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June is for JuiceFeasting!(46day liquid diet)BROKEN;videoadd

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Tasha thanks girl. That would be cool if you did a juice fast again. How long do you generally go for on juices? Do you do a mixture of blends and juices or strictly juices? I have it somewhat mapped out for the most part of what i'm going to eat in the form of solids. The first thing is soaked prunes, as that is the overwhelming consent of what should be eaten when breaking a fast. After that I will have a couple of pieces of solid fruit mixed in with my blends throughout the day. The next day I will combine solid fruits and vegetables with my blends. The third day off the fast, I will have fruits, vegetables and perhaps some nuts and/or gourmet prepped foods at a nice restaurant with you and whomever else, possibly andesuma, veganpotter, jessifly, robert etc etc whoever would care to join. I heard Blossoming Lotus has some options from Andesuma, sounds good to me.....


Today is my colonic appointment at 11:30am. I did only juices yesterday, no blends and thankfully I only dropped one pound of bodyweight, not two. Good thing, must be signaling that I am around my ideal weight. Water and rejuvelac until my colonic and afterwards one more vegetable juice that i'll bring freshly made in a cooler, followed by an algae blend in water and then a vegetable juice blend.


I buy things sometimes without knowing what they are because they look cool. I thought cassia pods looked cool, so I ordered one awhile back. Saw it again and wondered what they were useful for. Turns out they are a very powerful laxative and used in many senna preparations. To use the pod itself, suck on the disks inside 10-15 of them and then 6 hours later you will have like 15 bowel movements back to back. I was going to do it yesterday to clean myself out before todays appointment but I got back home too late and didn't think it was a good idea to be up all night long on the bowl. This week I will give it a shot for sure sometime....


Monday, July 7th DAY THIRTY SEVEN


Morning Weight: 181lbs (-1lb)

Bodyfat: 8% (same)


-Performed 2 bag enema flush


Today's Intake

-25oz rejuvelac

-20oz water

Post Colonic

-28oz organic vegetable JUICE

-116 grams spirulina/chlorella blend in 66oz water

58 grams at 1:20pm

58 grams at 11:00pm

-28oz organic vegetable juice blend

-50oz PINA COLADA!!! fruit juice blend (3/4

organic vanilla bean, 3 cups pineapple, flesh of 2 young thai coconuts, juice of 1/2 lime),

best thing yet, oh how i love vanilla and that pineapple has been eying me since I bought it

4 days ago. I want another one!!!!!!!!!!! Think i'm going to have an Avocolada though first,

I'll post pics and recipe

-52oz AVOCOLADA!!! fruit juice blend (3 cups

pineapple, 1 organic avocado, 3/4 organic vanilla bean, 14oz coconut water from young thai

coconuts, 3 tablespoons of freshly squeezed organic lime juice) Very interesting taste

indeed, a pleasant change from the norm....

i modified the recipes from Pure Food and Wine

-24oz organic fruit juice blend (3 organic peaches)

-36oz (3 organic bananas, 1 conventional kiwi, 1 cup frozen organic strawberries)

-gotta take those cals in if you wanna keep your muscle no reason

to starve.... yesterday was a very light day.



More pictures. (A cracked open young thai coconut with water inside, produce bought yesterday, a cassia pod, pulp from buckwheatgrass juice, me enjoying a Pina Colada and the contents along with the recipe book that I borrowed inspiration from but modified the ingredients 'Pure Food and Wine', Avocolada )








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Hey Skot, nice to see and hear from you again, been awhile! No reason to fret, just get back at it and do your thing. The concept is more than intriguing my friend, it is LIFE CHANGING. I can honestly say my intake will going forward in the future will never be the same again. It really withdraws you away from the emotional attachment to food and eating in itself to 'nurture' yourself. Digestion/sleep/energy level and so much more; it's just surreal. I'd recommend it to anyone to do it at least once in their life for a period of time.


On another note, I neglected to mention, that I actually craved sleep for two days in a row and slept an extra 1-1/5 hours for 2 days. Felt kind of good. Sometimes the energy is overwhelming and I want to sleep a bit extra but i'm wide awake 5 1/2 hours later. Was glad to have two full days of 7-8 hours of sleep. Then I had two days of relentless gas that came out of nowhere but at least it was expelling and not getting stuck in the body. But I wasn't really eliminating, sort of constipated except for my morning release. I would imagine my cells could possibly be diffusing and getting rid of all the crap inside..? All I know is on my juice only day on sunday, the solid clean matter that came out, obviously backup from the two days before; it was like nothing i've ever seen that left my body. I was in shock. Ok, sorry for all that poop talk


Also, that it seems the more I weight I lose and the further I progress into this feast, the more liquids I need to consume and desire, can anyone figure that one out for me?

