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Last times increased speed really kicked my butt.

1/[email protected], 1/[email protected], 1/[email protected], 1/[email protected], 1/[email protected], 1/[email protected], 1/[email protected], 1/[email protected], 2 1/4 ml


Morning: oatmeal with cinnamon, tea w/unsweetened soy milk, 2 vegan burgers

after workout: smoothie of almond milk, unsweetened cocoa, hemp protein, bananas

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Thanks Viva


The only way I've conquered my late eating habit has been posting. Some time ago I got down to about 192#, for the last few months I've been near 220#

My target should be in the 170s.


Tonight I finished my food consumption with a steamed 1/4 head of cabbage and big yam, a little margarine and tea with soymilk.


My goal is to end eating before 8 pm and finish breakfast by 8 am.


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Last night I had a batch of humous with corn chips after 9pm.


Yesterday I also had a multi and a dose of psylium, which I try yo do every day.

This morning I had my tea with soy milk and an almond milk smoothie w/hemp pro50, bananas and unsweetened cocoa. I just had the same smoothie after today's trip to the gym, where I did:

Treadmill 1.75 [email protected], [email protected], 2mls 22m26s

Recumbent 3 ml 12m8s level7 90 rpm 150s hr

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Oatmeal with banana, cinnamon and margarine, tea with soy milk

Lunch almond milk, hemp pro, banana, cocoa smoothie

Midafternoon pound fried tofu and tortilla chips, tea with soy milk

Recumbent 25 min L9 6.85 ml @ 90rpm, hr 140-150

2 min rest

Elliptical 20 min L9  1.75 mls 150s hr


almond milk, hemp pro, banana, cocoa smoothie

Pinto beans and basmati rice with sriratcha sauce.

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oatmeal, banana, cinnamon, tea w/soy milk (always unsweetened)


banana, hemp pro, apple juice, almond milk smoothie

tea with chocolate unsweetened soy milk

after workout

apple juice


psylium husks

tea w/soymilk

2 boca burgers, alfalfa sprouts, half a head of cauliflower w/margarine, 2 big red potatoes cooked on the george foreman w/olive oil salt and garlic powder

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I was hobbling and had a sore back but still went in.


1 [email protected], elevation 5, 140s hr, 1/[email protected] L0, 1/[email protected]

Recumbent [email protected]@L9

I tried to do some HS bench presses, but I was spent.

I came in hobbling with sore legs and back and left feeling a hundred years old

Last night I had a couple small ww pita with a moderate amount of pb

This morning

pb on volkorn rye toast with ginger/soy tea


banana, hemp protein, soy milk cocoa smoothie

after workout

a banana



ginger, soy tea

kidney beans fried in a little olive oil

steamed brussel sprouts and yams with margarine



tortilla chips and salsa

I WILL rest tomorrow.

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Yep, got to take those rest days. Running is hard on you, especially on a treadmill. I'm not seeing too many anti-inflammatory stuff in your diet. Do you eat a lot of cinnamon and ginger these days?

I have cinnamon almost every day with my oatmeal and a lot of ginger in my chai.

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Today is definitely a rest day. I can't believe that I'm chomping at the bit to go in to the gym, but know I need to rest as I did 5 days in a row of cardio and was in pretty sad shape after yesterday, sore and tired.

I slept a lot and started today with a Assam tea with a LOT of fresh ginger and unsweetend soy milk. Next I had a banana, hemp protein, soymilk and unsweetened cocoa smoothie. Now I'll have a dose of psylium, a multi and another tea with some 100% course ground rye toast and margarine. (locally baked "Volkorn" bread)

I got on the scale for the first time in a while and am still sticking just below 220#. My stomach is still making my jeans tight! Something has got to be happening though, as I'm giving a serious effort at the gym and eating very clean, even if apparently, too much. I haven't glutted out in a real binge at night for some while, but still hanging tough at >219#!

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Feeling good as far as tiredness. My back is definitely injured though, after missing my office chair and slamming my ass and elbows on the concrete floor a few days ago.

Had another hemp, banana, soymilk smoothie, with fresh strawberries this time.

I went to a Thai restaurant with my daughter and had a couple of fried Spring Rolls, 2 deep fried vegetable puff pastries and a cold rice paper roll with cold tofu, cilantro and rice vermicelli. The "chile" dipping sauce should have been called a "sugar" sauce though, so I only had a couple of drops. Still this was my most indulgent food in days, a little bit greasy. The Jasmine tea we had there was delicious.


Less than half a beer, 2 rice cakes with a lot of PB.

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Certainly another rest day. My left pelvis is a little weird and my fall this week is resulting in a knife-like feeling in my left mid back. I'm making a chiropractor appointment. (both rotator cuffs have felt sore for weeks too)

morning food

tea with soy milk, oatmeal with banana, cinnamon and margarine, psylium husks


taboule and tortilla chips, more tea with soy milk

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Apple, banana, strawberry salad with lemon juice.

Tea w/soy milk.

Psyllium and a multiv

Tabbouleh and tortilla chips, steamed califlower with margarine.

Tofu fried in olive oil with a piece of rye toast.

2 Boca spicey chiken burgers.


2 doses of 800 mg ibuprofen.

Tea with soy milk.

More tabbouleh and tortilla chips

Still recovering from my fall.

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