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when you feel drained mentally


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I took four months out and lived in the woods, cooked on the fire, hung out with the raccoons, slept in a tent.


Other than that, give me somewhere to swim. Preferably outdoors and with rocks to stack, but I'm even pretty content in the tiniest of pools.



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I know completely how you feel. I have been there and exhausted from stress in my life. What I do to feel better is to turn on the tv and watch a comedy. It doesn't matter if it is a movie or tv show. Laughter helps. Take a look at this website:




Just by laughing my mood and stress does decrease. If watching movies or tv is not your thing, socialize with uplifting people. I have some friends that I love but the tend to bring me down because they complain a lot. I have some friends that I love that keep me laughing.


I have also heard that meditation works wonders. I would also love to hear how others deal with stress.

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nature, pma and weightlifting is my medicine for everything. also try to appriciate the fact that you acctually can feel bad about things, apathy is way worse. and feeling worse is what later can make us feel happy. hope you come out of it soon

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what do you do? dealing with life's shit and drama can sometimes wear you down. what's your medicine?


This is one of the clearest, shortest, and most complete introductions to REBT I have ever found. It basically teaches you how you can handle your thoughts so that the ups and downs of life don't get you down as much.


If you get depressed or some other severe problem a cognitive therapist is worth seeing as often people miss seeing things in their own thoughts that make them unhappy.


However, the beauty of REBT is that for 85% of life's stuff people can use it on their own to solve their own problems.


Cognitive therapy has been proven in clinical trials to be more effective than drugs for depression, insomnia and other disturbances.


Free and drug free


It was invented back in the 1950s by Dr. Albert Ellis who got the inspiration for his studies in philosophy. The American Philosophical Association named him the second most influential psychologist of all time


This intro is short and can bring a lot of happiness into your life, for free, if you work at the principals regularly.



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I messed up an important job interview some weeks ago. The time after was terrible, I felt so unable...


For me it's important to let my feelings out. When I feel up to cry - I cry.

Running is also good, either for thinking about new solutions, plans, aims, self-reflection or for just switching off.


And Music is always an important thing for me to come to terms with the situation. Sometimes it makes me feel worse. But it often motivates and makes optimistic.

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+ Eat some sugar / sherbet

+ Listen to heavy metal

+ Get a friend to slap you across the face as hard as they can then run away

+ Bite a lemon

+ Do some shadow boxing

+ Write a book about how mentally drained you are and why

+ Go for a run until you are exhausted physically as well, then you will at least match up in body and mind then you can go to sleep

+ Break something

+ Do nothing about it for several years then go on a killing spree

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