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June is for JuiceFeasting!(46day liquid diet)BROKEN;videoadd

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116g of spirulina would be more than 50-60g proteins ? I thought that the body can never use that much proteins at a time, 40g being the maximum, the rest being rejected or simply not digested. Anyway, I've read that in articles about proteins on the web or even in bodybuilding magazines that ironically promotes diets with 60g and even 75g proteins per meal.


About digestive problems carbs+proteins, like fruits in a protein smoothie. Perhaps most of the time we feel fine after this and only those with more fragile stomach will feel cramps... but it is SUPPOSED to always cause digestive problems, even when we don't notice it, according to the chemistery laws of the digestive system, it's simply not designed to digest carbs and proteins at the same time and no animals except humans break this natural law. Yet I'm still doing it myself as like most of people, and our cats and dogs are also feed with a mix of carbs+proteins. Some will have cancers, others will be fine. Just like some people with good genetics live long even if they've been smoking and drinking all their life.

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I dunno I'm Your Man, I have heard the same over the years and actually the range I have read was 30-40 grams every 3 hours at the most. I just feel good this way. 116grams of algae is actually 78grams of protein. I know there is a belief that it can't absorb but it suits me well and I get no stomach pain or problems so I roll with it.


Sunday June 22nd, DAY TWENTY TWO


Morning Weight: 190lbs (-1lb)

Bodyfat: 9% (-1%)... ummmm GO ME! My bodyfat registered in the SINGLE DIGITS,

feels AWESOME!!!!!! It will prob go back and forth from 10-9% for a couple of days but

hooray for today. With the way this feast is going, i'm going to predict a 6-7% bf by the

end, just seems that way....

-Performed 2 bag enema flush

Today's Intake

-12oz freshly made rejuvelac (fermented water from sprouted quinoa)

-24oz fruit juice blend (1 young thai coconut, 1 cup frozen wild blueberries, 1/2 cup frozen

organic strawberries)

-116 grams spirulina/chlorella blend in 40oz water

-40oz organic fruit juice blend (1 whole organic canteloupe). I save it for a time when I could

savor it like today, even if I chugged it down, at least I could sit down and relax with a nice

tummy full of canteloupe juice!

-The last 15oz if organic vegetable juice blend from yesterday's batch.

-37oz organic vegetable JUICE made in the greenstar (Organic sunchoke, Organic Burdock

Root, Organic Swiss Chards, Organic Lacinto Kale, Organic Watercress, Organic Dandelion

Greens, Organic Celery, Organic Bok Choy, Organic Ginger) Tasted much mbetter than last

time, used alot less ginger

-40oz fruit juice blend (Mamey and Guava)


Bought Today


Cost $8.79

-1 Mamey, 1 Guava


Cost $45

-Organic Lacinto (dinosaur) kale

-Organic Watercress

-Organic Locally grown Dandelion Greens

-Organic Locally grown Spinach (spinach is actually one of the few things that I hate but it

just looked so damn good and pure I had to buy some. Better than even organic standard

spinach, way better. I also hate onions, peppers and radishes but i eat them, just not


-Organic Burdock Root

-Organic Sunchoke (Jerusalem Artichoke, i believe it's the root of and artichoke)

-Organic Locally grown mint, HUGE BUNCH!

-Organic Galia Melon (Zacks comments about still have me drooling all this time and wanting to

try one).

-Organic cilantro

-2 Organic Avocados conventional ones were expensive this week, only 20 cents difference

-2 Organic ripe mangoes (what a treat they will be. Worth every penny.

-Organic celery

-Organic Bok Choy

-Organic Tri Color Swiss Chard. They keep pumping these out every week and they keep

looking nicer and nicer. The most beautiful vegetables i've ever gotten my hand on. I'll snap

a pic this week to show you!

-Organic Red Swiss Chard

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Wow that's great you're losing that much fat, just enough and not too fast. I guess I'm burning fat too on my juice fast, I don't know yet I'm gonna take my weight maybe tomorrow morning. I don't exercise a lot these days but I do feel I'm burning calories while at work by just walking and moving.