I was averaging a little under 2 gallons in the beginning, to a a bit above to 2 1/2 and nowadays I am just about around 3 gallons. DAMN. But I feel fine, not like i'm pushing it. You would think i'd need less but that's not the case.


Another thing EFA's (essential fatty acids) my colonist told me I should consider flax oil for omega 3's as the fats in avocados/coconuts/durian were lacking in this department and that I needed omega 3's to function properly. I guess too little too late at this point being there's only like 8 days left but I suppose it would be an idea for next time? Any such fruit or vegetable with omega 3's? I told her about the 150 grams of algae a day i try to get in but she said it's minimal the amount I get from that. hmmm.... thoughts anyone?

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Another thing EFA's (essential fatty acids) my colonist told me I should consider flax oil for omega 3's as the fats in avocados/coconuts/durian were lacking in this department and that I needed omega 3's to function properly. I guess too little too late at this point being there's only like 8 days left but I suppose it would be an idea for next time? Any such fruit or vegetable with omega 3's? I told her about the 150 grams of algae a day i try to get in but she said it's minimal the amount I get from that. hmmm.... thoughts anyone?


I have flax seeds and almost never touch them because I don't like the taste at all.

If there's no omega-3 or too low in avocado etc perhaps olives and olive oil or other veg. oils?

There's some omega-3 in soy I think but what I recommand you is HEMP! Hemp is like the most perfect whole food on Earth. Instead of having flax seeds that just have fats and doesn't taste so good to me, I prefer having hemp seeds or hemp protein powder, it has a nutty flavour. And there's more than omega-3, there's fibres, carbs and proteins.

Edit: perhaps the only omega-3 that the body assimilates well is from flax... I guess DV is the specialist here and can light us on that.


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I agree... hemp is the way to go with omega consumption.

It has a balanced ratio of Omega's 3 & 6 , for prolonged consumption.

As were flax is only high in Omega 3's... meaning if consumed for a prolonged

period of time, it throws your body out of balance.


The book "Fats that Heal, and Fats that Kill", is the best read that describes

a lot of this in detail.. highly recommended reading!


So, my suggestion would be.. to take cold-pressed Hemp Oil, and put

1-2 tbs. in some fresh juice.. (I remember Angela Stokes loved it in OJ..)

and drink your Omegas

That is probably what I will do for mine.





Also, your last post! My favorite thus far!! (picture wise..hah) Great work.


Also.. I have been curious... what are your thoughts on food combining??

I typically have to stick very rigidly too it..or my body gets out of wack..

I'm a typical mono mealer. I can rarely deviate from it.. like, one of my

favorite fruit salads is:




and mango


sliced up and mixed together. I LOVE it, it's total comfort food. But it messes me up!!




Anyhow, just curious.

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one word: AMAZING!!


I have just now taken the time to read this thread and I am so amazed!!!! Gorgeous photos!!! sooooo inspirational!! Thanks for all your hard work to keep such a detailed account of this amazing journey!


(yes, I know I just used the word amazing like 12 times)


keep up the good work, I look forward to continued reading, now that I'm all caught up!

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and mango



andesuma- I am new to the whole raw food movement, so I don't understand most of what your post says ... but this combination of food you have described caught my eye because I have studied Macrobiotics and this combination would be considered REALLY yin....... so I was just wondering if by "messes you up"--- do you mean that it makes you feel tired and kind of "expanded"?? just curious


also, you said that you have studied the whole Mayan calendar thing... now, my husband is Mexican and is all into the whole 2012 is the end of the world thing but my theory is that the mayans just got sick of writing the dang calendar and decided to end it in 2012 OR maybe they were just trying to fuck with us?? like a huge joke on the future??!...... any chance that is the case?? I thought I would ask someone who actually knows something about the subject so my husband and I can put our little argument to rest thanks!

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Offtopic: Mayan calendar does NOT end in 2012, it will just be the end of the 13th b'ak'tun. No big deal.


That is just another hoax to get people scared and when they are scared, they buy books & other stuff and someone will make millions. If the mayans were so smart that they could predict the end of the world, why did they got their ass kicked back in the days?


On topic: You go L&G!!!

