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June is for JuiceFeasting!(46day liquid diet)BROKEN;videoadd

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Dear Lean and Green,


Dry fasting is very hard on the body. I would be very careful about that. It can lead to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. One's body should be already thoroughly cleansed over a long period of time before attempting such an endeavor.


It is better for the people to fast with raw organic vegetable and fruit juices, pure water, wheatgrass juice and spirulina and chlorella. That will be difficult enough for them and yet benefit them greatly.


They should also use all appropriate detoxification methods to speed their recovery. Some of these methods I have already mentioned at my other posts.


Hope you had a good time at the beach. Boy, with that coconut oil, the sun can burn you really fast.


Love, Richard

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Two days left. Can't believe it's over. Felt like it would go for so long but time just flew by! I will actually be eating solids on the 46th day so I guess you could say it was 45days on liquids; all the same. It's not a count; it's an experience. Last colonic today. Excited and going to talk to Donna about the appearance on her internet radio show. Here's a link to all of her past shows:


http://tribecaradio.net/wpradioblog/podcasts/vitality/Vitality with Donna&Mike


I will be talking live on July 22nd, via phone conference from the lovely Portland, Og at VV!


Greg, that's hysterical!!!!!! I didn't even make that correlation. It does kinda look like the ocean water except my green drink is pure and nyc water have who knows what in them! Thanks for checking up and saying hello and for a good laugh.


Her Richard. Cool to hear from you as always. I have ben trying to keep it to just fruits and vegetables and the juices and blends from them. It just feels good that way. But all your suggestions are awesome and I will definitely look to do some of them. I've made sprouted milks before; they're tasty. As for the 'stinky sock water' reference.... I never made that analogy of the rejuvelac. I happen to have always loved the taste from day one and it comes out just right every time. I know how to make a good batch; it's the easiest thing in the world. I called it stinky sock water because when I was looking into it on the internet when I first came across the recipe, many people referred to it as that joking around as it does have a strong smell and the water is discolored and has a unique taste. Oh and it's 'Maca Root'. I have some Red Maca powder and Maca bits for putting into desert batters for texture, good stuff. I know discussed with you already but kust for everyone else to read, I did in fact say to NOT try dry fastng unless you want to wind up in the hospital as it is too intense and not the safest thing in the world to do even if you are really clean. It is something to be supervised with on a more advanced level. I'm not exploring that option anytime soon for a looooong time. Not in my agenda. I did get all of your emails my friend but I cannot read them as I do not have the time to sit down and focus. I need to get ready and packing but when I do get the appropriate attention and focus to devote to them, I will read through them all. Thank you for caring and for all of your input and everything that you do....


Dani comes to share some juices/blends today and i'm making her some raw zucchini pesto pasta too, YAY! Then off to vv...


Monday, July 14th DAY FORTY FOUR (2 days left!)


Morning Weight: 177lbs (-3lbs) DAMN THESE FLUCTUATIONS (last 4 days) ARE CRAAAAAAZY!!! Must be the increase in liquids and the body attempting to adjust. I may wind up dropping below 175lbs it seems....

Bodyfat: 8% (-1%)


-Performed 2 bag enema flush


Today's Intake

Nothing but water until about 1pm; when the colonic is done.

-Didn't consume any liquids until after colonic

-Post Colonic

-30oz vegetable JUICE (conventional cucumbers, 1 bunch fresh mint,

-28oz organic vegetable juice blend (the usual suspects )

-154grams spirulina/chloerlla blend in 66oz water

77grams at 2:30pm

77grams at 8:45pm

-46oz fruit juice blend (4 cups frozen durian)

-32oz organic fruit juice blend (11 organic apricots)

-30oz fruit juice blend (young thai coconut, organic kiwis, frozen organic strawberries, frozen

wild blueberries)

-Blue Sunset organic fruit juice blend 36oz (organic mango, organic pineapple, organic banana,

frozen wild blueberries, organic vanilla bean)

-Pina Colada 48oz fruit juice blend (1 young thai coconut, 1/2 organic pineapple, 1/2 organic

vanilla bean)

-28oz organic fruit juice blend (4 organic bananas)

-8oz organic fruit juice blend (4 organic peaches)

-12oz young thai coconut water



Produce Bought Yesterday

Total Cost $14.00

-2 Young Thai coconuts

-1 organic mango

-1 bunch organic purple kale

-1 bunch organic dandelion greens

-Some really cool tiny tiny organic melon

-6 small organic bananas


Produce Accumulated

-2 bunches of leftover fresh mint from work

-6 conventional granny smith apples from a race


Annnnnnd some more last minute pics to enjoy!


