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June is for JuiceFeasting!(46day liquid diet)BROKEN;videoadd

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You know i've been so diligent with this blog that i've given all the other sections of the forum a backseat. I'm going to try and light up the boards someday this week and update my training journal as well. Right now, this is my main focus. On my way out the door so no time yet to respond to all but checkin in for morning stats quickly


Note, I have another colonic session tomorrow so today will be no blends whatsoever and no algae, only fresh juices (fruit and vegetable) and then tomorrow morning nothing but water and rejuvelac until my 1:45pm appointment.


Sunday June 29th, DAY TWENTY NINE


Morning Weight: 187lbs (+1) Finally......

Bodyfat: 8% (+1) Always up and down a bit after a drastic change and then it settles

down and goes lower. Besides I consumed a ridiculous amount the last two days on purpose

to slow things down.

-Performed 2 bag enema flush


Today's Intake

-53oz rejuvelac

-32oz water

-24oz organic fruit JUICE (3 organic oranges)

-64oz organic fruit JUICE (10 organic macintosh apples)

-12oz fresh coconut water from a young thai coconut

-55oz organic vegetable JUICE (organic watercress, organic ginger, organic cilantro, organic

swiss chards, organic dandelion greens, organic sunchoke, organic lacinto kale, organic bok

choy, organic celery, organic mint, organic sorrel)

-22oz organic fruit JUICE (6 organic oranges)

-24oz organic fruit JUICE (3 organic grapefruits)

-At least 10oz of ocean saltwater trying to learn waterskiing!

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Okay sorry for the delay in responding. I like to give as much attention as possible to anyone who is kind enough to post a response on my thread and help to motivate and fuel me. Before that, may I just reference to what I did today in day 29 and on 3 hrs of sleep. For those of you who fear that you will have no energy, this is what i did today...

Waterskiing video+photos

After that I washed up and spent 2hrs 15min in the gym hitting the weights hard. Might I add that I did no blends or algae today, simply fruit and vegetable juice, no pulp as well as water and rejuvelac (second colonic tomorrow). I'm actually still flying high


Ok now to respond to all, here goes...


Paulcats02, I agree completely about mind power, you can really harness and tap into your body and will yourself to do whatever it takes to get where you need to be. I also love the respectful and tactful atmosphere of vbbf which is why I do not post anywhere else and dedicate all my energy to here. I have the same type tanita bf scale and may not be accurate but yes it is a good gauge, to see diminishing or increasing day to day as a tool. Yes they are frozen whole durians. They are much cheaper that way. Frozen are $1.19p/lb as opposed to fresh which are $13.99 p/lb which there is no way I will pay that price, except possibly to try it one day. You can try 'Exotic Superfoods' if you want to try fresh never frozen durian, they are actually in nassau county. I thaw them in the fridge, cut them up, puree them into a sorbet/pudding and then freeze in a container and scoop out as needed. I get most of my fruit from trader joes as they are very cheap and mostly locally grown. I get my vegetable from a local coop in brooklyn. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this blog and for all the support!


I'm Your Man I love them, so yummy and sweet. Very Very expensive but I treat myself to little things here and there. I stumbled upon them in the asian market one day years ago. I know you'll enjoy the taste and texture in a few weeks as a solid food.


AndesumaThanks for continuing to check in on me to see how i'm faring with this regimen. As stated above, I made a mistake and wrote dec 12th but my bday is actually Dec 21st, oops! But yes that is in fact the day and it's pretty cool we share the beginnings and ends of such a monumental calendar system. Continuing to deconstruct the ego I shall