Good to see everything is fine for you, keep it up!

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Nice job on the BF%! I don't think I have ever been down into the single digits. I am planning on getting some quinoa when I can remember to take a container to my local coop to get some from the bulk bins. I can't wait to try some rejuvelac.

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Great job!

this is magick.



I would caution about consuming that much spirulina though just because of

the B-12 analogs that they contain, which block the bodies absorbtion of B-12.


I know excess can feel amazing sometimes, but... too much of a good thing....

& so it goes.



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Thanks I'm Your Man and Cubby! It feels good to be able to say that I got into the single digits today, even if it goes back up to 10% for another couple of days. With how little you're consuming Guillame, chances are you have to losing bf and weight. Cubby what do you think you're bf% is? You look pretty lean to me!


Andesuma, I have heard of the big debate about algaes and how the b-12 found naturally occurirng in them is not assimilable into the body. I always thought to myself, well some of it has to absorb, no? I never heard of the concept of the fact that it actually blocks b12 in general from being absorbed, that's a new one on me? Maybe if you could give me some good info to read on it, i'm curious. Also, thank you much for checking in on me to see how i'm doing with the feast! Always a pleasure to hear from you...

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LENA, this post is specifically for you! I was about to hijack your thread (why hijack my own ) to tell you this but I had other news to share that concerns my feast. But a little off topic, Miss wannabe Lena lookalike came to the gym again today and comes right up into my face and smiles and then walks away. YOU'RE NOT LENA, get over yourself, sheesh I actually saw her swiveling her head to the left and right to the pussycat doll when i grow up song that was on but no dancing, whateva!


Okay the real reason for this post. You gave me the bug, so i went out and bought myself a guava and a mamey! They're a bit on the costly side but honestly, didn't care, it was a pleasant break from having the same fruits over and over. I have been buying different stuff the last week or so to switch it up, like the lychee berries which i'll blend up this week too.


Man, what a ridiculously filling fruit juice blend, WOW. I want to finish the whole container but cannot, it's just too rich and filling, had to use two full blender containers for just two pieces of fruit as it was crazy thick. Some pictures for your viewing pleasure and many thanks for the suggestion, it's yummy and smells really good....










oh by the way, if you email me your address i can send you a yummy surprise because i can It would be my pleasure. I'd say to pm me but the damn things don't work.

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wow. congrats on the 9% bodyfat. that is so awesome.


is there a reason you don't wanna break the 116 grams and distribute it evenly throughout the day? Just curious if there's a reason you do it all in the same shake as opposed to breaking it up, just in case your body can't assimilate that much in 1 sitting.


Nice talking to you yesterday Hope you didn't work too hard.

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Disclaimer: Long post below this line.


Oh look at that!!!!!!!! It's so beautiful and yummy looking!!! It's true it's very filling and if the fruit would have been a bit more ripe it would have felt even more like it, sweetest too. I'm glad you liked it. I was thinking "Hum poor Giacomo if he doesn't like my Caribbean fruit smoothies" but it turned out to be awesome! That's great, and it also got me thinking of the two weeks I have left for doing one myself.


It's curious how you prepared the mamey, well I'm just finding new ways of doing things. Back home what we do is just cut it through the center around the seed and take the flesh with a spoon. You end up with only sking, nothing else to it; well the seed as well. However I don't know how was your mamey looking like and perhaps it made more sense to do it the way you did.


Today I used a lot of time preparing some smoothies for restarting my feast tomorrow. It's all that I found soy protein powder. I made a carrot+orange big smoothie (just had some right now, it's also cute looking, I like the color). Pomegranate+blue/black/raspberries one (delightfully sour) . Kiwi+peach+orange, here, this one looks weird but is the better tasting one I think, all balanced and just great. A celery+lettuce+pepper+tomate one that must go under further consideration because I don't think I liked it I made sweet potato puree (I'm not raw yet). There's also soy yogurt, ground pecans, ground almonds and bananas that I'm waiting for them to ripen and make the king of smoothies: banana+strawberry+orange. I think I'll be able to do it this time, actually I will.