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I have been watching this for quite some time, and am truely impressed! I wish I could do a juicefeast, but sadly it's not in the budget right now.


also, you said that you have studied the whole Mayan calendar thing... now, my husband is Mexican and is all into the whole 2012 is the end of the world thing but my theory is that the mayans just got sick of writing the dang calendar and decided to end it in 2012 OR maybe they were just trying to fuck with us?? like a huge joke on the future??!...... any chance that is the case?? I thought I would ask someone who actually knows something about the subject so my husband and I can put our little argument to rest thanks!


veganmama, I know you weren't responding to me, but your post caught my attention. My husband and I have been researching so much, and the whole 2012 thing came up while we've been researching. My husband and I find it unique and amazing that many cultures mention something similar. From our research so far, we have reason to believe that in 2012 the world will renew itself (many sources are saying that as the world renews itself, causing a pole shift from Nibiru [Planet X], that 2/3 of the population will die out). If you wanna know more about what we found on it, feel free to message me, though. I don't mind explaining more about what we found out.

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There is no such thing as Nibiru (or at least peer reviewed science with multi billion dollar satellites & other stuff hasn't found it) nor other imaginary planets or moons like Lilith ect.. Let's keep ufology & consipiracy theories in other subjects, ok? I don't mind them being discussed at the forum since they are fun but it might easily distract the discussion in this topic.


Asteroid called 433 Eros will be 17 million miles (which is close) away from the Earth in 2012.

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andesuma- I am new to the whole raw food movement, so I don't understand most of what your post says ... but this combination of food you have described caught my eye because I have studied Macrobiotics and this combination would be considered REALLY yin....... so I was just wondering if by "messes you up"--- do you mean that it makes you feel tired and kind of "expanded"?? just curious


also, you said that you have studied the whole Mayan calendar thing... now, my husband is Mexican and is all into the whole 2012 is the end of the world thing but my theory is that the mayans just got sick of writing the dang calendar and decided to end it in 2012 OR maybe they were just trying to fuck with us?? like a huge joke on the future??!...... any chance that is the case?? I thought I would ask someone who actually knows something about the subject so my husband and I can put our little argument to rest thanks!


Warning: this is going to be a long one.. hah




Ah, yes... all fruit is very Yin from my understanding of Macrobiotics.

I did a vegan/raw food-ish version of the Macrobiotic diet for about a year or two

before I got more into raw foods. So, I too have researched it plenty and have

a variety of books on the subject.

I also fully agree with Chinese philosophy and dietary principles

(to the extent that my body allows..), my acupuncturist and I always have

nice little discussions about "why I'm still eating raw...?" in the Winter time

because of this

But that is the balancing factor I have with raw foods.. trying to find a

Yin/Yang balance (because I KNOW it matters)... that is why GREENS are such

a perfect food. They are neutral. They are balance.



Anyhow... needless to say I have gotten a couple of Yang deficiencies

in the Winter times because of my excessive Yin consumption.

Still trying to find balance with that.. since I don't do spices often.

Again, my body does not like them.



But, what I mean by that fruit salad 'messing me up' is... it's improper food combining.

Food combining deals with enzymes within the human body, and the

notion that particular enzymes are needed to digest particular foods.

Like say, the enzyme secreted to digest pineapple would be different and "clash"

with the enzyme secreted to digest an apple. So they should not be

eaten in the same meal.


Studying food combining can be VERY overwhelming and confusing at first.

But I notice when I properly combine my foods.. (meaning fruit with fruit,

veggies alone or with greens, nuts with greens or alone) I feel like a different person.

I can't describe in much more detailed than that... you'll have to look into

food combining a bit more to understand it.

Here are some links:






I'll give you a break down of why that fruit salad doesn't make any

sense when it comes to proper food combining:


Bananas: are a sweet fruit, and should be eaten with other sweet fruits.

Avocados: are well... a fatty fruit. And typically, for my body, should be eaten alone,

or with greens(which go with everything)

Mangoes: are an acidic fruit, and should be eaten with other acidic fruits

like strawberries or pineapple.


So, the combination of this.. yes, makes me feel tired, but also leaves me bloated.




Onto to 2012...





Wow, I could write a novel about what I know about this and what I feel(intuitively)

will occur. However I do not think it will be involving UFO's, or.. the "end of the world".

The end of any world could be a very metaphorical statement, so

I wouldn't always take that at face value.


It can have many many meanings.

(Just as the Bible can have many interpretations...)


I work closely with a Shaman, and do a lot of spiritual development; so I have

a lot of what I would call... understanding when it comes to 2012,

and where our society is headed as a whole.

I believe things will, as they are, become much more polarized.

In the end though... it always comes down to 'survival of the fittest'.

Which is why the raw food movement is taking off in an ever increasing fashion,

and will only be gaining momentum.



Our point is to raise the vibrations of this planet(yes, literally).

Our point is to spiritually evolve.



If you study tachyon energy at all.. it explains a lot of this, a lot of

the power and potential that lies within the human being.

Our realization is what is coming in 2012.