ZackI actually wrote that I did get it at 'liquiteria' in the city and that it was fresh not pasteurized. They have a 'Norwalk Juicer' which isn't really a juicer; it's a huge hydraulic press that smashes the produce down and extracts alot more liquid out of it in a truly 'cold press' fashion that imo is the best system out there for juices. Toot costly and taxing to operate but they do it for you and then bottle the juices and sell them within 1-3 days at most, they go fast. I'm glad you pointed out the flora and healthy bacteria issue. let me bold this Enema Flushes are not for daily use and WILL weaken your bowels over time and lead to dependencyColonics are good once in awhile but not abusively. And you can replace the healthy bacteria, which is why I do the rejuvelac as often as possible, so yes I do take concern over that. I should probably be doing implants as well with the rejuvelac; I shall start soon. Very good point, you're absolutely right. Enemas are very beneficial imo during times of HEAVY CLEANSING, such as what i'm going through right now. I'd rather flush the toxins out immediately, then let them get bogged up in the colon as a result of tons of things being flushed out. After this is done, I will not be doing an enema for a long while and I usually save them for times like these. The Grape juice pulp looked like bacon to you?? Durians, I would imagine they may be but as mentioned to PaulCats02, I am not paying 10X the price. Just like you will eat conventional strawberries from time to time even though they're the most highly sprayed crop there is (just example in no way attacking you), just saying no one is perfect, we all have our things we let go for the sake of enjoyment, to save a buck or what have you. Thanks for the congrats on the 8%, some more to go


HsorlandoOh it is such the adventure, today I bought so many different fruits I haven't had since this started. Keep it interesting. I keep thinking to myself how foreign the idea of chewing has become to me right now, it's hysterical. Wonder what it shall feel like in 17 or so days....Ya know, everyone says a cross between an onion and a banana but I HATE ONOINS and I LOVE DURIANS. It's a class on its own. We'll try on together next month, I promise you. I will most certainly continue on, thanks to awesome people like you Hayley, that keep me going!!!


NeubinWOW, you're very first post on Vbbf and it was a post to tell me that you seemed to have read this whole blog in one shot. That is unreal; I truly don't know what to say but thank YOU for believing in what I am doing and taking an interest in it. I did this for me but the fact that it has started to influence others has made me take it that much more seriously and really keep as detailed a log as possible as well as colorful with pics and such. People have checked in here that have never even heard about vbbf, from the 'outside world' just to get a better idea of what i've been doing as they've seen the change in me and respect and are interested on what this is about. I have never gotten this much support and interest for something that pertains to my diet as now. IT just validifies how cool feasting can truly be. I will be making ' how to' videos for fun and will post them at the end with a huge final recap of this whole thing. Should be fun. Thank you for your regards, support and your continuing to check up on me. I won't let you down. Go whip some good stuff up in your blender!!!!!

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Hey Cubby, very nice! Rye rejuvelac is pretty popular as well. You don't need a sprouter my friend. You're not trying to grow the sprouts. Soaking in a jar of water for a couple of days is all that needs to be done. You just want tails to show and and as soon as they do, drain the soak water and add fresh water in, sit for 24 hours and you have fresh rejuvelac. Re use the grains and soak for on more day and that water is good too, then you can discard


Today is officially one month on this feast! I was looking in the mirror and I was a little disheartened about how 'flat' my upper body is looking. I still want to lean out more and I am pretty satisfied about how much bf/lbm ratio weight loss i've had but the problem is that you cannot lose one without the other when dropping down alot. The issue I have is that due to my shoulder impingement that has showed no signs of going away within the next week or so completely, I have not been able to train my upper body (except for my tris, bis, forearms and core) for 2 WEEKS! So leaning out a tremendous amount and not being able to pump up and maintain workouts with my upper body has led to this. There is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Even if I stayed the same weight, I would have started to look a little flatter, not as much but enough to annoy and trouble me. Hopefully this injury ordeal is over soon!!!!


Colonic at 1:45pm, should be a DOOSEY


Monday, June 30th


Morning Weight: 185lbs (-2lbs) everytime i take the pulp out of my blends and do juices

only, i drop two lbs in a day! I don't know how the 92 day feasters on juice only survive.

My friend is on day 21 out of 92 and she is already thinner than she has been in 8 years, I

pray the loss slows down for her as she is going to finish it....

