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a new start

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Skipped 4 days with work labor

Thrive Incline chest press


Inverted BOSU tree climbers interspersed between above 50x3

Front squats


Decline ab rows, incline leg extensions x2 interspersed w/squats

DB concentration curls each side


Cybex lat pull down


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Skipped Wednesday

Superset B x2

Incline bench DB press 40sx12

DB decline Skull crushers/press 25sx12

Superset A

HS preacher curls 70x11,10 /DB preacher w/20x12x2

Icarian tbar row 70x12x2

Ab rows leg extensions on inclined board

BB reverse grip curl 35x12, 45x12x2

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(Made it in to gym 16 times is November BTW)

Rowing 5 mins

Strive incline bench press


Arnold DB presses


Concentration DB curl each side


BB reverse curls

55x12, 65x8x2

Ab bench leg extensions declined rows

5 mins rowing

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2 weeks off for bulging disk L1/L2

Incline bench chest press 3 sets

Bird dog 30sx2x3

Walking against and to pulley with ab belt forward, back, sides

Chest cross offset foot 3x12

Reverse BB curls 12x45, 12x55

BB curls 55x12,65x12x2

Arnold press 25x12x3

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Skipped Saturday

Strive Incline bench chest press


Free motion chest pulley Offset foot


Cybex lat pulldown

9x12, 10x8

Reverse BB curls

45x12, 55x12

BB curls

55x12, 65x12

Icarian Hack squat


Icarian leg press


Hoggan calf raises


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Skipped Monday Tuesday

L2 step up 20 each side w2x25 kettles twice

Bird dogs 40sx2 each side

Press up stretches

Strive Bench chest press 135x11,9,7

Free motion cable chest cross 9x12x2 1 offset foot

BB reverse curl 45x12, 55x12

BB curls 55x12x2

Cybex lat pull down 9x12x2

5 mins bike 168-170 BPM HR!

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