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Wisdom Teeth


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I don't know if I have any. Does everyone have wisdom teeth? I know I never got them removed but my teeth so far don't hurt or anything so I have no idea if I need them removed( If I even have them to begin with )

Not everyone has wisdom teeth.


But I know( For the recovery process ) I would not take any pain killers. I'm sure there are natural ways to help. Like a good ice water flush? Maybe. Ice Cream? Well that works for getting your Tonsils removed. I'd probably go on a fast then too since it seems to me that eating anything solid would hurt.


I don't know what an ice water flush is but I don't think thats gonna cut it post surgery. I was prescribed vicodin, but I've only taken a few advil, and I'm fine. Back to work the next day.

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Two of my wisdom teeth were pulled out last wednesday so this is the 8th day since. It still hurts like hell even though everything went all right. The upper one came out in 1 minute without struggling but the lower one came out in small pieces and it took more than half an hour. I got loads of stiches in the lower part.


Yesterday, after 7 days of pain I went back to the dentist. After waiting for less than 2 minutes I got in and the surgeon checked that the upper hole was all right and healed but the lower one needed cleaning. He cleaned the gaping hole for me, removed the stitches and put some disinfection stuff in a tiny cloth wrap and stuck it in the hole. For that day I was all right for a couple of hours and I could eat and all.


Last night I had to remove the cloth wrap just like the surgeon said. I noticed that now that I don't have stitches anymore, the hole is huge and I have to keep it clean or I'll be in trouble.


Today I was in horrible pain all day. I was at work but I couldn't do anything sensible (but I wanted to stay there and do nothing instead of going home, I'd obviously get paid even though I didn't go to work if I had a good reason like pain). I have been "eating" only liquid food today because I don't want ANYTHING in the hole. I want nuts and seeds so much!! Next I'll go for vanilla soy ice cream.


I use 59 % vodka in a squirt to clean the hole. I have been eating 8 x 400mg ibuprofen for the last 8 days (that's a lot of medicine) and it still hurts. I hate this. I overhate this. The only good thing is that in Finland all health care is virtually free and we don't need any health insurance (some people take an insurance anyway if they're allergic and they save money because of the huge amounts of medicine they use every year).


It costs just a couple of euros (= a few dollars, like 5-10 USD per visit) to go see a dentist or a phyisician and if you have to stay in a hospital it's like 20-30 EUR per day (30-45 USD) and if you don't have a job or you are poor, the state will pay it for you and you'll still get enough money for living.


If you're a university student, it's even better. We pay 30 EUR per year (as a part of the student union fee (60-110 EUR per year which is the ONLY thing you have to pay for to be able to study in a university, in any of them) and for that we get to use a private clinic with shorter queues for a really small price. It cost 19,50 EUR (30 USD) to get the teeth removed and 4,50 EUR (~ 7-8 USD) for the second visit. If I wanted, I could see a shrink for a couple of euros per visit.


The medication (ibuprofen + penicillin) cost like 5 EUR (7 USD) in a local pharmacy which is open from 7 am to 10 pm every day (there is always at least one pharmacy open 24/7 in large cities).


If I had to buy expensive medication (which isn't expensive like in the U.S. but for example 10-30 EUR for a large packet, we regulate the prices so that they won't be ridiculous) I would get most of the costs covered by a reimbursement from the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. And once again, if you don't have a job or money the state will pay it for you and it's not taken from your money to buy food.


(Ok, we have somewhat high taxes but hey, who cares... we take care of the people who are less fortunate also!)

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