Bodyfat: 9%

-Performed 2 bag enema flush


Today's Intake

-50oz rejuvelac

Post Colonic:

-23oz organic vegetable JUICE (organic watercress, organic swiss chards, organic sunchoke,

organic ginger, organic purple kale, organic celery, organic cilantro, organic sorrel, organic

dandelion greens, organic mint)

-58 grams spirulina/chlorella blend in 33oz water

-45oz organic fruit juice blend (1 organic galia melon)

-52oz fruit juice (3 1/4 cups frozen durian)

-48oz organic fruit juice blend (6 organic bananas)

-32oz organic fruit juice blend (2 young thai coconuts flesh from both only water from one as I

drank the other yesterday, 1 1/2 cups frozen wild blueberries, 1/2 cup frozen organic


-24oz water


Bought Yesterday

-Got some fruits I haven't had yet. I am still savoring some pineapple, kiwis and papaya and saving those for next weeks shopping most likely

-Total Cost: $50

-Bag organic oranges

-Bag locally grown organic macintosh apples

-Bunch organic Russian (purple) kale

-2 Bunches of organic Tri Color Swiss Chard

-1 organic honeydew melon

-Bunch organic locally grown sorrel

-Bunch organic locally grown dandelion greens

-Bunch organic celery

-3 organic pears

-8 organic apricots

-Bunch organic locally grown cilantro with roots in tact

-2 organic avocados


Some more pics from last 2 days: Birds know I have been feeding them and swarmed right away to the feed, Day 3 in the sprouter, Produce from yesterday, organic grapefruit Juice no pulp, organic orange juice no pulp, My bodyfat scale with this morning's weigh in displayed...





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Outcome of my colonic deserves it's own post as i'm very proud of what transpired.


It was a good thing I went right back as much more needed to come out. The releases were more intesnse than any colonic i've ever had and kept pouring out right from the very start. My colonist was very happy for me and shocked as she saw bright yellow flourescent colored matter flying out of me as well as black flakes. The bright yellow she said was bile releasing which means that my liver has been cleansing and detoxing out and the black flakes meant that my lymphatic system has been draining. The bile release she has seen but the black flakes she said she has only seen happen about two other times and we're both as a result of two people who very on long juice fasts like what i'm doing. She said stuff like that usually starts to happen after 3 weeks of juice or more. We were both very impressed and happy.


I will be going next week and then the week after and that should be it; just to keep everything flowing out.


I biked there and back for a total of 30 miles today and am completely loving life right now. 2 hr legs and core session at the gym in 1 1/2 hours here we come!!!!!

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Soon you're gonna be one of the healthiest person on Earth

Everybody should do that kind of things (fasting on water, juices or living foods, colonics) every year of their life for 1 period of several weeks or 1 small cleansing of 3 days each month, just like everybody do when they bring their car to the garage.

Or instead of being sick and going to see the doctor every month

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OMG! This is amazing... I'm totally inspired, I think I'm going to juice feast

sometime soon... screw it, I'll do it with my blender.., karmatically a juicer has to come

into my life then.




Anyhow, I think I'm going to start one in August to bring in my birthday.

It seems apparent I'll still be able to run.




This is very inspiring though, so.. beautifully done Giacomo!

Very inspiring and I'm totally going to jump on board soon...

I do plan a 3 month long juice feast for this coming winter.. since it just makes

the most sense for me to do it then.


Thank you so much for doing this and keeping this blog!!






Also, William, you look freaking amazing!!


I remember when I was first "coming out" about eating all raw...

I was having this discussion with a business man about it..

His name was Eric, he was dealing with high cholesterol.

(so, I told him to just stop consuming it... )


When I told him my diet/how I ate... his response was:

"Oh my god! You're going to live forever!"


That is when I knew I was doing the right thing...

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Zack, I asked my colonist about whether or not the imported frozen durians are irradiated or not. She told me next time she talks to Paul Nilson who is a durian buff, she'll get back to me. I may just myspace him, hopefully he'll answer.


Andesuma, isn't he really? Your new avatar rocks Guillame! I second that. Was looking through the intros to say hello to new folks and everytime I saw your pic, my eyes popped out of my head.


Thank you both very much. We are building like a little raw food/juice support community across these boards and I love it. Lena as well and some others are expressing interest in attempting soon. What a beautiful thing!


I am inspiring you? Wow, I am glad to be able to give back to you for all that you give to myself and others with the wonderful interpretation of your surroundings through art.


