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June is for JuiceFeasting!(46day liquid diet)BROKEN;videoadd

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Ok, well I decided to do it, it just came to me two days ago and i'm rolling with it. I have dry fasted for as much as 17 days but never actually juice feasted liquidarian modified method style, which should be fun. Based on my past experiences, I should be able to handle this, no problem.


This is going to be somewhat modified in the sense that I will not limit myself to just fruits and veggies. I may add coconut and olive oils to my juices and possible nuts and seeds blended in and some tea. I think it will be a nice way to possibly lose some bf but I don't want to get weak so I will be 'Feasting' on an adequate amount of calories. Not strict juices, I will most likely be doing primarily Blender blends.....


I am not guaranteeing that I will be 100% but I feel good about it and I think I can do it. If this goes well enough, I may just continue on liquids and have my first piece of solid food in Portland on July 16th. That would be divine. I could meet up with my two fav raw foodies (Andesuma and Tasha) and we could go to a known place for good raw eats or something, yes? Minimum 30 days, Maximum 46 days.



Okay, here goes:


Day 1 started today. To hold me accountable and keep me honest, I had a huge salad last night before I went to sleep at around 1am in the morning. My last hurrah before I started. I couldn't spoil myself yesterday as I was working all day.




This is what I have on handy so far. I will be buying more and different stuff and will post accordingly.



A decent amount of assorted wild frozen berries

4lbs of Organic Green Apples

40lb box of Organic Bananas

About 15lbs of Frozen Durian (Which I made myself out of thawed out durians)

2 lbs of Organic Lemons



Bunch of Organic Dandelion Greens

Bunch of Organic Lacinto Kale

Bunch of Organic Cilantro

Bunch of Red Chard

2 1/2 trays of Wheatgrass



Endless amount of Spirulina and Chlorella



1/2 gallon Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil

16oz Organic Unrefined Olive Oil

16oz Raw Almonds

Bottle of GT Raw Kombucha (Trilogy flavor, only one left)




Sunday June 1st DAY ONE


I pre-made two 64 oz blends (blender not juicer). I will be using my juicer at least once a week also:


-Blend #1 Organic Fruit Blend (1 1/2 cups of Wild frozen bluberries, 2

organic bananas, 2 organic granny smith apples, 3 heaping tablespoons

unrefined organic coconut oil)

-Blend #2 Organic Vegetable Blend (4 sprigs Organic Collard Greens, 4

sprigs Organic Swiss Chard, decent amount of Organic Dandelion greens

and Organic Cilantro)

-Made fresh wheatgrass juice and drank it. Came out to about 1 1/3oz. I

refuse to let wg juice sit!


I know fresh is best but honestly with long 10-15 hour shifts these coming weeks, it is impossible to get my meals in. Plus making a whole bunch of juices every day is messy and a nuisance. This way will motivate me to consume more as it is on hand whenever I need it.


-75grams of Spirulina/Chlorella Blend in 32oz of water

-32oz smoothie made at gym juice bar made from assorted Conventional -Fruit (Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Mango, Pineapple, Banana)

-16oz GT's Raw Kombucha (Trilogy Flavor)

-1 1/3oz Fresh Wheatgrass juice made by me with my hand cranked

wheatgrass juicer Wheatgrass Juicer

-4oz of my organic fruit juice blend (granny smith apples, coconut oil,

bananas, frozen wild blueberries)

-16oz of my organic green juice blend (Dandelion greens, cilantro, lacinto

kale, red swiss chard, 1 conventional lemon)


So far I feel great. One other note, I don't plan on decreasing my activity level whatsoever. In fact i'd like to be even more active and rather increase intake if needed accordingly. I also still plan on getting my max bench press goal of 285lbs (+50lbs in 50days) on around June 22nd.

