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a new start

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You're one of the most consistent posters here, we appreciate you John!

Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate y'all as well. Years ago I was more interactive on the forum, and I had a small group of friends that grew close. Now I just post my latest comeback efforts. It may not be hyperbole to say this log saved my life, more than once.

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Wednesday rest. It's hard to take a day off and harder still to start again. I think I should rest at least once after six days.

Today 5 mins rowing, 2x12x3 cable excercises, 3x12 incline bench, 2x12 db curls/reverse, 3x2x40 abs 10 mins treadmill. Lighter on the abs and cardio today.

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20 mins precor hybrid, abs, 20 mins treadmill, abs. When I literally fell to the floor on my failed attempt to exit an ab torture device, I figured I was well done. I tried to bike but it kept pausing because my hr was to high. Ok, fair effort.

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