The girl, you know... perhaps we were twins in our past lives. But who knows. Ah- I saw the new bird you're taking care of. It looks like you'll both miss each other even though Sunny won't miss him.


PS- Hijacking your own thread doesn't count as hijacking. What I just did, I think it does.

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I forgot to say: your blender is crazy, with some streams from all sides, it looks like a spa or a whirlpool full of chocolate. I would swim in that!


About the B12 and algaes... I've heard about it too and maybe it's true but it's strange... why would all the B12 naturally found in vegan foods could not be assimilated by the body, while supplements like in pills and fortified beverages would work? From where the B12 they use to put into those supplements come from ??

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Andesuma, I have heard of the big debate about algaes and how the b-12 found naturally occurirng in them is not assimilable into the body. I always thought to myself, well some of it has to absorb, no? I never heard of the concept of the fact that it actually blocks b12 in general from being absorbed, that's a new one on me? Maybe if you could give me some good info to read on it, i'm curious. Also, thank you much for checking in on me to see how i'm doing with the feast! Always a pleasure to hear from you...



I thought that for about a year when I was consuming algaes like crazy for awhile..haha

but it does block the body from absorbing B-12.

As said by Dr.Gabriel Cousens...





As well as Victoria Boutenko and a variety of other raw food "gurus".




I totally understand not feeling "100%" about any of it... that's why I merely caution.

Merely a suggestion

Something to think about.





Also, Cubby! Me too!! (with the naturally occuring sodium thing)

I try and only consume himalayan salts or kelp for sodium.. but celery is pretty amazing.

I haven't found many other people like that...

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Hey all. Pleasant to wake up and see responses from some of the coolest people I Know!


Lena, I was thibking the same thing too, it could have been riper but I just had a bug and wanted to cut it up right then and there. I'll probably buy one next wee and let it ripen for awhile before I do it again as noticed in the taste it was unripe. I just left the seed in the pic for viewing purposes, didn't use it. Fleshy pulp would have been alot cooler to have worked with I think I probably should have cut the seeds out of the Guava as well. Don't look to me for prep methods, you're the expert my friend. I need to continue to look to you for advice on these tropical fruits native to you. Also, your blends/smoothies sounded really yummy (except the under consideration one with peppers, ). Great, now you're going to make me search around for a fresh pomegranate! They're a paint to take apart but they're worth it too! I haven't seen any around here for a bit, not yet at least.


Cubby, I've come across that article before. Dr. Pink actually sent it to me a while back. It's like a whole bunch of studies just whipped together to form a basis of opinion, I dunno, I read it through and through a bit back and thought to myself for every person that thinks one way, someone else forms an opinion on the opposite when it comes to health and debatable inconclusive subject matter on both ends. It was interesting to see it though and I consider it instead of blinding my eyes and only being one sided.


Andesuma, I have some stuff to do but I do want to check out that link and I will hopefully later tonight. I will def proceed with caution. I think optimally, I should attempt to go for some b12 system and see where my body is at. Facts are facts and I cannot argue with test results on my own body.


The sodium/salts thing, I was actually at a lecture held by a raw food friend of mine and she was talking about how we don't need any salt in our diet whatsoever and 150mg or something like that, per day is all we need and how she avoided it for years. Someone convinced her that a teensy weensy bit was good for her and now she may have 1/2 tsp a day at most or something like that. I usually put some on my salads, french grey sea salt, guilty as charged! I just enjoy it but not during this feast


I'm Your Man, not bad bro! Just take it easy and don't be afraid to consume a little more to slow down the process. You don't want to wither away to all skin and bones. I was talking to a friend of mine who is doing just straight up juices no blends and she thinks she lost something like 15lbs in 12 days and everyone is telling her she is way too skinny and she's going to try and slow it down somehow. I'd imagine it much more challenging for her as she doesn't 'blend'.