(By the beach with some fresh organic orange JUICE, no pulp..; last of the bought produce, What in the world is that thing I found on the beach???? Some piece of a sea creature or a warped shell or something NO CLUE?!?!?? Granny Smith fruit JUICE, with pulp strain.....)





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I think you should make an excel graph of your bf % and weight. That way it's easy to see where you lost weight fastest and how it correlated with lowering bf %.


I can also do it for you and upload a pic of the graph if you don't have excel.


Anyway, this is one of the coolest ways getting in shape ever and I'm really looking forward to see full body pics!

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Hey Macavocadapple Lean and Green,


You are focused. Stay in touch! Thanks so much for all the fine contributions you have made here. It's such a good thing to help other people with the experience we have garnered.


You know, I think everyone at this Forum should know about Scio Quantum Biofeedback - http://www.quantumwellness.ca/about_quantum_biofeedback.html.


The bodyfat measures that you all talk about are antiquated and matter-bound. The Scio can accurately read your electromagnetic field and guide you into appropriate modifications and improvements. You can get a picture of your aura. That is much more enlightening than bodyfat measurements.


I hope all the people are doing the heavy metal cleanses that we have talked about here. They really need that.


Take care and stay in touch.


Love, Richard


P.S. Could one of you smart guys please explain to me how to use the "image" button to insert a picture? While I have developed websites, this process I don't understand.

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Hi people,


I want to share my "Protocol for Systemic Healing" with you. It's a good place to start and will put you on the right road to inner cleansing, body ecology and proper nutrition. Lots of fine information based on research and personal experience.


Just contact me by email at [email protected] and I will forward it to you. It's too unweildy to publish here.


"Lean and Green" and "I'm Your Man" are already quite advanced so it might not be particularly valuable to them.



Love, Richard

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Ya Tucinator, it was so much fun you have no idea! I would highly recommend it. I'll post doc's test results on my levels sometime soon as I got them today. Just make sure you take in omega 3's with something like flax or hemp oil if anyone is considering this route. I'll explain later.


The excel spreadsheet sounds like a terrific idea. I'll try to figure it out when I post the recap a couple of weeks from now. Good idea


You could totally cut down if you wanted to brother, you're there man, don't kid yourself. But it would be cool to continue on bulking as well. Either/or is, depends on your goals.


Richard.... thanks for all the info and support you continue to throw my way as well as the nickname. If you wouldn't mind, you could always pm me or email instead of posting on this thread indepth information that is relevant to a degree but can be a little 'broad' as it can clog up the posts and make them difficult to read through. If you ever need to find me, just send me a quick message or email to chat as this also can take away from the relevance or reading through this. I want my objective to be as clear as possible and easy to understand. No offense my friend

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Oh yea and colonic report. Last one was most intense one yet. They shocked looks on Donna's face as she treated me. Within no even 5 minutes, she said ropey stringy looking matter was pouring out of me, And then, 5 more minutes passed and she said 5-6 HUGE long pieces of that nasty looking stuff that you always see on the colon cleansing websites, like Bernard Jensen's site, flew out of me. I graduated to the terminology 'decrepid waste'. I've never heard her use those words and it was all very very old stuff that exited. If your that interested in seeing 'poop' pics, i'm sure you could google around and find plenty. I'm keeping this blog free of them! Had I not been doing colonics, who knows what would have happened in terms of elimination. The last 4 days or so, I wasn't eliminating normally and I knew something drastically different was going on as i've been more in tune with my body these days. This explained it. It backed up and hampered my normal daily elimination. Glad all that garbage is out of me Oh yes and the whole first half of the colonic was GAS FREE! Which was a really pleasant feeling but the second half was very gassy.



