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The name is joshu (yo shoe) and i live in LOS ANGELES> HOLLYWOOOOD.


Been reading this site for awhile and wanted to say HOLA. after an injury AND a new job (that works me like a SLAVE) i started to get really down, lost a good 10-15 pounds muscle mass, started eating poorly so i joined your community. Been vegan 10 years (since 14), quit the life for one year exactly and now i'm back for good!




holler, BROseph


Just starting to get over an RC injury to my right shoulder and beginning a light wo routine. Figured this place could inspire and push me to keep a super tight food and workout log and hopefully one day quit all my night cheating!


well thats it. hello... is there anybody out there?

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Welcome Joshu,


It is so great to be connecting with those who have been vegan for much longer than myself (5 years). I look forward to watching you track your progress and believe you me, posting it, holds you accountable and makes you want to try that much harder.


Granted, I can do things on my own but b/c i've been logging publicly, it makes me not want to let myself down that much more.


I would love to live around your ways. N one ever believes I am fron nyc, where I live. Everyone always asks me if i'm from California. Guess it's the long hair, who knows. I just got it today while i went in for an eye examination and monday as well. I love your state.......


see ya on the threads

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