The deconstruction of the Human Ego(Ego in the sense of shallowness,

Ego in the sense of surface beliefs, Ego in the sense of holding yourself back

from accomplishing everything you've ever dreamt of doing..)

I believe it is when we, as human beings, will begin to push thru the barrier...

The barrier of the self, to realize that we are all one.

(Like the understanding that we need love & community to foster growth & change,

not money.)




In short, that is my feeling for 2012.

(We are at the breaking point of working against Mother Nature...

that she is & will be showing us, that we have to work with her, or not at all.)



Also, studying the differences between The Age of Pisces, and The Age of Aquarius...

will help you understand this development within humanity as well.






ok... that's all for now. Hope I articulated that correctly?

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Long Post, at least theres 2 pics at the end I'll probably add more as the days go on. Scroll back to last thread for cool pics and descriptions of and avocolada and pina colada


I'm Your Man, Cubby, Andesuma.... thanks for all the suggestions! I agree with hemp being a good balanced 3-6 ratio of fats and flax being primarily 3's. Flax would actually be a good thing to incorporate into my intake as my diet is primarily 6's it seems and that wold balance out the ratio. The thing is was really interested in, was if it's possible to get adequate omega 3 intake from just fruits and vegetable though? That's what I was wondering.... How do fruitarians get their 3's in, for example? I know that even the strict juice feasts with no blends whatsoever, incorporate oils, namely flax to balance ratios, into their regimen but i'm wondering, is there a way to just use fresh produce? It just seems cool to me to have all fruits and veggies as opposed to oils. From a health standpoint, I definitely see no reason why oils would hamper the results of a juice feast, only increase it...


I got picture happy with all of my new creations Andesuma! How amazing is the color schematic of electric pineapple and neon avocado glowing off a glass? It looks so intriguing and appetizing. MMMMMMmmmmmmMMmmMMM. My thoughts on food combining is that it is highly interesting and seems to be the way to go. My gripe is that it can be a bit challenging to adhere to strictly and like you I just like to simplify and have my favorite raw things together. Admittedly though, I never really learned the ins and outs of food combining. I dismissed it when first hearing about it as it just seemed like no matter how involved I got with a healthy lifestyle there was always another extreme being touted as that much more effective and essential in practice. BUT I have grown since then and learned I should at the very least learn about it and attempt to try in practice. One thing I know off the bat is fruits and nuts, when separated, do feel alot better. Thank you for your links as I most certainly will look into them for both the fatty acids as well as the food combining. I am very interested! btw hemp oil and oj sounds very yummy; I remember hearing of that as well. Also I spoke to my colonist about chakra 17 in Portland, she said Wendy Jones is awesome and knows her stuff. Is that who you were referring to? There was something else I wanted to say to you but I forgot, i'll post again if I can recall....


Veganmamma, Tuc, TigreBella and everyone else from the last post, thank you for checking up on me and helping me truck right through this regimen like it was second nature to me! It feels good in itself but that much better to have others around you whom agree and support you throughout. Of course , if and when anyone else decides this is right for them and wants to attempt something similar, I will be right there waiting for youuuuuu SING IT!

just change here to there and don't think of it as a love song..... dunno it just came to mind.


Despite gorging somewhat the remainder of the day after the colonic to refuel as sunday was a light day and I did way more cardio than I wanted to this weekend, I still lost 2 lbs overnight. Honestly, it was probably from all the 'Sludge' that cam vigorously flying out of me during yesterday's session. I am going to strongly attempt to lay off ALL cardio, as advised by VeggiePrincess. I will be cycling in Portland every morning but hopefully I will be consumin alot more so I don't shed. After that, NO MORE CARDIO which is a downer as I love running around but I need to build a little more before my final cut in september.


Yesterday's session knocked the crap out of me in more ways than one. When I got home, I consumed more of my meals and within 2 hrs, I conked out and HARD. I was out for the count for a couple of hours. Woke up and then had my 2 hour training session with the weights. Admittedly though, I had trouble sleeping the night before; most likely from the 6 grapefruit juice blend i had close to bedtime, needed to get up to relieve myself 2-3 times.


Tuesday, July 8th DAY THIRTY EIGHT


Morning Weight: 179lbs (-2lbs) At the home stretch. I am definitely at my maintenance

point. Not even sure if I want to lost that much more but it's all good. I'm in the 170's! I

set 175 as an estimate but I may stop before that as i'm pretty lean as is. 175-180lb range

maintenance level for the next 8 days....

