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Moral qualms re: messenger bag, please advise


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So I finally found the perfect bag for hauling my crap around. It has pockets galore, a place for my water bottle, food, Vega and various other necessities. You can view the sweetness here:



I ordered it from eBags and got it a few days ago. It is everything I wanted in a bag. Problem is, it had a 'Dupont' tag on it, which I didn't notice on the website. For those of you who don't know, Dupont is involved in several environmental catastrophes like CFCs, and the human-polluting pan coating Teflon. Allegedly, they were instrumental in getting hemp banned in the US as well. This bag is coated with Teflon for fabric protection. So, I have several thoughts:

a) the bag is extremely tough and will likely last me the next 10 years, meaning that it will reduce my consumption and hence my waste production. However...

b) Dupont is a company I don't want to support.

c) I could buy a hemp bag, but judging by some I've had, this new one will outlast them by a longshot. Plus, its functionality exceeds any hemp ones I've seen.


So does the fact that this bag will ultimately be a good thing, for me and my environmental footprint, justify the slightly evil presence of Dupont on it? I haven't used it so it's still returnable. But that will use up further resources in the form of the gas the UPS truck burns up. Arrgh, why didn't I read the website more carefully?


your thoughts?

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I'm fully of the opinion that it's virtually impossible to be completely vegan and ethical in this society. I understand the frustration you're feeling. Making ethical purchases is something that weighs on my mind on a daily basis. It's something I also have to push out of my mind to some extent in order to function.


It's hard for me to say what to do. I'd probably keep the bag and try to make it last.

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