn't seem to effect running


1 mile @ 5.3 mph (HR155), 1/10 @ 3.5, 1 mile @ 5.3 (HR165), 1/10 @ 3.5, 1/2 mile @ 5.6 mph (HR170) 5 minute cool down

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quick stretch, still can't stretch right achilles tendon without cutting pain


jogged 2 miles at 5.5 mph, 21 minutes 50 seconds, 170s HR, then walked 1.2 miles at 4 mph, HR ranged down and up repeatedly in the 140s, then 5 minutes cool down, 3.31 miles total in 43 minutes 20 seconds

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I didn't remember that the gym closed an hour earlier than I thought on Sundays. So, it was a short workout, but I can still feel it.


HS bench press 35sx15, 45sx12

HS incline bench press 45sx12, 55sx6

HS decline bench press 50sx7

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