That is awesome to be starting a feast. If you wish for actual juices and not smoothie/blend types, then just do what I do when I want to have only juice, strain the pulp out. It's quick, efficient and easy. I'll give you a hands on for your visual side next month if you wish In now way will it hamper your running, it will only enhance it. I could easily run 13+ miles right now (and I haven't bee jogging) in one outing if I wanted to but that would totally go against what i'm trying to do. Even though I do love to surpass my old accomplishments and the most i've ever ran at once was 13.2 1/2 marathon. No reason to get off track.


Wendy Jones is the name of the lady that runs chakra 17 in Portland, yes? Donna was talking to me about what a great person she is and how wonderful her operation is in Portland.


That colonic O M G. I was knocked out afterwards. I needed to chill in her office for a bit to settle down and absorb what just happened. When I got home, after several juices, I thought i'd just jump up and go to the gym. I wanted to lay down and felt like I just got beat up in the street. There was some major removal that went on today. I started to feel very different later tonight in a confusing but very good way. Once I finally dragged myself to the gym to train, I did in fact stay there for 2 1/2 hours and I ANNIHILATED legs to the point of no return. Walking up and down stairs was major trouble afterwards. All about step up/lunge combos and walking lunges all using weights. Also did hack squats for the first time this year. Things are going REALLY WELL.

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Thanks jaleel! You do need to train hard to but all that work without giving your body the fuel it needs, is a shame. People spend hours in the gym and are not concerned whatsoever about how they care for their body outside of it. Glad you're not one of them


Thought I would have been shot today after yesterday's grueling leg workout but I only needed 6 hours of sleep and i'm raring to go


New month, it has now been officially 1 month on this all liquid juice feast and I feel amazing, WOOHOO!


Tuesday, July 1st, DAY THIRTY ONE


Morning Weight: 184lbs (-1lb)

Bodyfat: 9% became stagnant here for a bit.....

-Performed 2 bag enema flush


Today's Intake

-16oz rejuvelac

-25oz organic vegetable juice blend (organic watercress, 1 organic lemon, 1 organic avocado,

2 organic macintosh apples, organic dandelion greens, organic lacinto kale, organic bok choy,

organic swiss chards, organic mint, organic sorrel)

-116 grams spirulina/chlorella blend in 33oz water.

58 grams at 9:45am

58 grams at 2:15pm

-20oz fruit juice blend (1 1/2 cups frozen durian)

-56oz organic fruit juice blend (5 organic bananas, 1 cup frozen wild blueberries, 1 cup frozen

organic raspberries)

-32oz fruit juice blend (1 young thai coconut, 1 organic mango)

-24oz organic fruit juice blend (5 organic apricots)

-I went out for a raw food friends 44th bday (my colonist donna ) to Raw Soul. Used a utensil for the first time in over a month and had a very thin blended soup, much thinner than my vegetable blends

---> 20oz fruit juice blend (organic papaya, organic mango, organic banana)

---> 16oz blended soup (organic spinach, organic young thai coconut flesh, organic garlic,

organic avocado) YUMMMMMMM, love garlic so much!


I may peruse through my raw food prep books and whip up some blended soups, why not? There are not many left on this feast but I wouldn't mind some variety and more garlic in my life

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Picture time! I am not going to unleash all of them as it would be overwhelming but here are today's events. I'll be posting more tomorrow and the day after of other cool stuff.


I went to bathe in some sun and dip in the ocean near my house (about a 12min bicycle ride). Played around with my new toy, a waterproof (up to 11feet) digital camera. Only problem is i don't like to open my eyes underwater as I wear contact lenses so I couldn't get a good focused shot! Other pics are of the boardwalk and the handball courts by the beach where I play


My colonist and very good friend, Donna Perrona turned 44 today and I joined with some old friends and new ones at Raw Soul. Felt kind of cool to use a utensil for the first time iin 30 days as I had a blended soup made of avocado, spinach, coconut and garlic; The soup way alot thinner than my vegetable blends so it isn't like I was not honoring my liquid feast. A nice sensory change from the last 31 days. Also was nice to be in a restaurant environment and at a table conversing. The dude in the back far righ went raw in january and is a young chap. He stopped training but used to lift hard and heavy; has heard of vbbf. I'm def going to recruit him. He has a 300lbs of weights in his house and all sorts of equipment; looking forward to training with another raw food bber! The front left two persons both have done extended juice feast 80+ days and the lady with the tea from dunkin donuts is currently on one as well so it was refreshing to be surrounded by like minded.... A beautiful day from start to finish





