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a new start

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Went on my old 2 ml sidewalk route through the neighborhood. I underestimated the toll of yesterday's elevated treadmill on my fat ass. My pendulous gut swang its weight side to side with each trudge. My feet felt like bricks were attached and my hips ached as if I carried an imaginary backpack fullof books. Within 100 yards I had second thoughts.

I slowly jogged 1.5 mls then struggled to walk up the slight incline of the last 1/2 ml.

Got home at 11 pm.

2mls in 30 mins

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It's been 3 years since I started lifting and keeping this log at VBB! I hung for a moment with my hero tonight. (see above)

Then I had to sweat up my new tshirt.

DB c&p 45x15, 50x8,6

1 arm DB bench press 45x15, 50x10,10

concentration curls 25x15, 30x8,6


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