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Monday June 2nd, DAY TWO


Morning Weight: 201lbs


-16oz Eucalyptus and Sage Tea

-37oz of my organic green juice blend (Dandelion greens, cilantro, lacinto

kale, red swiss chard, 1 conventional lemon)

-60oz of my organic fruit juice blend (granny smith apples, coconut oil,

bananas, frozen wild blueberries)

-16oz Gt's Raw Kombucha (Trilogy Flavor)

-116grams of spirulina/chlorella blend mixed in 50oz of water

-1 cup frozen durian mixed in water (came to 18oz)

-27oz fruit juice blend (2 bananas and 1/2cup frozen local montmorency

tart cherries) WOW The best tasting juice yet, simple and sweet!


I would do some wheatgrass but i'm too tired to put together the machine handcrank it and then clean it and besides, I have the taste of cherries and bananas in my mouth


Felt energetic and good today despite only having slept 2hrs as I had work early and I was up late prepping and organizing. Going to sleep real good tonight as I played racquetball and lifted hard today.


If I dip below 175-180lbs bodyweight range and I cannot keep my weight up I may break this fast but hopefully I will be able to take in enough calories so that this won't happen. I will most likely lose alot of weight but I primarily wanted to do this feast just to have the experience and of course to cleanse and give digestion a rest from solid foods for a bit. So far so good!

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Durian? That is the STINKIEST fruit on the planet! EWWWWW!


You must have a high tolerance for stinky things. Did you know that most hotels in Southern China and Thailand ban you from bringing the fruit up to your room? Yes, that's how bad it stinks.


Good luck on your program!

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Thank you everybody! I had the worst dream last night. Guess I had a little bit of anxiety over the whole no solid food thing for such a long period. I dreamt the I was at a huge holiday party and there were all sorts of raw foods for me and I didn't want anything and I was flipping out and just realizing that I had a long way to go on my juice feast, wondering if I could make it. I think it's my brain's way of anticipating not knowing how the heck to process what will be going on the next 1 1/2 months. I feel good now that i'm awake and it was just a dream. Maybe it was the damn durian before I went to bed NEVER I LOVE MY DURIAN!


I'm Your Man... Well I hope weight loss isn't too excessive as I want to stay on this. I don't want to lose more than 26lbs. Everyone says you lose a lb a day. I pray that doesn't happen and I eat enough to avoid that. Trial and error the next 2 weeks...


Cubby, here's to 'chewing' my liquids! lol


Karmacharger, i'm a durian addict, there's no two ways about it. For some reason i'm drawn to it. I remember once I tried dehyrating it and my father came in and he asked me if I took a dump in my dehydrator. LOL


Thanks VeganGirl, I am interested as well! This is a first for me...


Okay, well I've been taking some cool pics of all the produce and blends but until I find the missing cord to the camera, I cannot post them yet.


Tuesday June 3rd DAY THREE


Morning Weight: 198lbs (-3lbs):shock: <-- not too happy

about that, too much too fast. I should eat more or maybe it's water

weight loss...?

BodyFat (Tanita Scale): 13% <-- dunno how accurate these

scales are, I don't think they are but whatever, i'll record it.


-2oz fresh wheatgrass juice

-33oz Organic Juice Blend (2 organic bananas, 1 cup frozen

wild blueberries, 3 heaping tablespoons organic coconut oil)

-16oz Gt's Raw Kombucha (Trilogy Flavor)

-50oz Organic Fruit Juice Blend (2 organic green apples, 1 cup frozen wild

blueberries, 2 organic bananas, 3 1/3 heaping tablespoons organic

coconut oil)

-50oz Organic Vegetable Juice Blend (2 organic green apples, 1 organic

lemon, 1 conventional avocado, 2 sprigs organic collard greens, 2 sprigs

organic red swiss chard, bunch of organic cilantro, bunch of organic

dandelion greens)

-58 grams of Spirulina/Chlorella blend, with 25 oz water

-34oz Durian smoothie (2 cups of frozen durian and water)


I took in some extra durian and some more coconut oil and I remembered to use avocado as well as more bananas. I don't want to lose weight that quickly. I welcome the loss but i'd like to maintain lbm, not eat away at it. I know i'll lose some but that goes with any other routine in which you cut up or drop weight.


