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what's vishniak?

This is how I made the vishniak: cover 6 lbs of deseeded sour cherries with 1.5 lbs of blond vegan sugar and 3/4 liter vodka. Keep covered in the closet for a month, squeeze the cherries and mix the vishniak before bottling it for aging.


I stopped my food log. It showed I don't eat enough vegetables and eat to large of portions and too kate in the evening


Recumbent 5ml L10 19m35s

Treadmill 0 E 1 ml@5 mph 1/4 ml @3 mph 2.25 ml  17m

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What?! 49 pages. Outstanding! They are filled with quality info and not just random thoughts like in my journal too. I am going to take a guess that you have the most pages and info out of all of the training journals.

Thanks. This log has kept me on some kind of track for some years.

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Yep, John's pretty rad!


Hey John, how is the running coming along? Still pain free? And how are you feeling about things since you ditched the food log?

My back is fine. My pelvis especially on the left side is kinda weird and gives me a weird limp. I think it has to do with my duck foot gait.


I took today off from gym.

I think I lost about 4 lbs last month though I have had a bit of late night food.

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Hey John! Great job with your journaling! I'm one of the VB&F team members, and we got your email request to have your journal reviewed for eligiblity. We'll be shipping out prize packages beginning mid-month! Great job! Hope you'll stick around the forum and continue to post and be a valuable member of this online community!


All the best,


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Something isn't right. I wish I could better articulate why I could barely run on the treadmill because of the feeling that my legs were going to break off at the pelvis or I would stumble forward and fall.

I ran on the treadmill at a slow 4.5 mph then tried to rise to 5 and knew that wasn't a good idea. I tried for just over 5 and a half minutes.

I switched to the recumbent bike and wondered if it was smart toughing it out through some discomfort. I went just over 4 miles a L 11 in just under 15 minutes. I don't feel bad some hours later, but I don't feel good.

I must admit that I have rarely stretched in my new zeal for cardio. I'd guess that's my problem. Another variable is my new shoes? I don't know.

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Wow 4 pounds, that's excellent! So now you know you can do it even with a few cheat days. Is the next step to schedule them? Or do you think just doing what your body tells you to works better right now?
Now I'll eat some peanut butter sandwhiches and a few bowls of muesli and I'll gain it all back.
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What's up with your shoulder? Is it a recent injury?
I'm not sure of the origin of my shoulder problems, but I have had more acute things to whine about lately and it hasn't been an issue as much in my cardio weeks of late. It may date to many years ago. It seems to have resurfaced a couple of months ago.

My hiatus from the gym has been helping my groin strain, if not my shoulder(s) which I think is rotator cuff stuff. I think I'd better recreate my self as a 150# yogi!

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1 arm bench 30x15, 15

Hammer curls 30sx15, 15

1 arm clean & press 30x15, 15

Recumbent 5 mls 18m12s 

L10 90 rpm 160+ hr 

.5 ml@L1 cool down


Back to gym after 2 1/2 weeks off to heal up. Rotator cuffs and groin strain better, but not 100%. Left rotator still needs babying.


Restarted my efforts at palette control. I WILL drop significant weight in the coming months. I have 50lbs to spare.

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Sick as a dog.

I received my NYNY prize package today! This site is totally awesome!

I'm 4 days in to my food "sobriety." Food is my drug of choice! I'm eating 5 small meals a day and definitely keeping under 2k calories. I'm doing well with it and feel like I'm at the beginning of a major lifestyle change. I haven't eaten at night at all.

Thanks for the love. Here's some back!

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