Day 4 in the sprouter


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Thursday, July 2nd, DAY THIRTY TWO


Morning Weight: 185lbs (+1)

Bodyfat: 7% (-2%) WOWOWOW I was disheartened when I saw my weigth a lb higher as I want to be in the 170's by mid next week but then I saw this and my eyes BULGED out of their sockets! Guess I had a major drop in bf the last couple of days and it registered today. I'm sure it will level off at 8% for a bit but it felt good to see that number Had to show that scale num off with a larger than normal blog pic


-Performed 2 bag enema flush


Today's Intake

-20oz of rejuvelac

-24oz filtered water (i have a water filter, forgot to mention that I have made an extra special

effort to only consume filtered water, never tap)

- 192 grams spirulina/chlorella blend in 100oz water

58 grams at 10:15am

76 grams at 7:45pm

58 grams at 10:45pm

-16oz fruit juice blend (1 1/2 cups frozen durian)

-48oz blended soup (1 organic avocado, 2 organic garlic cloves, flesh of 1 young thai

coconut). Garlic is opening up a whole new world for me, I craved it after the first week for

some reason so I am simply listening to what my body wants.

-69oz organic vegetable juice blend (1 organic avocado, 1 organic lemon, 2 organic macintosh

apples, organic russian (purple kale), organic cilantro, organic dandelion greens, organic mint,

organic sorrel)


Kept it pretty GREEN today. Took a break from all the heavy fruit consumption. My colonists advice to lessen up on all the fruits and also I want to cut down a little aggresively still. It really isn't easy to bear drinking so much fruit in a day. I enjoy it but it gets to be so much. I may feel emotionally like i'm wanting more but physically, with mostly greens today my body was in a very happy place



Some more pics because they're FUN and make this blog more interesting imo! Words can only say so much...

Unsprouted Quinoa:


Sprouted Quinoa:




Is it not apparent that the sprouted quinoa is a helathier way to consume as well as digest it? It just makes sense to me! For only 12 hrs leaving it alone in soaking water, then drain and rinse and it can keep for 2 weeks in the fridge, you can make a big supply and consume everyday without cooking or cleaning pots and pans and you will digest and absorb it better; what could be better than that???? Seriously it is by and far the easiest and most hassle free thing to sprout that i've ever tried and always with a 100% success rate.


Dehydrated some plums to make prunes for the soaked prunes which will be the first solid thing I consume when I arrive in Portland to stay with jessifly, tashie and robert for the first few days before the cabin trip!!!! Exciting stuff. I went to smell the dehydrator this morning and they did not have a scent, luckily for me, no temptation there




A organic galia melon split open before juice blending it


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Thanks Cubby! I was on the beach today and on my way out I tried to say hellow to three of my friends at the handball courts whom I see regularly at the gym. They weren't talking to me and kept looking away. Then I said HELLO really loud and they figured it out when I said you going to the gym later? They said they didn't recognize me at all and what the heck have I been doing differently and how trim and black (tan) I look. I didn't get into the whole juice feast thing as I was on my way out but it felt good to hear them saw that with shocked faces and all. Funny thing is I saw and said what's up to each and every one of them not even 2 weeks ago


Cubby no worries, I mentioned about the scale. Here's a link where you can read up on it from a place that sells the same model or at least a similar one that may be just a newer version with some more tweaks.


Tanita Floor Scale


As I mentioned it isn't really the most accurate way to assess but it's a good way to get a general idea and if you measure yourself everyday, even if it's off, you can still gauge what's going on and the change in your body. They have more expensive models with hand sensors and all and of course expensive methods like hydrostatic weighing or something like that where they immerse you in water but this is fine and simple enough for me.....


How's that rejuvelac bud? Should be ready by now......