Bodyfat: 8% (same)


-Performed 2 bag enema flush


Today's Intake

-No morning consumption; b12/efa/bloodwork test at internist to see where the body is at

11:30. Consumption IMMEDIATELY after

-32oz water

-60oz organic vegetable juice blend(1 organic avocado, 1 organic lemon, 2 organic macintosh

apples, organic red swiss chard, organic watercress, organic locally grown cilantro, organic

Russian purple kale, organic bok choy, organic locally grown dandelion greens, organic locally

grown sorrel)

-116grams spirulina/chlorella blend in 66oz water

58 grams at 12:30pm

58 grams at 4:10pm

-8oz fruit juice blend (1 conventional dragonfruit, YUMMY)

-Blue Sunset! 46oz fruit juice blend(1 organic

banana, 3/4 organic vanilla bean, 1 organic mango, 2 cups conventional pineapple, 1 cup

frozen wild blueberries) see pics for presentation on page 12.

-48oz fruit juice blend(flesh of 1 young thai coconut, 1 cup frozen organic raspberries, 1 cup

frozen organic strawberries, 3 organic bananas)

-24oz fruit juice blend (2 cups frozen durian)

-40oz fruit juice blend (2 organic bananas, 1 conventional kiwi, 1 cup frozen organic

raspberries, 1/8 cup frozen organic strawberries)


Bought Yesterday

Cost: $6.00

-2 Organic Mature Coconuts (hard shelled ones)


(Bought a mesh cooler instead of the plastic brick. I introduce 'Miss Dani' as a tribute to 'thendanisays' the tank after seeing it, looked like a much better option.... The two mature organic coconuts)


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Hey, I haven't talked to you in awhile, but I have been popping into your journal. Wow! 8%, that is so awesome!


email me the link again for the Long Beach company... I got your email forward that one time but it doesen't have the company name/info, or maybe I need to reread it.

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ok... that's all for now. Hope I articulated that correctly?



that is all very understandable and well articulated.... you and L&G have definitely peaked my interest in the raw food thing. Sorry for taking this tread off topic for a moment.... I didn't mean to distract from the liquid awesomeness that is going down




p.s. andesuma, does the whole 'indigo children' thing have anything to do with all of that stuff?? (you can pm me if you want so as not to disturb the other peeps)

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p.s. andesuma, does the whole 'indigo children' thing have anything to do with all of that stuff?? (you can pm me if you want so as not to disturb the other peeps)





I think the indigo children is also deeply connected to our society overprescribing




especially when it comes to Bipolar/Manic Depressive diagnosis, and just poisoning

someone who is purely submerged in a toxic environment.


Hence the polarities. I really hope everyone is able to understand you can heal

yourself from anything... you can heal yourself from anything.

(my body has proven to me and shown me time and time again, this is possible)


However I do believe emotion heals someone quicker than anything else.



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Hey VeggiePrincess, thanks for stopping by to say hello and for the kudos on 8%. I want is to drop a bit more but i'm happy here, even if it remains at 8% for the remainder of this. I don't want to be above 8% even when I bulk as I am going to drop down to 3-4% in october for the comp. I have been meaning to give you a call, I will try sometime later, perhaps and get that info to you pronto. It's going to be awesome once everything comes to fruition.


Veganmamma, I have peaked your interest in raw foods..... OH my gosh, that is music to my ears girl! I encourage you to explore and add more unprocessed fresh produce into your diet. There's so many things out there you can do with raw foods if you're ambitious enough and the way you feel, well, you'll find that out for yourself if you venture down a path with more raw foods. No worries on the hijacking, we all do it, I have interest in the Mayan Calendar anyways since it is so specific on my birthdate in 2012....



Oh my my my today was a fun day in the world of juice feasting for moi! After my shpeal for the doc's visit i'll explain and the pics are below if you want to skip this info but it might be of interest to you.


Ok, so I went to a local internist, just a regular run of the mill doctor so he could run some tests on me through bloodwork and what have you to get my b12 tested and a fatty acid test. I am going back to request a heavy metal toxicity test as well as a parasite and candida test to see what's up. Hopefully he will provide me with assistance and not look at me like i'm crazy!


He asked why the b12 and I said because i'm vegan and he looked puzzled and said what? I said i don't consume meat/dairy or any animal products. His exact words were 'who told you to do that!?' lol at that point i knew it was worthless to get into it and simply said I just feel good this way so I do it.


It's better than my last internist who asked me how i could survive without my pasta/meatballs/veal and pork in the sunday sauce so i'm not complaining!!!! I was surprised at this guy though as he is indian, born there yet he had no clue what the word vegan meant.

He said my blood pressure and heart are slow but if i'm a very athletic person then that's why and it's ok.


blood pressure 90/60

resting pulse 56


these figures are alot lower than they were for me last year. Just goes to show how beneficial being fit is. Less bpm = more beats saved for longevity

i used to average around 120/80 and a pulse of 70 so i must be alot healthier right now and doing something right!


