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My trainer Karl put me on this easy starting program:

Incline DB press 18#x12x2

Flat db flies 18#x12x2

1 arm db rows 18#x12x2

bb curls 55x12x2

db tricep kickback 11x12x1

standing military press 35x10x1

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Forgot to post my 1st lifting session from 2 days ago. (Thurs)

incline bench press 75#x10,x8,x8

incline db flys 18#x12x3

ribcage extensions 18#x10x2

clean & press 75#x1

standing military press 55#x10,x8,x6

db curls/rev 18#x13x3


Today's lifting left me helpless to resist a little run, 1 mile in 10 mins. 50 yd. strides 2x in lap 4 and a 5th cool down lap. Stretches before and more after, 20 slow and 20 faster bicycle crunches. My hip wasn't silent about the event and seems a tad resentful right now. I couldn't wait to run one more day.

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incline db press 21#x12x2

flat db flys 21#x12x2

1 arm db rows 21#x12x2

bb curls 55#x12x2

db kickback 12.5#x12x2

stand mil press 45#x12x2


Starting to get in the groove of lifting. Resolve to wait until the hip is totally healed before running again. Have to defeat my arch nemesis the late night snack.

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Have you tired non-caffeinated green-tea at your last meal or halfway from your last meal to bed time? It's suppose to have an appetite suppressant. It might ease your battle with the late night munchies.


Anyway man, keep up the str training...I've been hitting mine pretty hard and loving the results. It seems to be even better than my cardio results, but it's probably a combo of the two.

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Walked several hours at the Midwest Reggae Fest this weekend, some in flip flops, some in boots, and danced a little bit too. Slipped and strained my left hamstring a little.


Ran a mile today! (walked 2/4 ml, too)Hip seems 98%, though the hamstring hurt a tiny bit. Stretched, walked a lap, ran 4, then cooled off for a lap, then stretched again.



incline db press 23.5x12x2

flat db flys 23.5x12x2

1 arm db row 23.5x12x2 (both sides)

bb curl 55x12x2

db kickback 12.5x12x2

stand mil press 45x12x2

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Go Johnny go, go, go. Johnny be good!


How was Reggae Fest? We just had a Bluegrass Festival here in Alaska. Now talk about a green time had by all. =) Also tons of music and local bands playing. No one big since it's out in the boonies and getting out there is moreorless a bear. (lol get it bear...alaska.) Ok, time for me to eat something.

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Stretched, walked a lap, ran four with 50 yds strides 2x in lap 4, then cooled down with another lap. The mile was about 11 minutes and my hr stayed in the 150s except for the strides, which bumped the pulse up to about 160. Afterwards a little stretching again, which the rain interrupted.


The left hip is almost 100%. The left ham string is a little worse then two days ago, but not really bad. My left elbow has smarted a tiny bit for a couple of days, so I'm going to baby it and wait to lift until tomorrow, or the next day.

What a wimp.

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Decided my elbow didn't hurt that much.


incline db press 26#x13x2

flat db fly 26#x13x2

1 arm db row 26#x13x2

alt incl db curls 26#13x2

db kickback 12.5#x13x2

false grip rev bb curl 35x12x2

stand mil press 45#x13x2

slow bicycle crunch 30, 20, 20

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It was surprising my left ham was so tight when I started to stretch before running and shocking to see that I had a large black, purple and green injury under my thigh in the half foot from the knee up. It obviously is old from the colors. No wonder I was feeling a little something there throughout the week. It looks like I got kicked by a donkey. All I remember is a bit of an accidental splits which tugged the ham when I slipped on some clutter a week ago today.


It was hard to slow my pace enough to keep my hr under 160. I wanna go fast! I stretched a bit, walked a lap, ran 4, then walked 1 more. I didn't even check the time. I'd been planning to make this my long run, but I thought I should keep an eye on the newly discovered injury. What next?


The lifting is certainly having some positive results. My form is getting better and I'm obviously stronger then a couple of weeks ago. It makes me want to lose the next 20# quicker so I can see better what's going on under the blubber.


incl db press 26x13x2

flat db flyes 26x13x2

1 arm db row 26x13x2

alt incl db curls 26x13x2

false grip rev bb curl 35x13x2

db kick back 12.5x13x2

stand mil press 45x13x2

slow bicycle crunches 32, 22, 22

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Didn't run today just because I'm getting too enthusiastic and want to resolve this hamstring issue. I added some leg curls and extensions to my lifting. My form is still improving and the muscles seem somewhat trained. The lifting and running really motivates me to control my palette, and I'm doing much better, but aren't where I'm aiming yet.