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I accidentally put the wrong lid on my sprouter and with the heat the seeds died off before they could develop the little tail. I am going to soak another batch here soon.


I will check out those scales. I have one that gives your BF at home, but it uses BMI, so it thinks I am obese. I would like one that actually does a measurement. Thanks.

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Yea cubby don't get all technical with a sprouter, you're not trying to grow 'sprouts' just sprout them a little bit. A jar with water will be fine, any old jar


Thursday, July 3rd DAY THIRTY THREE


Morning Weight: 184lbs (-1lb)

Bodyfat: 9% (+2%) Would you make up your damn mind! I've seen this happen in

the past before now that I think about it, such rapid fluctuations when you lose alot all at


-Performed 2 bag enema flush

Today's Intake

-25oz rejuvelac

-32oz organic fruit juice blend (3 organic pears)

I really wanted a vegetable juice blend first thing this morning but the avocados i have are not ripe and i REFUSE to do a bend without the taste and texture of avocado, they taste TERRIBLE without it. I hope to pick some up later....

-116 grams spirulina/chorella blend in 66oz water

58 grams at 10:45am

58 grams at 4:00pm

-24oz fruit juice blend (1 3/4 cups frozen durian)

-36oz fruit juice blend (4 organic bananas, 1 cup frozen organic strawberries, 1/s cup frozen

organic raspberries)

-30oz Red Rose Speedway Blended soup (frozen basil from last years homegrown, organic

lemon, conventional plum tomatoes, organic garlic, young thai coconut water)

-23oz organic fruit juice blend (1/2 cup frozen ogranic raspberries, 1/2 cup frozen organic

strawberries, 1/2 cup frozen wild blueberries)

-16oz organic fruit juice blend (1 organic mango)

-24oz organic fruit juice blend (2 organic bananas)


Bought Yesterday

-3 bags organic oranges

-1 bag organic grapefruits

-1 small box conventional kiwis

-4 conventional avocados

-2 bags frozen organic strawberries

-2 bags frozen organic raspberries

-2 bags frozen wild blueberries


Bought Today

Total cost $56

-1 27lb box; 4 frozen durians

-1 box; 9 young thai coconuts

-falunqua?? no clue what it is, had it once before, some exotic asian fruit...

-14 conventional cucumbers (2 bucks each organic, 7 for 1 buck conventional hmm....)

-15 conventional plum tomatoes (salmonella i know i know but they're so much cheaper also)

-1 conventional pineapple




(yesterday's produce bought)

(a simple homemade blended soup; young thai coconut, organic avocado and organic garlic)


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Got Greens?



Produce Bought today. Anyone know what the heck the name of that exotic fruit is that the asian guy said some perhaps a 'falunqua' <00 word doesn't exist.



Red Rose Speedway blended soup (recipe borrowed from Rawvolution prep book. I omitted a couple of things) Ever since I went out to eat and had that blended soup, I thought it was a goo idea to switch things up.,,,


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Andesuma, did you just LICK my blog!!!! Nice haa... Dragonfruit huh? coooOL I will report on how it tastes, cannot remember it was awhile back. I love dragons!


Zack, so not worth the cost of shipping directly to you unless you are really looking for a fix, you can go that route, they ship them everywhere. I love em man. All year round in chinatown, seasonal in brooklyn asian market. Durians are all year round, hooray for me.



Hey Zack,

Paul Nilson responded to me on myspace and these were his words:

"Hi Giacomo,

Yes the frozen durians are very non organic and irradiated. "

just so you know. I don't plan on discontinuing their consumption though, love em and not paying $14 a lb as opposed to 89cents a lb. We all have our compromises.


Tomato blended soup did not agree with my stomach at all. Maybe it was the fact i had like 6 tomatoes in it all at once and then mangoes berries and bananas right after in smoothies, yea that could do it!


I find myself looking at my signature to see when the feast is up more for excitement purposes and a countdown to vv08 than anything. I actually don't want solid foods anymore, no desire or craving for them really, at all but i bet i will appreciate them once consumed again...