I spoke to Tasha and she said that when she's training vigorously for a triathalon, her resting pulse rate is in the low 40's so, I feel better after the doctor shook me up on this a bit.


The tests I want are as follows:


*b12 levels as well as functional (mma) i.e. is it being utilized

*Essential and Metabolic Fatty Acid Test: 24 fats and 17 ratios and readouts of omega 3,6,9

and saturated fats test

*Candida and Parasite stool test. (Immunodiffusion and ELISA --> enzyme-linked


*Heavy Metal Toxicity tests for Cadmium, Arsenic, Lead and Mercury


He will get the b12 for sure for me, we'll see if he can assist with the rest. He already drew blood from me and i'll get other regular figures as well like wbc rbc cholesterol etc etc...




Inspired by the talented andesuma and I'm Your Man and their picture taking skills, I tried to get a bit creative with deco and cups and stuff. That Blue Sunset is the most gourgeous think i've ever served (pour over a backwards spoon to prevent separation when adding layers...)


(dragon fruit and the blend made with blueberry deco, of course i didn't chew them, just thought it looked nice! The preparation and display of the magnificent Blue Sunset; recipe taken from 'Pure Food and Wine' prep book, minus many ingredients, only used the fresh fruits and vanilla bean listed....) WHAT A YUMMMMMMMY DAY TO BE A JUICE FEASTER! Who says we can't enjoy ourselves to the fullest in a gourmet sorta way







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Hey all, just read Matt Monarch's 'Raw Food World' newsletter I get via email and I found this portion of it to be relevant for my blog. As quoted....


"There are hundreds of people who are not 100% Raw and decide to juice fast for 3 - 5 months at a time. When you do something like that, you do so much cleansing that it is like fast-forwarding the process. If I would have done a massive juice fast like this when I first went 100% Raw, there is no way that I could have then gotten away for 4-5 years afterwards eating a few avocados at a time without digestive discomfort. Going 100% Raw is like going on a 'fast' in itself, because you are eliminating all foods except for the most water rich foods out there, which also happen to be the LEAST damaging to the body. Most of the time, my recommendation to younger people who want to embark on a long-term juice fast is to just do a 100% Raw Food Diet 'Fast' to begin with.


Don't get me wrong; juice fasting can be EXTREMELY beneficial. For example, I have a friend who has psoriatic arthritis. He has been taking cancer drugs for years now to calm the "symptoms" down. Every time his body tries to rid itself of all the drugs and disease, it is interpreted as him 'getting sick with the flu' and the doctors raise the dosage of drugs to suppress it once again. If he wanted to take the 'lightning speed trip' to recovery, a SUPERVISED juice fast with internal cleansing may be extremely beneficial for him. Many younger people seem to just be intrigued with the 'status' of doing a long-term juice fast and they don't often really understand what they are getting themselves into. If you understand and are prepared, then more power to you... "


So basically in a nutshell, embark on a journey like this and know that on your way back to normal dietary habits, you will feel discomfort and it will take a bit getting used to. Honestly, this is so life changing that if you venture down this path and participate, you will want to continue on a cleaner path of intake anyway. It wont hurt you, will just change the internal chemistry alot; you can always go back but you need to transition back slowly. I will be sure to post my transition back to solids for a better understanding....


Matt Monarch is awesome and I loved his book 'Raw Spirit'. If you wish to be on his email list, you can simply email him and request to be added =)


[email protected]


you get discounts on select raw foods as well each newsletter; sometimes the specials are really worth it.

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Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant!!



Thank you so much for this, I am SO starting one in August.


Seriously, as long as I have the variety of produce, enemas & a few colonics

(from Chakra 17 and yes, Wendy is amazing), my blender.

I should be fine. I'll probably do a lot of blended foods too..and maybe one or two

juices a day as well.




This is so inspirational.. seriously.. it's VERY easy to fall into a habit of

gourmet raw foods, especially when you live in a city where there is tons of

ways to eat heavy. And some raw foods are even more heavy and toxic than cooked!

But this is totally fabulous and I am excited to start mine, we'll discuss more in person

for sure!



I know exactly where I want to take you to break the goodness... Proper Eats!

I know everyone will want to go to Blossoming Lotus.. but, there is a salad at

Proper Eats I think will be gentle enough for your system...



Great job, and delicious photos!

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Awesome, I cannot wait to hear of all the exciting things you consume and what happens when you begin a feast in august! Very true, myself included, living in a city where gourmet/abundant heavy raw foods are everywhere, something like this knocks you right back to where you want to be, amen!


