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My dance company

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Hey I liked that!!! Don't you guys need a folkloric latin dancer over there??

Great job in the company, it seems to me that you have really versatile set of choreographies!


Thank-you! I had a very diverse performing career, working with balet companies (Bejart), musical theater, and martial arts . . . hence the wide range of styles. A folkloric latin dancer sounds great!

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Just saw the video, nice stuff! can we see you dancing? I love dance,but don't know how. I'm a wannabe flamenco dancer.


Thanks! I'm not in the video . . . I just directed and choreographed. The redhead in the video was Vegan. The tall blond would tell me, "I'm a vegetarian, I only eat some fish and chicken" . . . classic! You can see me by clicking on my signature link (it says Hilary in 1994 under it). Not really dancing much there, as I was already 40 then.


Thanks, everyone for all the nice comments!

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