VeggiePrincess, thanks for the kudos! s suspecgted it jumped to 10% today but it's just going to keep going down as a result of what i'm doing. I'm very happy about it. I see your goal is 10%. It always intrigues me how woman just naturally have more bf and a females bf level can be much higher yet she will look just as lean if not leaner than a man with a 5% lower bf. I mean look at your avatar and even the more recent photoshoot with your friend you shared with us. You look wayyyyy leaner than I am, even the way I look now (I am leaner than the progress shots I took). Eh, only worked until like 4am with the damn party that did not want to end, haha. Tis the busy season for me but it's over in about a week and then i'll be crying for work!


You and I'm Your Man are absolutely right in reminding me of information I already know. I know it may not all assimilate if I take in too much at once (algae). It's just convenient that way. I cannot walk around with a big jug and sip it slowly as after awhile of sitting, it just doesn't look or smell good. So green scoops of powder and tons of containers to clean in between and remembering to consume some every, well you get the idea. But it's like you were saying, it's not what is easier or what we like doing it's what we want. We want specific looking physique and we have to do what is necessary to make that happen, even if it isn't what we like to do. I am going to make a conscientious effort to start spreading out the 116-232grams i usually consume in a day; it just makes sense. I was doing it before, 58grams at a time (39grams protein per serving)

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by the way, forgot to mention Cubby, lemme know how the rejuvelac comes out once you finally do make it!


Monday, June 23rd DAY TWENTY THREE


HALFWAY THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Morning Weight: 190lbs

Bodyfat: 10% (as suspected it will fluctuate until it settles at the lower number)

-Performed two bag enema flush


Today's Intake

-10oz rejuvelac

-12oz Fresh organic vegetable juice made yesterday; couldn't finish it all last night. If I drink

too much before I go to bd, i'm up several times in the middle of the night.

-25oz fruit JUICE. I strained the mamey/guava mix as it was too pulpy and grittsy; probably

because I did not let the mamey ripen. Lesson learned for next time. Much better without

pulp (guava and mamey)

-32oz fruit juice blend (1 young thai coconut, 1/8 cup frozen organic strawberries, 1 cup

frozen organic raspberries)

-35oz fruit JUICE. (mamey and guava as well as some conventional limes that i squeezed into

it at work)

-116 grams of spirulina/chlorella blend in 60oz water. 58grams at 5pm, 58 grams at 9pm.

-16oz juice blend (1 cup frozen durian)

-24oz juice blend (conventional red seedless grapes that were leftover from work and they

were going to throw away. Felt good to get my fix in instead of abstaining from them. The

different taste was very welcomed) I have more for tomorrow or another day too

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HALFWAY THERE! 23 More days to go! Decided to put up some numbers and a whole bunch of pictures, here goes.....


Okay so I wanted to tally up all the logistics to for myself as well as everyone else just to really see what has been going on in regards to consumption.


So far, in 22 days, I have consumed:

-42.96 gallons of liquid in total!


-21.88 gallons of fruit juice

-8.76 gallons of vegetable juice

-8.4lbs of algae (2560grams of that is protein) in 10.93 gallons of water

-1.39 gallons of teas/rejuvelac


So Far I Have Lost

-13lbs of my Bodyweight

-Lost 5% of my Body Fat


Let's see what happens when we break that up into daily averages...


On average, in a day I consume

-1.95 gallons of liquids a day

-about 1 gallon of fruit juice a day

-about .39gallons of vegetable juice a day

-about 173 grams of algae mixed into 1/2 gallon of water a day

-about 116grams of actual protein a day just from algae alone

-about 8oz of teas and rejuvelac a day


I have been losing an average of about 4.33lbs a week]


That was a little bit of a pain in the butt to figure out but it was very helpful in tracking how i'm doing and was good for me to know!