I felt a little withered today. I think sleeping only 1 1/2 hrs and then working 10hrs on monday caught up to me even though i got a full 8 hours of sleep in last night. Regardless, I still felt pretty awesome today and worked for 10 hard hours barbacking a 1800+ crowd.

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Wednesday June 4, DAY FOUR


Morning Weight: 198lbs (phew, glad I settled here for another day)

Bodyfat: 12% -1% <-- I don't judge these scales as accurate but

whatever, it's something interesting to watch.


So it seems like the extra calories yesterday helped me maintain but granted I did not do any cardio. Had I (like the other two days), I think I def would have needed more intake to maintain my bw.


So Far...


*******Just to make this clear, the descriptions of these are from the whole batches that I make which are 64oz. I do not put that much stuff into the 25oz drinks I consume*******


If I ever do make a small batch and consume it, I make a note of it.


-25oz Organic Fruit Juice Blend (2 organic green apples, 1 cup frozen wild

blueberries, 2 organic bananas, 3 1/3 heaping tablespoons organic

coconut oil)

-25oz Organic Vegetable Juice Blend (2 organic green apples, 1 organic

lemon, 1 conventional avocado, 2 sprigs organic collard greens, 2 sprigs

organic red swiss chard, bunch of organic cilantro, bunch of organic

dandelion greens)

-176grams of spirulina and chlorella blend in 90oz water

-40oz juice blend (2 young thai coconuts both meat and water, 1 cup

organic raspberries, 1/2 cup raw chocolate) <-- little too bitter, too much

chocolate, not enough sweet berries but welcomed after wkout.

-1 1/2oz fresh wheatgrass.

-16oz Organic Fruit Juice Blend (From 71oz blend: 2 Organic Green

Apples, 2 Organic Bananas, 1 cup Organic Frozen Berries, )

-23oz Durian smoothie (1 cup durian)

-16oz Fruit Juice Blend (From 70oz blend: 1 Organic Grapefruit, 3 Organic



Bought Today:

-31lb box of frozen Durians

-11 Young Thai Coconuts

-12 conventional Avocados

-6 packages assorted frozen wild and organic berries

-8lbs Organic Oranges

-7 Grapefruits


For the record, I have just as much energy as usual, even more so. I had to stop and FORCE myself to leave the gym as I wanted to do other things like shop after I did 39 worksets for Chest and Shoulders and in addition about 200 pushups at the very end. Strength is still increasing at a steady rate, no loss in it whatsoever....


This is a FEAST, eat eat eat or should i say drink drink drink, not a fast, enjoying so far. I want my muscles to continue to grow and be fed and nourished.

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Food Prep for tomorrow and will probably last into friday as well. I will be working 10am-10pm outdoors in the heat tomorrow so I need to be prepared...


-43oz Juice Blend (2 young thai coconuts, 1/2 cup raw cacao beans, 2 cups

organic frozen strawberries)

-50oz Juice Blend (2 cups frozen durian)

-140oz Vegetable Juice Blend (3 conventional avocados, 4 organic green

apples, 2 organic lemons, 6 sprigs organic collard greens, 2 sprigs

organic red swiss chard, nice bunch of organic cilantro, nice bunch of

organic dandelions)

-70oz Juice Blend (2 organic green apples, 2 organic apples, 1 cup organic

frozen strawberries)

-68oz Juice Blend (1 organic grapefruit, 3 organic oranges)

-1/2 gallon filtered water with (1/2 organic lemon, good amount of

organic ground cayenne, teaspoon of french grey sea salt). Left it

outside to charge in the sun.


i'll be set for sure!


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Thursday, June 5th DAY FIVE


Morning Weight: 197lbs (-1lb)

Bodyfat: 12%


-24oz of the charged water I set out last night

-50oz of Durian blend made last night

-50oz Organic Grapefruit and Organic Orange blend made last night

-50oz of Organic Vegetable Juice Blend made last night

-50oz of Organic Fruit Juice Blend made last night

-232grams of spirulina/chlorella blended in 100oz water

-1 1/4oz fresh wheatgrass juice

-43oz Juice Blend (coconut one) made last night


2 3/4 Gallons of Juice Today! Is that bad? Honestly, I need my calories and my protein and that is that. On only juice, it just has to be this way. I would just like to say a major annoyance is constantly having to piss. I feel like counting the number of times I pee in a day. It is unconscionable and can get very annoying!!!!!



