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Hi, by way of intro, I'm 52 years old and have been a vegan for 33 years. I'm 6'1" and 130-135lbs since high school. My goal is to gain 10-15lbs and do a triathlon by the end of this year. I love to snow ski, bike, walk/hike/run and do some yoga here and there. Anyone know of a good vegan trainer around Palm Beach and/or Napa county areas? I'm back and forth between the coasts 2-3x a year - and currently in Palm Beach through mid-July. I need help getting on a good routine of exercise/weights/diet.


Thanks! Glad to find this website.

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Welcome je!


I think the best thing for you to do is to describe us what you are eating now, then it's a lot easier to start building your diet.


You've definitively come to the right place, I'm sure you'll get all the information you need.

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Here's my typical day:


I wake up around 5-6am


within first hour of day:

1 tall glass fresh oj, grapfruit or lemon juice, sometimes with agave

@20 almonds soaked and peeled


around 9-10am

1 Vega shake

usually with some tablespoon of coconut butter & 2-3 dates


1-2pm, sometimes even later, after I realize I'm still working and haven't eaten


a fresh green smoothie:

1 stalk celery

a bit of parsely

a bit of cilantro

1/2 green chile

1 leaf kale or chard

1/2 cucumber

1 whole lemon peeled

1 whole avocado



one serving of each:

rice or pasta

beans or dahl

vegetable: zukes, squash, carrots, etc.


no junk food - all organic

no tv or sitting around


1 hr brisk bike ride/walk almost everyday

snow skiing in season 3-4x a week


bed around 11pm


my work is in front of computer, intense mental focus 6-8 hours/day, author/nerd/techwriter


great energy most of the day, especially when I remember to drink water


tall, thin and no upper body at all

lean machine -- decent tone for what I have, which isn't much yet

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For adding some lean mass, I would add a concentrated source of protein to your first and third feedings. Since the third is a shake you might want to try some hemp (instead of another vegan serving since that can get expensive) or some Gemma protein from here:



They are supposed to have some rice protein soon also. Alternatively, you could throw some tofu in. Maybe at least have some oatmeal with the first meal.


Welcome, BTW.

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Hey dude. Welcome to the forums! That diet is pretty tight, very clean, impressive.... You can def stand to take in more calories. At your height and bodyweight, even if your frame is very small, there should be no reason why you cannot back on a good amount of lbm and size. Once you start training hard, I would suggest 1000+ extra calories a day to fuel growth...

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