Okay so here are some pictures from the last 2 weeks or so. No captions so if you have any questions, just ask, I always respond By the way, that is a coconut i'm drinking out of and the quinoa grain, I didn't eat them, they are the leftover sprouted quinoa from the rejuvelac water I make (shame you can't really see the tails). Also I just took a pic with the lychee berries/nuts next to my mouth, I didn't chew and eat them, it was just a cool pic imo!













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I will let you know what I think of the rejuvelac.


On the b-12 thing, so long as you are consuming plenty of b-12 and maybe some at a meal you aren't downing tons of algae, I bet you will be fine.


Andesuma - Yeah, not many people abstain from added salt, but I think it is one of the most important things you can do. If I eat something at a restaurant now or that someone else prepares, it is usually overwhelmingly salty.

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You look FABULOUS Giacomo!

Love the photos... and your frige looks exactly like mine right now.... weird. hah


I've never made rejuvelac, though I've been meaning to.

But for the past ... 6 months-1 yr. I've been suffering from 'lazy raw foodist syndrome'

and just eat mono fruit meals, smoothies, etc.

I can't wait until I get the Vita-Mix so I can make myself juice all of the time!!!

I know it's very important for health.



And Cubby, I totally agree!! I think celery is overwhelmingly salty..hahah, and tomatoes.

I am best off without most spices too. Things like cinnamon though, my body loooooves.

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Dani, Phillip Reality Tv??? haha, like edtv kind of? Cooool. I try my best to keep a descriptive journal. It helps to keep me in check and focused and is a good way to illustrate what i've been doing for future reference. I love the fact that others appreciate it as well, that really makes me happy.


Zack, thanks brotha! I keep thinking it's the tan but I almost feel like my skin has been looking a bit clearer lately. Whatever it is, it's nice to hear it. I wonder what i'd look like without the tan, if my skin would be 'glowing' more since i've been on this regimen..


Cool Cubby, looking forward to your rejuvelac experience.


Andesuma, dearie, my fellow fridge buddy, it's so easy to make, really, like zero effort. I hope you get involved with concocting a batch soon. If not by mid july, i'm making one for you out there! Only takes 2 days and barely any work.... I feel fabulous! Glad to know it shows in my appearance in your eyes also, thank you! cinnamon is good, what about nutmeg? I'm a nutmeg freak, love the stuff, especially in some nice raw chocolate, mmmm



Tonight was interesting. My stomach felt very empty at work and I was quite famished yet my mind felt an incredible clarity and high that I cannot put into words. I think it was mainly my emotions getting the better of me in search of the solid meals i've been accustomed to. Like when everyone is picking on grapes in the back of the kitchen and I lay off where I normally would have some.

Also, the fact that today was a 'marker' got me to thinking about solids and when I will be finished with the feast. I wasn't thinking about it day to day as I just knew I had a long way to go but once I recognized I was 1/2 way there, I got to thinking. That should be over with in a week at most, perhaps less...

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Hi Giacomo. Me too I had this kind of illuminated soul today, just feeling fine and peaceful on an empty stomach, as if I only needed air and light.

I just notice we both finnish the feast in about the same time I think? I'm done on 16th of July.


You're right, 10 pounds in 7 days is a bit too much but I had no idea I was losing so much weight


You're talking about raw chocolate. I think I never saw any. I'd like to find some, it would be awesome in shakes, or better: a raw chocolate cake!

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I went shopping at my coop today and tried to grab some quinoa to make some rejuvelac and just to have it around as I have only been eating oats as a grain for almost the whole time I have been vegan. They were out of it. I wanted amaranth also: out of stock. Bleh. I will be going later in the week and they should have some by then, Sunday at the latest. Now I really want to try it.


Andesuma, I use tomato also when I want a salty flavor. I am not wild about celery, but I will use it from time to time; and yes, it is very salty. These past few days I have decided to cut back on my spices, eliminating some, especially garlic, to see how my body fairs. I am still loading up on cinnamon, though, great stuff. Nutmeg and ginger also.

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