I would just like to say that it is truly amazing how we have the power to put whatever we want or not into our body in any form and thrive yet we make so many wrong choices, even though no one is shoving or force feeding us. The cleaner I eat, the more I realize that and it marvels me how I could ever do anything else other than eat clean.


Also, I am not one to believe in the 'ever holy emotional detox' aspects that are claimed by fasting/feasting/undereating but everytime I do one of these, I am always pleasantly surprised by the mental clarity and overall heightened positive emotional state that it facilitates immediately. I feel great!


Complete psychotic animal in the gym tonight. Had it not been closing 40min after i got there, I would have gotten lost in there.

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Friday June 6th DAY SIX


Morning Weight: 196lbs (-1lb)

Bodyfat 13% +1 (like i said, the scales aren't too accurate but whatever, i'll continue to post)


Today's Intake

-16oz Durian Juice (1 cup frozen durian)

-64oz Organic Juice (6 organic bananas!) I <3 bananas

((Start the day with calories! I'm not counting calories but just to get an idea, that was about 1200 calories. Woohoo! ))


-64oz Organic Juice Blend (1 cup frozen organic raspberries, 1 cup frozen

organic strawberries, 1 cup frozen wild blueberries, 2 organic bananas)

-174grams spirulina/chlorella blend in 75oz water

-1oz fresh wheatgrass juice

-25oz Organic Vegetable Juice Blend made tuesday night.

-50oz Durian Juice (2 1/2 cups frozen durian)

-6oz Organic Coconut Juice Blend


Forgot to mention, started the process to make some Rejuvelac (2 cups sprouted heirloom organic red quinoa/water), which is a fermented sprouted grain drink. Should be ready by tomorrow. It is also known as 'stinky sock water'. Perhaps I will mix it up with my durian! All kidding aside I love the taste of it, add a bit of lemon and you're good to go!


Bought Today:

-1 bunch organic sorrel

-1 bunch organic purple kale

-1 bunch organic cilantro

-1 bunch dandelion greens

-1 bunch organic celery

-10z Organic burdock root

-1 bunch organic watercress

-5 organic limes (you put the lime in the coconut.... )

-Two pieces of organic ginger

-ALOT of organic bok choy


Purchased a sleu of organic greens as i would like to do some actual 'jucing' in my juicer as opposed to blending as I have not yet. I got addicted to blends and generally I don't juice anymore. I'd like to change that....


Made for tomorrow

-56oz Organic Juice Blend (1 Organic Grapefruit, 3 Organic Oranges)

-64oz Organic Juice Blend (2 young thai coconuts, 1 organic lime, 1 cup

frozen wild blueberries)

-64oz Organic Juice Blend (7 organic bananas)

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Saturday June 7th, DAY SEVEN


Morning Weight: 197lbs +1lbs

Bodyfat: 13%


Performed Enema Flush (2 bags) to help make sure everything is moving fluidly.


I actually lost some weight after the flush, and of course the bodyfat thing isn't 100% accurate.


Weight after flush: 195lbs (-1lb)

Bodyfat after flush: 12% (-1%)



I woke up with absolutely no appetite whatsoever for the first time since I started the feast. I took in alot before I went to sleep. After the flush, I feel a little more appetite and ready to eat a little.


-18oz rejuvelac

-46oz organic juice blend (from the organic banana blend made last night)

-174grams spirulina/chlorella blend in 75oz water

-64oz durian juice (4 1/2 cups frozen durian)

-44oz organic vegetable blend from last batch

-50oz organic juice blend (3 organic oranges, 1 organic grapefruit)

-38oz organic coconut blenc (2 young thai coconuts, 1 organic lime, 1 cup

frozen wild blueberries)

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Cubby, stink sock water is one of the easiest things to make and if you look into it a little, you'll see why it is so beneficial for you. Google 'Ann Wigmore' and 'Rejuvelac'. It catches a bad rap but honestly, I think it is quite tasty!