I am excited for the meeting of the minds as well and a salad from Proper Eats sounds A OK to me! I'm not looking or craving to dive into any crazy intricately designed gourmet raw food meals right away anyhow. Granted they will be enjoyed but no reason to rush it. I don't even want a salad the first day of breaking it, perhaps on day two and not nuts or seeds or gourmet until day 3. Blossoming Lotus, we will enjoy, i'm sure but not until a couple of days into it. How else will I savor and enjoy the soaked prunes I break the feast with



Morning Weight: 178lbs (-1lb) Wow , very surprised. I thought I consumed

alot yesterday and I layed off cardio but I guess the cardio from last week coupled with a

massive colonic release on friday, steamrolled into a further progression of weight loss. I

AM CHANGING MY SIG TO GOAL REACHED. I wanted to be in the 175-180 range and I have

achieved that and it is highly unlikely I will go above this range. As long as I maintain this

range, i'll be happy. August is a different story...

Bodyfat: 8% I'd like this figure to drop by another % by next tuesday. We'll see what

happens. For now i'm fine here.


So I will continue my consumption habit as of recently. Not slightly undereating to lose anymore and not eating enough to truly fuel lbm growth and maintenance. Somewhere in the middle. I know before I go to bed that I could have consumed more but I discipline myself to not have done that. In the same sense I know that i'm satiated enough. If I get to around 176lbs, which is likely, then I will most def up the intake drastically to make sure I do not dip below 175lbs. It just might happen, take it day by day.....


As mentioned above, I changed my 'goals'. I want to maintain no less than 7% bf while I try to put a little muscle on before the final cut down in september and I think 7% is a good resting point. I am not trying to make this a race to 175lbs and it was getting to become one mentally for me. I don't want that to screw me up. I stated from day one that I simply wanted to be within 175-180lbs and at 178lbs I am pretty much set in that range; I wont gain more than 2lbs back right away. Weight loss is addictive and I could easily see myself going too overboard and forgetting that i'm a bodybuilder not a stick figure. I've done it before and i'm not going that route again. I'm going by looks here and I am most certainly lean enough to stop with rapid and all weight loss for at least another week. I'm pretty much certain that i'll take off another 2-3lbs though within the next 7 days in an attempt to shed last lb of bf and with all the heavy cleansing that's been going on.


Without fail 36 hours after a colonic session, as with the othr 2, I have the most vile, unholy of all smell in nasty gaseous matter that have been uprooted looking for an exit. It is so bad, like nothing that has ever come out of me. Thankfully it only lasts for 16hours or so and then disappears. I couldn't bear that on a daily basis. BYE BYE TOXIC GASEOUS MATTER!!!!!


Today's Intake kickin it up a notch back to the higher intakke days.

-15oz rejuvelac

-Another Blue Sunset 31oz fruit juice blend (1 organic banana, 1 organic mango, 2 cups

conventional pineapple, 1/2 organic vanilla bean)

-231grams spirulina/chlorella blend in 99oz water (was slackin last 2 weeks)

77 grams at 12:30pm

77 grams at 4:30pm

77 grams at 11:00pm

-60oz organic vegetable juice blend (organic watercress, organic avocado, organic macintosh

apples, organic Russian purple kale, organic red swiss chard, organic sorrel, organic dandelion

greens, organic bok choy)

-sucked on 10 Cassia Pod disks at 12pm, by 6pm it should be 4th of July all over again,

nervous and curious at the same time. You don't swallow the plastic like disks only suck the

resin off them. (laxative like effect)

-32oz fruit juice blend (3 cups frozen durian)

-70oz organic fruit juice blend (1 organic honeydew melon)

-A huge Avocolada 70oz fruit juice blend (1 conventional pineapple, 2 organic avocados, 1

freshly squeezed organic lime)


Bought Today

-2 conventional pineapples

-4 organic avocados

-2 bags frozen organic strawberries

-2 bags frozen organic raspberries

-2 bags frozen wild blueberries

-1 small box organic peaces

-1 small box organic nectarines

-1 small box organic kiwis

-1 small box organic apricots

-13 organic bananas

-2 small boxes kumquats


NOTE: I will freeze whatever is not used. Trader Joe's had so much organic fresh fruit this time around, I had to capitalize. They usually only have a couple of things.