Btw, Dani is the best company ever. It was a pleasure prepping her some zucchini spaghetti and pesto, one of the simplest yet yummiest raw food dishes imo. I can't believe she's never tried the zucchini pasta. Glad that isn't the case anymore. It's a must for anyone no matter what your diet is like, to at least try some as it's sooooo good and satisfying without the processed sugars and carbs and stuff...


She also ripped apart the weight room and cardio machine. Very impressive. Dani can hang for sure and then some!

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Okay so test results from bloodwork taken at the internist's office. Not a special holistic doc or anything; just your standard run of the mill doctor. These are the results that were out of line....



Uric Acid: should be in 2.4-7.0 range

my level 8.6


-High Uric Acid levels is generally an indicator that you are taking in alot of protein and I was always told that it wasn't healthy for me to take in too much protein. I always get this level above normal but if anything it makes me happy because it means I know i'm getting my 1 gram per lb of bw in. I prefer it this way


2.HDL (Good Cholesterol); Homocystine

HDL should be >40; optimally about 60

Homocystine should be in 3.7-13.9 range


my levels




The doctor felt it was because I do not get enough exercise or eat healthy. I tried to tell him that I exercise a ton and do alot of cardio and take in alot of healthy food but my omega 3's over the last 2 months have been virtually non existent. He just kept repeating himself like a broken record with the words he was trained to say it appeared. I knew something would probably be off from teh lack of 3's in my diet. I wasn't surprised. Please take in flax + hemp oils if you do something like this. We need good cholesterol! I will be taking in alot for a bit

and re test this figure in a couple of months.


I just quickly looked up hdl and homocysteine and it appears that it can be linked to low omega 3 consumption but another interesting note is that elevated homocysteine is linked to low b12 yet i had my b12 and mma functional b12 tested and they were well within the normal range. Any thoughts on any of this? I think i'm going to pm DV, see what she says and ask her to post about it. She knows her stuff. Anyone else? These figures have always been in line for me and I have no genetic predisposition to this so i'm fairly certain that once I take in a more balanced efa diet, it should correct itself swiftly...


Every other figure was in line.


Did I mention that Dani arrived here at the exact time of my appointment and this doctor is known to crack many jokes in front of the ladies apparently. I have nver experienced such a crazy situation in my life. It was hysterical. He was like you know what is going to cure this? Sex, 4 times a day at the vry least and goes, you hear that Dani? I was like oh my gosh this poor girl just met me and look what what i'm dragging her into! He gave her all of my results and wouldn't give them to me and was like Dani, follow me, you with me? We need to take care of him and make sure and this is hat we have to do, etc etc. And a sleu of other wacky comments. It was soooooooo funny. We were in tears

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Tuesday July 15; Day Forty Five LAST DAY OF LIQUIDS!


Tomorrow I break this liquid fast with the use of solid foods. I could go on for much longer and have no desire for solids but i'm going to break it. I'll be on vacation, I want to bulk up a little before doing a competition and i'm not certain this would be the best option and I can always do this again. I got everything I could have asked for out of this experience as a whole. It was the most liberating thin i've ever done. If anyone has questions or concerns, please feel free to pm me. I probably won't be on as often am i'll be in Portland until the 29th with crew but i'll be checking the forum here and there, doing my thing.


Morning Weight: 179lbs (-2lbs) cool, well it looks like i've managed to be able to stay within my desired range and will not fall below 175lb which is AWESOME. See, it's not that hard to control your results. You just have to consume the right amounts.