VeganGirl, Thanks! I'm trying very hard to maintain my weight right now so that I can get my heavy lift in about 10 days that i've been training so vigorously for. After that, I wont mind lightening up a little more....


Funny how people the cooler I carry around with gallons of juice is a crazy conversation starter and when I explain what's up people look at me like i'm nuts (nothing new in that department) and think i'm going to die. Little do they know; some are informed and think it's admirable...


Sunday, June 8th DAY EIGHT


Morning Weight: 196lbs (-1lb)

Bodyfat: 11% (-1%)


Performed 2 bag enema flush and weight stayed the same. Happy about that and I feel great!


-14oz Rejuvelac


-25oz Organic JUICE not blend made in my greenstar (4 sprigs organic

collards, 5 sprigs organic kale, 6 organic bok choy stalks, bunches of

dandelion, watercress and cilantro, 1 huge piece of burdock root, 5 stalks

of celery) Yum yum yum yum yum....

-64oz organic juice blend (10 organic bananas)

-174grams spirulina/chlorella blend in 75oz water

-40oz coconut juice blend from last batch.

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Dani, 'the tank' I LOVE IT! I haven't heard that one yet, maybe I will within a couple of weeks. That's awesome you are so dedicated and travel around with all of your meals as well. What do you usually pack that needs to stay cool?


Cubby, I def recommend it. Let me know how it goes. In case I forgot, add a lemon to it for taste. Many raw restaurants use rejuvelac and the leftover ground nuts from making nutmilk to make mock tunas (seaweed also) and mock cheeses. There are tons of recipes. I've made the mock tuna before, it's not bad. Cheese I haven't yet. As for the algae, I love getting that stuff down, it's so good for you and though many out there don't feel you need much protein, even as a bber, I DO and algae is one of the best sources bar none imo. I usually consume all 3 shakes in a row (usually during weight training) as it can be messy and a nuisance and of course, I prefer the taste of fruit and veggie juice.


Monday, JUNE 9th DAY NINE


Morning Weight: 195lbs (-1lb)

Bodyfat: 12% (+1)


Performed morning enema flush (2 bags of water) weight stayed the same. I think there was just something going on that last day because I had so much before I went to bed.


So it's been 9 days and i've lost 8lbs; not bad!


Did I mention that I have a magnetized vitamix? A friend of mine is all gun ho about magnet therapy and all that jazz. I know nothing about it and whether it works or not but about 3 years ago, he gave me these earth magnets to go around the blender and I figured what the hey, it can't hurt right?


I have a question for whomever reads this and might have an answer. I was always a believer in calories in vs out and i have been taking in alot of calories in liguid form. As much as I had before the feast annd some days even more. I wanted to lose weight granted but I thought i'd have to consume less to do so and maintain right now yet I continue to lose weight. I asked Matt Monarch, a raw food dude (saw him yest at a raw foods expo) and he said the whole 'calories' thing was one big myth and not to go by it. Thoughts anyone?


Today's Intake

-14oz Rejuvelac

-64oz Durian Blend (3 cups Durian, water)

-64oz Organic Vegetable Juice Blend (organic kale, organic cilantro,

organic locally grown sorrel , organic bok choy, 1 conventional

avocado, 2 organic green apples, 1 organic lemon, organic dandelion

greens) everything but the kitchen sink!

-64oz Organic Juice Blend (10 organic bananas, 1 cup frozen organic


-25oz Organic Juice Blend (2 young thai coconuts, 1 organic lime, 1 cup

frozen wild blueberries, 1 cup frozen organic raspberries, 1 cup frozen

organic strawberries).

-198grams spirulina/chlorella blend in 88oz water.


Appetite today is in FULL EFFECT! Happy about that. Probably because i was pretty active this morning playing handball outdoors all morning. Yesterday I didn't even want to eat at all.

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Spirulina has 30mg iron per 100g..


So if you take 230g algae you take about 65mg iron just from it...