Friday, July 4th DAY THIRTY FOUR


Morning Weight:183lbs (-1lb) it actually flicked between 182 and 183 and registered both on several different weigh ins so it's prob somewhere in the middle....

Bodyfat: 8% (-1lb)

-performed 2 bag enema flush


Today's Intake

-25 oz rejuvelac

-2 1/2 oz of fresh buckwheat grass juice from homegrown sprout. WOW THIS WAS SOOOO


-24ox fruit juice blend (1 1/2 cups frozen durian)

-40oz organic fruit juice blend (3 organic bananas, 1/2 cup frozen organic strawberries, 1/4

cup frozen organic raspberries)

-116 grams spirulina/chlorella blend in 66oz water

58 grams at 12pm

58 grams at 4pm

-35oz vegetable juice blend (organic tri color swiss chards, organic purple kale, organic

dandelion greens, organic sorrel, 1 organic avocado, 1 organic lemon, 2 organic macintosh

apples, organic cilantro)

-45oz fruit juice blend (3 organic bananas, 3 conventional kiwis)

-currently stuffed to the gills, man oh man. At the start of this feast I def could have

consumed more than i allowed myself to but at this point I am finding myself full quicker and

less of a need to overeat. I wonder how that would be if I were trying to bulk...? No reason

to think about that right now.

-ah, wanted some fat. 8oz fruit juice (flesh of 1 young thai coconut, 1/2 organic mango)

-20oz organic fruit juice (1/2 organic mango, 2 conventional kiwis, 1/2 cup frozen wild


-25oz Blended Soup: Green River (Rawvolution recipe) modified: (conventional cucumber,

organic lemon, organic garlic, organic watercress.

-10oz 'red rose speedway' soup blend (recipe below minus yellow onions, olive oil and sea salt;

only fresh fruits and veggies)


Bought Today

Total Cost $30 bucks

-1 bunch organic watercress

-2 bags of organic macintosh apples

-3 organic nectarines

-3 organic peaches (millions of peaches peaches for me! I'm assuming someone from here is

from my generation )

-2 organic mangoes

-6 organic avocados (ripe)


The buckwheat sprouts I grew. Only take 5 days to fully sprout and grow. Not bad huh?




Pic of produce bought today and my veggie blend just made. I FINALLY FOUND RIPE AVOCADOS!! Also the fridge is once again looking stacked. Should last for awhile.


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Saturday, June 5th DAY THIRTY FIVE


Morning Weight: 183lbs (same) was flicking between 182 and 183 again, probably

somewhere in the middle as both numbers registered on separate weigh ins

Bodyfat: 8% (same)


-Performed 2 bag enema flush

Today's Intake

-25oz rejuvelac

-28oz fruit juice blend (1 1/2 cups frozen durian)

-46oz organic fruit juice blend (4 organic bananas, 1/2 cup frozen wild blueberries, 1/8 cup

frozen organic raspberries)

-70oz organic fruit juice blend (6 small organic oranges, 3 large organic oranges)

-116 grams spirulina/chlorella blend in 66oz water

58 grams at 11:45am

58 grams at 3:00pm

-56oz organic vegetable juice blend (organic tri color swiss chards, organic purple kale,

organic dandelion greens, organic sorrel, 1 organic avocado, 1 organic lemon, 2 organic

macintosh apples, organic cilantro)

-22oz organic juice blend (3 organic nectarines)

-32oz organic juice blend (1 young thai coconut, 1 1/4 cups frozen organic strawberries)

-15oz 'red rose speedway' soup blend (recipe below minus yellow onions, olive oil and sea salt;

only fresh fruits and veggies)


Pics of the blended soups made over the last three days (NOTE: I omitted the olive oil, nama shoyu and salt from the recipes. Also I used less garlic and lemon juice than called for as Matt goes completely overboard with these in every one of his recipes to the point where it's unbearable!)



Edited by Lean and Green
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This is so awesome, thank you so much for putting the time and effort into posting all

this stuff! When I start mine in August I will do the same... only minus the photos...

haha, unless they are artsy. haha


Also, just wanted to say:


1 bunch organic watercress

-2 bags of organic macintosh apples

-3 organic nectarines

-3 organic peaches (millions of peaches peaches for me! I'm assuming someone from here is

from my generation )

-2 organic mangoes

-6 organic avocados (ripe)




Nectarines are complete nostalgia for me...my favorite food growing up.