* each side


incl db press 26#x13x2

flat db flyes 26#x13x2

1 arm db row 26#x13x2*

alt incl db curl 26#x13x2*

false grip rev bb curl 35#x13x2

db kickback 12.5#x23x2*

stand mil press 45#x13x2

1 leg extension 10#x30x2*

1 leg curl 10#x30x2*

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Giving the legs a break today to heal up more.




incl db press 28.5#x13x2

flat db flyes 26#x13x2

1 arm db row 28.5#x13x2

alt incl db curl 28.5#x13x2

false grip bb curl 37.5#x13x2

db kickback 12.5#x13x2

stand mil press 47.5#x13x2

slow bicycle crunches 36, 26, 26

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incl db press 28.5x13x2

flat db flyes 28.5x13x2

1 arm db row 28.5x13x2

alt incl db curl 28.5x13x2

false grip rev bb curl 40x13x2

db kick back 12.5x13x2

stand mil press 50x13x2


Then to the track to walk a fast lap, run an 11 minute mile, then walk a slow lap, with stretches before and after. Wore my old shoes, as I forgot the ones with more support. It was hard to slow my legs down to keep my hr in the lower 160s. Hip, ham and shin all seem AOK.


Remembered the gut when I returned home to log this. Slow bicycle crunches: 38, 28, 28


Moderation was a challenge today as I felt strong lifting as well as running.


Eating sprouts every day!

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Took yesterday off to rest and grow, as I worked my ass off the day before, went out to see a classic reggae act, then stayed up until 4am, thanks to a cafeine O.D.


Today I stretched a bit, walked a lap, ran 5 (1.25 mls) , walked another, then stretched again. They've fenced my track and it will soon have locked gates! The blazing Sun was high in the sky. Tried to stay in the lower 160s got over 170 on my 50 yd strides on the last running lap. I'm going to forget about speed for now. Run coach suggested run so many minutes then walk some and repeat. I haven't wanted to rest-walk while running, as I previously saw that as defeat.



incl db press 30x13x2

flat db flyes 30x13x2

1 arm db rows 30x13x2

alt incl db curls 30x13x2

false grip bb curls 41x13x2

db kick back 12.5x 13, 12

stand mil press 51x13, 10


Reached exhaustion on the 2nd set of the last 2 exercises.


Slow bicycle crunches 40, 30, 30

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212.5 lbs 62.9lbs bf (29.6%) 51.4% h2o 7.4% bone Gained 2 lbs muscle, 3 fat this month!


Stretched, walked a lap, ran 6 (1.5 mls in 14 min) cooled down a lap, stretched again.


incl db press 30x14x2

flat db flyes 30x14x2

1 arm db rows 30x14x2

alt incl db curl 30x14x2

false grip rev curls 51x 14, 10

db kickback 12.5x14,11

stand mil press 51x14x2

slow bicycle crunch 42,20,20

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They finally gated and locked the high school track I've been using. I ran on the the wet, uneven grass for about 12 mins then rested a min then ran another 8 or so then a short rest before another few minutes, including two sets of strides. No monitor but by the huffing and puffing I know I stayed in the 160s with some flirting with 170 during the strides. My recovery time has improved dramatically, as my hr drops quick when I rest/walk. The next closest track I know of is a few miles away. Stretched a bit before and after, no warm up walk.


50 bicycle crunches, then 40 more.


No lifting today. I felt the last session a bit more, and I have tons of food to deliver in the next few days. Took a 2 hour afternoon nap instead!

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incl db press 30x15x2

flat db flyes 30x15x2

1arm db row 30x15x2

alt incl db curl 30x15x2

false grip rev bb curls 41x15, 9

db kickback 12.5x12, 10

standing press 51x13,10

slow bicycle crunches 52, 32


Either the days off or the earlier exercises' increased weight and reps meant I couldn't do what I could earlier in the week on the last few exercises.

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Ran my old sidewalk route that I started out on in April. It's sure a lot easier now! I walked a little, ran over a mile then strided 50 yds or so before walking the last little bit, totaling 1.8 mls, in about 20 minutes. Stretched before and more after. Then bicycle crunches 54,34.

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