And if you get 20mg more from you other foods you have 85mg iron...


Isn't that too much?We need 10-30mg....



Also you get too much copper too....

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Oselifer, to answer your question, vitamin/mineral toxicity only applies to synthetic supplementation or enriched foods. When it comes to natural whole foods, our bodies can selectively absorb what they need from the 'complex' and eliminate the rest, no matter how much you consume in regards to micronutrients.


There was no such thing as vitamin toxicity before synthetics were introduced (around the 1950's) into our foods and supplementation and all that existed on the shelves of pharmacies where wheatgrass tablets


Please please consider picking up this book The Real Truth About Vitamins and Antioxidants

It is one of the quickest reads you will ever go through and it will change the way you think about nutrition FOREVER ;)




I will pm you and give you a more in depth explanation.


Tuesday, June 10th DAY TEN


Morning Weight: 194lbs (-1lb) was very active yesterday

Bodyfat: 12%


Performed 2 bag enema flush this morning


why the heck am i craving garlic right now? and i saw ans smelled a salad yesterday and it looked really yummy b ut i'm in the zone right now!


Today's Intake

-12oz rejuvelac

-38oz of coconut juice blend from yesterday

-68oz Durian blend (4 cups frozen durian)

-174grams spirulina/chlorella blend in 75oz water

-24oz juice blend made at the gym (2 conventional bananas) $5.36 for 2 conventional bananas in water WTF, I specifically asked for extra fruit and i get two bananas, I was desperate, needed intake, was there for 4 1/2 hrs and needed fuel to play rball...

-70oz Organic Juice Blend (10 organic bananas)

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Actually it was more like 9lbs


Wednesday June 11th, DAY 11


Morning Weight: 195lbs (+1lbs) <-- sigh of relief, I needed to slow

the losing down.

Bodyfat: 12%


Morning 2 bag enema flush


Today's Intake


-12oz Rejuvelac

-28oz organic vegetable JUICE made in the greenstar (organic

watercress, organic cilantro, organic dandelions, organic purple kale,

organic burdock root, organic bok choy, organic celery, organic lemon)

-32oz Durian Juice Blend (2 1/4 cups frozen durian)

-70oz organic juice blend (4 organic oranges, 1 organic grapefruit)

-174 grams spirulina/chlorella blend in 75oz water.

-52oz organic juice blend (3 cups wild frozen blueberries, 2 organic


-27oz organic vegetable JUICE (organic watercress, organic cilantro,

organic dandelions, organic purple kale, organic burdock root, organic

bok choy, organic celery, organic sunchoke, organic ginger, organic

tricolor swiss chard, organic lacinto kale, organic red swiss chard) Best

tasting one yet!!!!! I needed the ginger, what a difference it makes....

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Thanks Johan for the compliment on the avatar and supporting me in regards to this blog. It has been surprisingly easy but when I truly set my head to anything, I do it. I know there's a long way until I can eat solid food so I don't even think about it.......


I finally had to get a simcard reader b/c the cord for my camera was lost so that is why there are so manhy pictures at once. Here's a little photo album to give further insight into this:



pic1 (Greens), pic2 (Fruits), pic3(handcrank wheatgrass juicer), pic4(grazing), pic5(fruit juice blend), pic6(veggie juice blend), pic7(wheatgrass juicer in action), pic8(more grazing)



pic1(heirloom inca red quinoa), pic2(cayenne), pic3(juice to go), pic4(durian and coconut box and sunny my parrot), pic5(fruit), pic6(making rejuvelac), pic7(frozen prepper durian and montmorency tart cherries), pic8(coconut juice blend)




pic1(charged water), pic2(charged water left overnight to catch the morning sun), pic3(the cooler i carry around), pic4(durian juice blend), pic5(more veggies), pic6(open durian), pic7(prepped durian), pic8(the leftovers)



pic1(coconut juice blend prep), pic2(Finished Rejuvelac!!!!), pic3(my greenstar juicer), pic4(berry/coconut juice bend prep), pic5(top view), pic6(enema bag, pic is sideways), pic7(greenstar juice in action)


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