And macintosh apples, ah! a complete godsend.



Again fabulous job!

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Andesuma, thank you for continually checking in to see how i'm doing and for all your kind words of encouragement! It was my pleasure to detail this entire feast with pics and in depth descriptions on a daily basis. It makes this regimen that much more exciting Also, I highly look forward to your blog come August and I hope you do write one and don't worry about the picture taking. I kinda figured out you weren't a big picture person when i looked through vv archives after hearing you lived in Portland yet it was like where's waldo when looking for you. I may have spotted 'half' your face in one and then you vanished never to be seen again.


Tasha, thank you. I love pictures, they make everything so much more fun It was time to stop whining about extra bf and do something about it; something just clicked in my head and I knew what had to be done. Plus the whole idea of doing a major cleanse really appealed to me. I love to test my willpower and feed it more ideas to strengthen my psyche. This was the perfect progression from all my prior fasting rituals and it's very energizing and uplifting. Your support rocks almost as much as you


Okay well today shall be nothing but 'liquid' liquids, ALL JUICES no blends. Tomorrow is a colonic appointment and like the last two, I want the day before to be a light day on intake to have everything flowing as gracefully as possible on day of. There will be one more after this one the week following and then that will be it. Always feels good day before and day of a colonic. Extra weight comes off when I remove blends as well....


Sunday, July 6th DAY THIRTY SIX


Morning Weight: 182lbs (-1lb) flickered between 181 and 182

Bodyfat: 8% (same)


-Performed 2 bag enema flush


Today's Intake

-23oz rejuvelac

-4 oz fresh homegrown buckwheatgrass juice

-23oz organic vegetable JUICE (organic watercress, ALOT of organic celery, sliver of organic

ginger, organic Russian purple kale, organic mint, ALOT of organic tri color swiss chard,

organic sorrel) Ran out of dark green leafys, off to buy some more later...

-40oz organic fruit JUICE (10 organic macintosh apples) To be finished throughout the day.

-more later....

-2oz fresh wheatgrass juice (made for me while I was shopping)

-29oz fresh coconut water from two young thai coconuts

-64oz filtered water

-52oz organic fruit JUICE (7 large organic oranges)

-grapefruits will be my last thing today in a couple of hours. I go big on the grapefruits mainly before a colonic as it helps to get everything moving. I normally do not recommend grapefruits on the regular as they are too much of a diuretic....


Bought Today

Total cost: $36

-2 Organic Mangoes

-4lbs organic quinoa

-1 bunch organic sorrel (locally grown)

-1 bunch organic Russian purple kale

-1 bunch organic cilantro (locally grown)

-1 bunch organic dandelion greens (locally grown)

-1 bunch organic celery

-1 bunch organic red swiss chard

-1 bunch organic bokchoy

-1 bunch organic watercress

Edited by Lean and Green
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wow 5% bf congrats! You'll be 3% soon and this will be pretty low, bit more than most bodybuilding competitors go I think? Way to go man, and our juice fast is ending pretty soon. In the last 2 days I was craving for junk foods, due only to a bad mood, I felt kind of depressed and had low energy for 2 days. Now it's all gone and I almost don't want that juice feast to end.

LoL what kind of glass was that, the very long and tapered one... not a Champagne flute?

Nice pictures, I should update my log soon.

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Hey Guillame, i'm at 8%, you misread the sig. I lost 5%, not at 5% lol. It's all good.


Yea the end is near I almost don't want to go back to solids either; I feel such much better this way but I could always do it again some other time. Perhaps i'll experiment with 'bulking' and gaining weight next time I try a feast. To prove it's possible and if it does actually work, I would imagine, it would be really beneficial. That is actually a favor from my sister's sweet 16 10 years ago that I still have. They had a hershey kiss on a stem to look like a rose inside of it. I like the glass, it's cool


My pics cannot compare to yours and how you capture beauty and yea update it man, I liked to read your blogs!

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