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technical profile prblems


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Who can help me with my profile settings? I have "alert me via email when someone replies to my posting" checked but am not receiving emails. also, my avatar will not display...it's the same one I was using before, so I know it's the right size. when I load it and click "submit", it says my profile was successfully changed, but clearly this is not so.


If a moderator can help me you can email me directly at [email protected].

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If you're using internet explorer, to delete your cookies you go to Tools > Delete Browsing History... > Delete Cookies. I don't know much about cookies and what not though, so I don't know if it'd help but Syrlinus knows what time it is. Should be fine with either Internet Explorer or Firefox, I prefer Firefox though

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I'm glad that you got things sorted out, this sort of avatar problem is fairly common.


It's unlikely to be caused by a problem with cookies, but could have been an issue with the browser's cache.


A cookie is simply a chunk of information which is stored as a string of text by the browser.... for example, a customer ID , passwords, etc.... these kinds of things are often stored as cookies.


Whereras the browser cache is used to store all manner of things from webpages, such as pictures etc.... this is usually done to make later viewing of pages easier/quicker, although you can also turn the cache off altogether if it's annoying you.


Often, browsers will be set to clear the cache/cookies on a time-loop.... for example, once a month the browser might clear both completely..... when that happens, you might notice that for a short time webpages take a little longer than usual to load (because the browser has to re-download loads of pictures, which used to be in the cache but have since been cleared out) ... but it does mean that things are less 'screwy' in some cases....


For example, in your situation.... I reckon that it's most likely that your avatar was uploaded very nicely, each time you tried it - and would have shown up fine for lots of other people here - but that all the same your browser was still cacheing the old avatar and was showing you that instead of the new one, accordingly.


The cache can be cleared at any time, by going to -


Tools > Delete Browsing History... > Delete Temporary internet files



Here's some more info. about cookies -



... and some more about the browser cache -




I hope that this is helpful.

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OK, what I found under tools is Internet options...general > Temporary internet

files > delete files (&) delete cookies. Also under tools > internet options > general > history > delete history.


So I'll see if that works.

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Cool, that covers all 3 browser memory-spaces.... the cookies, the cache, and also the internet history.



The internet history is like a memory of everywhere you've been looking online.....


It can be useful for things like getting a website back if you've closed it's tab by mistake or going back to a website you saw a while ago but don't remember the URL for, and is also used for the "autofill" feature of the browser's address bar (it's the one where after the first time of coming here and having to type in the full URL, you might then just have to type "www.veg" into the browser and then the rest of the URL will be filled in automatically from the history's memory)


It's a good move to give the internet history a clear out once in a while anyway, but as the information for the history is stored as text strings, then it shouldn't have been interfering with your pictures.

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