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a new start

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You should teach a bikram iyengar class with heavy dumbells.

Those three counterindicate each other I think and I'm not at a teaching level for any of them. For now this heavy dumbbell will just try and get in a weekly Iyengar class. I still feel a bit tender from the class three days ago. It is sort of like a very messy closet, where my catalog of past injuries come tumbling out when the door is opened. It's subtle, yet powerful. It also is more than I bargained for in terms of forcing me out of my overly busy mind and in to the present, releasing repressed emotions as well.

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Clean&Press 80x15, 90x15, 100x5

HS bench press 45sx13, 50sx8, 52.5sx5

EZ curls 65x15, 70x6,5

HS crunch 95x20, 100x10, 105x5


Went to a great vegan meal tonight with Robert Cheeke as special guest. He gave a great speech in town last night.



John V


an evolving primate

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Went in to the gym tired and stuffed from my 51st birthday party.

Some how I deleted my notes from tonight but it was something like:

EZ curl 65x15, then 2 more sets @ 75 (last 2 sets always to failure)

HS bench 45sx14, then two more sets to failure with 55 in plates on each arm

C&P 90x15, then two more sets at 90

left exhausted, no cardio or crunches

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