Bodyfat: 8%


-Performed 2 bag enema flush


Today's Intake

-30oz fruit juice blend (Young thai coconut, frozen wild blueberries, frozen organic

strawberries, frozen wild blueberries

-154 grams spirulina/chlorella blend in 72oz water

77 grams at 11:00am est

77 grams at 1:00am pst (in portland)

-40oz blended soup (2 organic avocados, 1 young thai coconuts, 2 organic garlic cloves)

-23oz organic vegetable JUICE (1 whole bunch organic purple kale, 1 whole bunch organic

dandelion greens, 7 stalks organic celery)

NO INTAKE UNTIL 4am est; 1am pst (portland)

**Layover in Houston and I saw a smoothie place called Colombo so I was so excited to have something as you can't take liquids on the plane. They told me ONE piece of fruit in 32oz of water blended would cost like $6.50 and 99cents for each additional fruit. WHAAAAT?? I just walked away, said no thank you and make myself a fruit blend and algae shake when I got to Cheeke's house

-32oz water

-58oz organic fruit juice blend (6 organic bananas; organic strawberries)


Might as well put up some really fun pics as Dani was here to shoot them and it's the last day on the feast!


(Raw Zucchini spaghetti pasta and pesto sauce, Dani striking a pose with her meal, cut open baby organic melon, me being mr. green harvesting algae from the bulk bins to take with me to Portland, organic pineapple) oh yeh and my new glasses. I haven't owned a pair in 9 years so i fugred i'd buy a pair and give my eyes a break from contacts from time to time





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I just quickly looked up hdl and homocysteine and it appears that it can be linked to low omega 3 consumption but another interesting note is that elevated homocysteine is linked to low b12 yet i had my b12 and mma functional b12 tested and they were well within the normal range. Any thoughts on any of this? I think i'm going to pm DV, see what she says and ask her to post about it. She knows her stuff. Anyone else? These figures have always been in line for me and I have no genetic predisposition to this so i'm fairly certain that once I take in a more balanced efa diet, it should correct itself swiftly...

No worries about the HDL as long as the LDL is low. LDL should optimally be below 80 as I understand. For homocysteine, you need B12, Folate and B6 to get it down. Some people still don't respond well and I Dr Fuhrman uses some kind of folate supplement for them. I can't find the article/newsletter where I read it though. Sorry.

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Thanks for your input


My LDL is 77


My B12 level is 803 and it is supposed to be in the range 211-946. He couldn't test the MMA with my insurance as they wont cover the test if there is no reason to get it and in the medical world's eyes, if you have a safe level of b12, there is not valid reason to do MMA (functional).


That's pretty up there, I thought it would have been much lower? I guess the b12 from the algaes does go in but can you use it?


I wonder if my b12 is available in the body but not being utilized properly?????

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The B12 from the algae and rejuvelac is the most bioavailable form. Its proper utilization and absorption depends on internal cleanliness. As you already understand, intestinal cleansing is a crucial part of the process. B12 is actually manufactured in a clean intestine.


You might want to try this procedure after a colonic. Blend briefly three tablespoons lactobacillus bifidus with 8 ounces of pure water. Warm to body temperature. Insert as a retention enema (implant - see www. survivalinthe21stcentury.com) using an enema bag and a 12 or 16 inch colon catheter. Retain implant for at least twenty to thirty minutes.


This will recolonize your large intestine with beneficial flora which will both increase absorption of exogenous B12 in foodstuffs and improve internal manufacture of natural B12.


Again, congratulations on your successful metamorphasis.


Love, Richard

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Thanks for your input


My LDL is 77


My B12 level is 803 and it is supposed to be in the range 211-946. He couldn't test the MMA with my insurance as they wont cover the test if there is no reason to get it and in the medical world's eyes, if you have a safe level of b12, there is not valid reason to do MMA (functional).


That's pretty up there, I thought it would have been much lower? I guess the b12 from the algaes does go in but can you use it?


I wonder if my b12 is available in the body but not being utilized properly?????

Oh, I thought you took the MMA! There are B12 analogues in (among other things) spirulina (which I know you eat a lot of) that can raise the B12 values (as I understand some tests don't make any difference between the different types of B12). I think it would be a good idea to test the MMA since it can be the analogues swimming about in your blood that is raising the value.

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Thanks for the input guys! I will look into the costs of a MMA test for the future.


