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a list of things to bring


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as a comlpetely forgetful person, and one who hasn't had a vacation in years, i was thinking it would be helpful to me (and hopefully others) to have a running list of things to bring. necessities, fun stuff, toiletries, whatever!

help a sista out!


robert-you have to have some awesome things that are helpful when travelling becauseyou are on the go NON STOP!

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We'll work on it soon. The last two years I spent an incredible amount of time, energy and even money putting on Vegan Vacation. I'm not really involved much this year from and organizing standpoint, but I will try to come up with a list or have someone come up with a list soon.


I look forward to hanging out with all of you soon!

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Here is a small list to get started... I found this list by googling "travel packing list"

* Cellphone and charger

* Digital camera, batteries, memory cards, camera case

* Book, magazine, crossword puzzle, playing cards

* Eyeglasses/contacts/solution if used

* Addresses for sending postcards/e-mail

* Cash

* Copy of medical history, if necessary

* Driver's license

* Emergency numbers

* Paper airline tickets or e-ticket confirmation

* Photo ID

* Pre-paid phone card

* Vouchers/coupons/tickets

* Keys

* Luggage locks approved by TSA (compare prices)

* Sports gear/workout gear/sneakers

* Sunscreen/SPF

* Sunglasses

* Swim wear

* Pajamas

* Sandals

* Shirts/T-shirts

* Shorts

* Jacket

* Comb / Brush

* Deodorant

* Floss

* Lip balm

* Shampoo / Conditioner / Styling Products

* Toothbrush/toothpaste/mouthwash

* Hat

* Blow dryer/straightening iron

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Besides the list which is great I was wondering abouta couple of other things. In another post, I don't remember which one, I think it was mentioned that some meals would be taken care of during the cabin portion. But since it's a much smaller crowd, and I'm assuming not much has happened in the way of fundraising, is this still true. And should we bring snacks like energy bars since they are easy to transport, and don't bruise like fruit does. Also how expensive is a city like Portland? I just want to make sure I have enough money with me to enjoy myself. I know eating at vegan restaurants can be costly too. Thanks!

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One more question. What will the weather be like? Does it usually rain a lot during summer? Is it chilly at night? I just want to bring the right kind of clothes, soI'll be comfortable, and not freeze, or get to hot. Thanks! Can't wait to meet everyone!!!!!

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I hope I can give an accurate answer:


It is quite hot in the summer....80s, 90's or hotter. We'll be near Mt. Hood, may not be quite so hot out there....I'll let Jessifly answer that.


You can check online to see the weather forcast for that week.


It cools down a bit at night, but not in Portland. It will be warm/hot all night....by Mt. Hood...possibly.


See you soon!


J-Fly, anything to add on weather and what kinds of clothes to bring?



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