Edited by Lean and Green
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i love the cooler! hehe. how has it been working out for you so far? i love mine...even if it is purple.


congradulations on reaching your target weight range. its just so impressive. i was actually talking with my buddy about you at dinner last night (he took me out to sushi and OF COURSE they didn't have brown rice....sigh, so i was feeling guilty about eating white) and i tried to explain to him about your juice feast and your dedication and dicipline and whatnot. it really really is amazing. i don't think you quite realize how many people's ears you've opened up to a raw diet AND juice feasts/fasts. single-handedly at that! they say live by example and if that's not what you're doing then i don't know what is. you've definately made me think that it is about time to kick my diet up a notch and give these protein isolates the boot and try something cleaner.


but not til after vv08...i mean c'mon now! .....but seriously, after that, i'll probably be blowing up your phone asking for advice.



amazing progress, just amazing. keep it up. you're setting the example for the rest of us

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Wow, awesome job sticking with it! Looking back, would you say you had an overall easy time or difficult time not falling to temptations of cooked foods (or solid foods)?


A question... how is drinking blended fruits different from chewing them? I can see how drinking juice would be different - you're not getting any of the fiber. But when you chew up a mango or a banana, isn't it the same as if you blended it and drank it (except maybe for the amount of work you saliva does to start the digestion - and the amount of work your jaw muscles get)? Isn't what ends up in your stomach the same either way?


From what I know (which is some, but not tons), I would think you would have had the same results (fat-loss, elimination benefits, etc.) if you had chewed most of your meals as opposed to drinking them all. If I'm wrong, do you have any links to articles or anything? I'd love to learn more about it.



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I'll answer just a bit, and later L&G can answer it too.

To blend fruits in a blender, it's work that the stomach won't have to do later, with fruit juices or veggie juices, there's almost no digestion work needed (especially with proper food combining) so it saves energy, calories, so the body can be free to walk or work out at 100% efficiency, instead of 50% digesting, 50% working out. Digestion takes a lot of the blood to the digestive muscles, so there's less for the muscles lifting weights. Eating solid foods by chewing really really well could do the samething than drinking, but it would take too much time to eat enough fruits and veggies that way. Also, it would be hard to stay on detox mode that way, psychologically speaking, because as soon as you would chew your first solid mouthful, you would fall in the normal eating pattern in no time, chewing less and faster and then have normal meals.

Real juice are better for detox, but it may be interesting to have some blends too, because fibres add some good things to the digestive system and prevents it from being completely out of work. And juices mean removing the skin of some fruits and veggies where lots of vitamins are concentrated, so it's a bit of a waste.

Personally on my liquid diet, I do both, but a bit more blends than juices since I don't have a juicer, and I'm too lazy to always press the fibres in a nut bag.

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Dani! Thank you so much. I couldn't have read a more pleasing post. I do not push my influences on others ever but hearing that others are open to more raw foods/fast/feasts/cleansing as a result of reading this is truly a beautiful thing. The cooler is grey and blue, well mine is at least Don't forget where you came from. A cleanse is good and all but protein powders are very beneficial so don't necessarily ruel them out. I took my algae in the whole time except for 4 days, before colonics. Hemp Protein powder, even if I had some available, I would have not included it but if I had some on me, I would be consuming it upon breaking the feast. I'm actually learning of other raw sources of protein which I will look more into and discuss with VP and post in the raw section at a later date; hoping to get my hands on some before I do the radio talk show in a few weeks...


Greg, thanks for the support pal! One can never have or give enough as it keeps us all going. You know, logically, your theory was the similar to mine. Thanms for this feedback. Calorically, it would make sense right? I have no links nor did I attribute my doings to anything more than a hunch on the weight loss idea. What I have to speak from is experience. I am consuming anywhere from 2X to 3X ('calorie' wise) than I normally would before this weight drop and the lbs just melted off LITERALLY. So there has to be something to it. the cleansing effect, the break on digestion, the way matter moves easier through your body. I hear you with the chewing throughly idea man but think about it, can you really liquify all that fruit in your mouth with 300 chews per piece of fruit? You'd lose weight from not being able to consume enough more so than the liquifying process? I'm new to this whole concept so i'm going by what has transpired over the past 39 days and these are the results and this is what i've been doing. I definitely do feel liquid going straight down is easier to digest than vigorously chewed solid fruits and what about your vegetables my brotha? there is no way you are going to liquify a fibrous vegetable in your mouth. Blended vegetables surely play a major role and the amount you are able to take in..... of course the juices are awesome as well without the fiber. I modified the theory, it is in practice a juice not blend feast but i don't think i could have mainted my physique as easily and it would have been major work to do so. This was a breeze.


As for the temptation theory, it's the furthest thing from it. Of course no desire for cooked as i've been raw for 2 years and so that was taken care of back then but for solids, nahh. It's actually going to be a struggle just to go back to solids as I enjoy juices/blends so much more now.


just saw simultaneous post from I'm Your Man, EXCELLENT points i didn't think of as well, read above

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