So it is finally over but i'm not happy or overly excited and kind of don't want it to end but i'm also ready to break this feast. The soak water was incredibly tasty and super sweet. The reality of the whole situation hasn't exactly hit me yet but i'm sure it will the second I start to 'chew' on solids again. I'll youtube the experience as it is a very special one to me.


The changes and just everything throughout the duration of this as well as how supportive everyone has been is truly surreal. I thank you all so much! I couldn't imagine how fun this would be until I actually got into it. I remember telling bigbwii about the feast when I fist started and he said it would be a breeze and I would have a blast. He was so right.


Day 1 will be: soaked prunes, some solid fruits, blends

Day 2-4 will be: same as day 1 + solid vegetables

Day 5: I will try to slowly add other things into the diet, little by little.


I think this shall be ok. It should feel alot better then all the gorging I used to do in the pat when breaking 2 week fasts.


I spoke to my colonist about the whole enema bag dependency and she said i should cut down to 1 bag every other day and still do them for about a week after this is broken and then stop, not to just stop right away. So it looks like enema bags at vv for a bit, sorry fellow vacationers!



Wednesday July 16th, DAY FORTY SIX Last Day!!!!



No more bf and bw checking, time to chill


-Performed 2 bag enema flush


Today's Intake

-16oz soak water from the soaked organic prunes

-About to have a bowl of soaked prunes, wish me luck.......

-aaaaaaaach ; I need juice to get this solid food out of my palette

-It was a very interesting and still VERY foreign sensation. I will need some time to get used to this!!!!!! (Video in an hour or so after it uploads.

-50oz organic vegetable juice blend, 140oz organic fruit juice blend, 205grams spirulina chlorella blend in 100oz water


-2 organic oranges

-1 lb lychee berries

-1/8lb organic cherries

-2 organic pink lady apples

-1/2lb lognan berries

and that is all she wrote.....


I didn't want to overdo it right away. This will be a gradual 5 day transition. So far so good. A little rumbling in the tummy but all in all no major problems. I bought some raw food gourmet goodies to have on sunday and on as well.... raw cacao bars, sprouted sunflower seed crackers, sprouted museli cereal, sprouted flax/foccacia break, raw organic walnut butter, i think that is all..........


Pics!! (Dani is a fan of durian! Me and Dani enjoying some garlic/coconut/avocado blended soup, Soaked prunes and soak water at robert/tasha/jessifly's humble abode!)



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aw...this is brilliant, I am so glad you were able to get out of it as much as you have!

It is a very special experience.


When we fast, cleanse, etc. we must always realize that that is truly when we

gain something, not lose something. We gain more insight and vision into

our inner selves than would have been previously dreamt of



I really do feel as though.. raw foods, fresh foods, and cleansing is

what makes our dreams into reality in this life.

It is what gives us the strength to go deep enough, inside, to realize our passion.




I am proud of you..and inspired.. and...and, yes, Congratulations.

Your photos are stellar.. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but your

photographic nature has become intensely clear while you've been cleansing...

I notice the same things happen with my photography when I am eating and feeling

very fluid.


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Andesuma, thank you for your kind words and yes I did enjoy the picture taking and clarity that eminated from this whole amazing cleanse! You're an amazing person and it is an absolute pleasure meeting you in person. Words/internet cannot describe how special you are and complex in so many wonderful ways. Not like I have you figured out or something after conversing as you have so much to offer and there is no way you could possibly 'unmask' in one evening of connecting, which is why I look forward that much more to conversing once again before I part ways with portland..


Video and pictures of me breaking the juice feast! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHAAAAHHHHHH


**note** i did not mention everything I wanted to talk about, it was more of a just grand finale. I will make another video once I return back home. Will post results and recap and stuff like that as well.....




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mmmmmmmm solids.

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The "chewing" video above is interesting. However, I was shocked to see from it that Lean and Green turned into a rabbit after he ended his JUICEFEAST, and also that he has replicated and quadrupled himself. I had heard about rabbits, but I didn't expect this.


Does that happen if you eat too many vegetables and fruits? Is this morph that we have visible video evidence of a side effect of excessive durian consumption. Can someone please help me?

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