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my homemade double end bag

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don't know if anyone boxes on here, but i'll post this anyways very easy to make one of these as we all probably know. i bought this little ball for $0.20 and bungee cords four for $1, and just did what you see here, cord through the ball attached to weights. getting the cord through the ball was really the hardest part, getting through all that padding inside. left a pretty big hole in the ball getting the cord through, so i may have to stitch it up later (or ask my mom, cause i can't sew for shit) it also works as a decent slip bag, just need to getting something a little heavier at the end cause this ball is a tad light


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oh i should have mentioned it's not a "real" baseball, more like one of those plush toys for babies or dogs for the double end portion it works perfectly, but ya for the slip bag part of it the ball is a tad light. i saw a video where i guy made a slip bag from a balloon, sand, plastic wrap and a sock.

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