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a new start

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I've got you beat, I haven't run in over 2 months! It's just too hot in the Summer. Ohio must be having nice weather, seems like you're outside a lot.

It's been hotter than I ever remember it being here. I only run on the treadmill, in the ac! My year long limp last year got me to start back slow and careful.

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Woke Saturday with a stiff neck and shoulders. I found some relief after the chiropractor Monday but skipped yoga. It's better now, but not ready for clean and press!



1.5 mile @ 5.5 mph in 16m 20s 155 hr, .25 mile @ 4, .25 @ 6 mph 160 hr,

.25 mph @ 4 mph, cool 5 min

2.45 miles @ 31m20s

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First time lifting in 3 weeks! All I did was run a couple times and take one yoga class since my last lifting.


HS bench press 45sx15, 55sx9, 60sx7

EZ barbell curls 65x15, 75x6,4

Seated Arnold db presses 25sx15, 30sx9,9


Happy full moon!

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Gym closed at 9:00 when I finally got it together to exercise. So, I ran the 2 miles of sidewalk through my neighborhood which I originally would jog when I first started training again, some 28 months ago. I took 25 minutes with 1.5 miles gradual down hill and .5 miles a little harder incline up at the end. I ran past a lot of misery, working man's bars with smokers standing outside, gangster rap from a lot of beat up cars, a lot of loud house parties and a couple places with cop cars at work, with lights flashing. The run smelled of car exhaust and barbeques. I paced slow and was somewhat ecstatic the whole run. I broke a very pleasant sweat.

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Was too slow getting to the gym again tonight so I went for another jog outside. This was my 2nd run outside since I've been able to run again, having used only the treadmill since working out of my limp, which had lasted a year. I went to a track that I'd used long ago and ran at my usual slow and easy pace, walking another 1/4 mile after jogging the 2 miles in around 25 minutes. Again had a nice sweat.

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