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a new start

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Yesterday I got back to the gym after 19 days! I took a trip, then caught a flu. May the Goddess inspire me to reestablish my regular habit, which was already slackening. I'm certainly fatter and not as strong as some months ago.

HS bench 62sx10,10 72sx4

Flat bench flyes 30sx10,10 35sx10

Hammer curls 35sx10,10 40sx7

HS crunch 80x15,15 85x10

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1 arm db clean&press 35x15, 15

1 arm bench press 35x15, 15

Concentration db curls 25x15, 12

Flat db flyes 30sx15, 15

Hammer curls 30sx15, 15


The c&p kicked my butt for days to come.


Memorial Day

About 4 hours of kayaking on Lake Erie off Catawba Island.

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