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how is your back doing?

Mine's 96% thanks to chiroprctic. How's tours, VV?


Smith machine:

flat bench 115x15, 135x7, 145x4

Squats 115x15, 135x12, 155x8


Dead lift 135x15, 155x10, 175x6

EZ curls 75x8,8,8

New routine kicked my butt, though I made sure to not max out on reps. I'd not done squats or deadlifts in decades!

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Deadlifts 135x15

Squats 135x15,155x15, 165x15

Deadlifts 155x15, 165x1

HS bench 52sx15, 62sx10, 67sx4 


Again totally ran out of umph. I need to do some serious nutritional prep and get a belt if I'm to keep at these "big three" exercises. Also, if I keep glutting the carbs before bed, I'll soon be not only strong but very fat.

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Would it help to get those danger carbs completely out of your house?


how's your back doing?

My back is good. I just left the Chiro and she said I'm overall a "solid C" though I feel no pain. There's no getting "danger food" out if my house. I haven't had a 1 cookie, soda or candy in years. It's just the wrong time and way to much. This is classic emotional eating. The one thing that worked was posting my food log, which I've avoided committting to again for some time. Food is my girl friend and it's an unhealthy relationship.

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